450 Main Street
Wolfville, Nova Scoita
B4P 1E2



Wed Feb 287:00pPerfect Days
Fri Mar 16:30pOppenheimer, featuring a pre-show talk
Sat Mar 27:00pPrincess Bride Quote Along
Sun Mar 34:00pOrigin
Sun Mar 37:00pOrigin
Mon Mar 47:00pOscars Retrospective: Casablanca
Tue Mar 57:00pOscars Retrospective: The Sting
Wed Mar 67:00pOscars Retrospective: Shakespeare in Love
Thu Mar 77:00pOscars Retrospective: On the Waterfront
Fri Mar 87:00pOscars Retrospective: In the Heat of the Night
Sat Mar 97:00pOscars Retrospective: Out of Africa
Sun Mar 104:00pPoor Things
Sun Mar 107:00pPoor Things
Tue Mar 127:00pMatt Wright - I'm Doing My Best Comedy Tour
Wed Mar 137:00pFour Daughters
Thu Mar 147:30pComedy + Magic with Simon King and Wes Barker
Sat Mar 168:00pQueeriosity Cabaret
Sun Mar 174:00pAmerican Fiction
Sun Mar 177:00pAmerican Fiction
Wed Mar 207:00pEven Hell Has Its Heroes
Sun Mar 244:00pAll of Us Strangers
Sun Mar 247:00pAll of Us Strangers
Sat Mar 3010:00aAll-You-Can-Eat Cereal Cartoon Party
Sat Apr 68:00pSahara Jane Album Launch
Sat May 117:00pBroken Leg Theatre
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450 Main Street Wolfville, Nova Scoita B4P 1E2