Wed Dec 183:30pWorkshop:Creative Kids
Wed Dec 186:00pMeeting:Photography Club
Thu Dec 192:00pMeeting:Third Thursday Social
Fri Dec 2010:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Fri Dec 2710:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Sun Dec 292:00pMeeting:Book Club
Fri Jan 0310:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Wed Jan 086:00pMeeting:Photography Club
Fri Jan 1010:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Wed Jan 156:00pOther:How to Communicate with Your Angels
Fri Jan 1710:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Tue Jan 2110:30aOther:Babies & Books
Wed Jan 226:00pMeeting:Photography Club
Thu Jan 2310:30aOther:Fun & Fables
Fri Jan 2410:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Sun Jan 262:00pMeeting:Book Club
Tue Jan 2810:30aOther:Babies & Books
Thu Jan 3010:30aOther:Fun & Fables
Fri Jan 3110:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Tue Feb 0410:30aOther:Babies & Books
Wed Feb 056:00pMeeting:Photography Club
Thu Feb 0610:30aOther:Fun & Fables
Fri Feb 0710:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Tue Feb 1110:30aOther:Babies & Books
Thu Feb 1310:30aOther:Fun & Fables
Thu Feb 136:00pOther:Understanding and Helping Children Cope with Anxiety
Fri Feb 1410:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Tue Feb 1810:30aOther:Babies & Books
Wed Feb 196:00pMeeting:Photography Club
Thu Feb 2010:30aOther:Fun & Fables
Fri Feb 2110:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Sun Feb 232:00pMeeting:Book Club
Tue Feb 2510:30aOther:Babies & Books
Thu Feb 2710:30aOther:Fun & Fables
Fri Feb 2810:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Fri Mar 0610:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Fri Mar 1310:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Fri Mar 2010:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Fri Mar 2710:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Sun Mar 292:00pMeeting:Book Club
Fri Apr 0310:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Fri Apr 1710:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Fri Apr 2410:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Sun Apr 262:00pMeeting:Book Club
Fri May 0110:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Fri May 0810:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Fri May 1510:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Fri May 2210:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Fri May 2910:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Sun May 312:00pMeeting:Book Club
Fri Jun 0510:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Fri Jun 1210:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Fri Jun 1910:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Fri Jun 2610:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Sun Jun 282:00pMeeting:Book Club
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