Paradise Community Hall
10300 Highway 1
Paradise, Nova Scotia
B0S 1R0



Past Events
Sun May 510:00aBake Sale and Social
Wed Jan 311:30pParadise Village Quilters
Tue Jan 3010:00aArtist Group
Tue Jan 2310:00aArtist Group
Wed Jan 171:30pParadise Village Quilters
Tue Jan 1610:00aArtist Group
Tue Jan 910:00aArtist Group
Wed Jan 31:30pParadise Village Quilters
Tue Jan 210:00aArtist Group
Dec 19, 202310:00aArtist Group
Dec 13, 20231:30pParadise Village Quilters
Dec 12, 202310:00aArtist Group
Dec 5, 202310:00aArtist Group
Dec 3, 202312:00pParadise Calendars 2024 for sale
Nov 30, 20239:30aFitness for You
Nov 29, 20231:30pParadise Village Quilters
Nov 28, 202310:00aArtist Group
Nov 23, 20239:30aFitness for You
Nov 20, 202310:00aArtist Group
Nov 19, 202310:00aChristmas Craft Fair
Nov 16, 20239:30aFitness for You
Nov 15, 20231:30pParadise Village Quilters
Nov 14, 20239:30aFitness for You
Nov 13, 202310:00aArtist Group
Nov 9, 20239:30aFitness for You
Nov 7, 20239:30aFitness for You
Nov 6, 202310:00aArtist Group
Nov 1, 20231:30pParadise Village Quilters
Oct 31, 20239:30aFitness for You
Oct 30, 202310:00aArtist Group
Oct 26, 20239:30aFitness for You
Oct 24, 20239:30aFitness for You
Oct 23, 202310:00aArtist Group
Oct 19, 20239:30aFitness for You
Oct 18, 20231:30pParadise Village Quilters
Oct 17, 20239:30aFitness for You
Oct 16, 202310:00aArtist Group
Oct 12, 20239:30aFitness for You
Oct 10, 20239:30aFitness for You
Oct 5, 20239:30aFitness for You
Oct 4, 20231:30pParadise Village Quilters
Oct 3, 20239:30aFitness for You
Oct 2, 202310:00aArtist Group
Sep 28, 20239:30aFitness for You
Sep 26, 20239:30aFitness for You
Sep 25, 202310:00aArtist Group
Sep 21, 20239:30aFitness for You
Sep 20, 20231:30pParadise Village Quilters
Sep 19, 20239:30aFitness for You
Sep 18, 202310:00aArtist Group
Sep 14, 20239:30aFitness for You
Sep 12, 20239:30aFitness for You
Sep 7, 20239:30aFitness for You
Sep 6, 20231:30pParadise Village Quilters
Sep 5, 20239:30aFitness for You
Sep 23, 20229:30aBreakfast and Books
Nov 26, 20219:30aFamily Matters Cooking group
Nov 19, 20219:30aFamily Matters Cooking group
Nov 12, 20219:30aFamily Matters Cooking group
Nov 5, 20219:30aFamily Matters Cooking group
Oct 29, 20219:30aCooking Group
Oct 22, 20219:30aCooking Group
Oct 15, 20219:30aCooking Group
Oct 8, 20219:30aCooking Group
Oct 1, 20219:30aFamily Matters Cooking Group
Sep 24, 20219:30aParent/Caregiver & Child cooking sessions
Sep 21, 20197:00pCountry Gospel Music Night
Nov 3, 201810:00aFabric Arts Show & Sale
Nov 15, 20171:30pPresentaion by Laurie Swim
Aug 31, 201710:00aPlein Air Paradise
May 27, 201710:00aParadise Painters Art Show and Sale
Apr 22, 20177:00pSpring Serenade In Paradise
Mar 25, 20178:30aSpring Breakfast
Nov 19, 20168:30aFall Seasonal Breakfast
Sep 24, 20162:00pSo You Want to Write Fiction
Sep 24, 20168:30aCommunity Harvest Breakfast
Sep 3, 201610:00aParadise Painters Art Show and Sale
May 16, 20152:00pBook Launch (Dave Whitman)
Mar 28, 20157:00pMusic Night
Mar 7, 201510:00aTicket/Silent Auction
Jan 31, 20157:00pMusic Night
Nov 22, 20147:00pMusic Night
Oct 25, 20144:30pBeans, Ham & Scallop Potato Supper
Jul 12, 20144:30pStrawberry Shortcake Supper
May 10, 20142:00pBook Launch
Feb 23, 20142:00pAnnapolis NDP AGM
Feb 8, 20147:00pValentines Party
Nov 23, 201310:00aTicket & Silent Auction
Oct 19, 20134:30pHam, Beans & Potato Scallop Supper
Oct 7, 20137:30pLearn to Rhumba & Tango
Sep 14, 20132:00pOld English Tea
Sep 7, 20133:30pFall Fun Feast & Corn Boil
Jul 6, 20134:30pStrawberry Shortcake Supper
Jun 22, 20137:00pCountry Gospel Music Night
May 25, 20137:00pCountry Music Gospel Night
May 11, 20132:00pBook Launch
May 4, 20138:00aSpring Fling
Apr 22, 20137:30pTime to Dance!
Mar 23, 20134:30p"Meat" The Spring Meatloaf Supper
Mar 16, 20137:00pCountry Gospel Music Night
Feb 16, 20137:00pCountry Gospel Music Night
Feb 9, 20136:00pValentine Pot Luck/Dessert Auction
Jan 19, 20133:00pUp North Day
Jan 12, 20137:00pCountry Gospel Music Night
Nov 24, 201210:00aSilent Auction & Ticket Auction
Nov 17, 20127:00pCoffee House
Nov 3, 20127:00pCountry Gospel Music Night
Sep 8, 20124:30pBean & Ham Supper
Jul 7, 20124:30pStrawberry Shortcake Supper
Jun 16, 20127:00pCountry Gospel Music Night
May 19, 20127:00pCountry Gospel Music Night
May 12, 20128:00aSpring Fling Sale
May 5, 20129:30aWord in the Hall 3
Mar 31, 20124:30p'Meat' The Spring Meatloaf Supper
Mar 17, 20127:00pCountry Gospel Music Night
Feb 18, 20127:00pCountry Gospel Music Night
Feb 11, 20127:30pSweetheart's Night
Jan 14, 20127:00pCountry Gospel Music Night
Dec 10, 20117:00pCountry Gospel Music Night
Nov 26, 201110:00aSilent / Ticket Auction & Bake Sale
Nov 12, 20117:00p Country Gospel Music Night
Oct 1, 20117:00pCountry Gospel Music Night
Sep 10, 20114:30pBean & Potato Supper
Jul 9, 20114:30pStrawberry Shortcake Supper
Jun 18, 20117:00pCountry Gospel Music Night
May 14, 20117:00pGospel Music Night
May 14, 20111:00pWord in the Hall
May 7, 20118:00aSpring Fling
Jan 29, 20118:00pBenefit for Jim Ingersoll

10300 Highway 1 Paradise, Nova Scotia B0S 1R0