Thu Jun 2012:00pLecture:How to Manage Stress Naturally
Thu Jun 202:00pMeeting:Third Thursday Social
Fri Jun 2110:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Fri Jun 2810:00aMeeting:Fibre Ops
Tue Jul 092:30pWorkshop:Summer Tech Makers
Thu Jul 1111:00aLecture:Mad Science: Fire and Ice
Fri Jul 1210:30aWorkshop:Summer Kids' Tech
Tue Jul 162:30pWorkshop:Summer Tech Makers
Wed Jul 176:00pMeeting:Avon Region Photography Club
Thu Jul 182:00pMeeting:Third Thursday Social
Fri Jul 1910:30aWorkshop:Summer Kids' Tech
Tue Jul 232:30pWorkshop:Summer Tech Makers
Wed Jul 2411:00aOther:Little Ray's Reptile Zoo
Fri Jul 2610:30aWorkshop:Summer Kids' Tech
Tue Jul 302:30pWorkshop:Summer Tech Makers
Wed Jul 316:00pMeeting:Avon Region Photography Club
Fri Aug 0210:30aWorkshop:Summer Kids' Tech
Tue Aug 062:30pWorkshop:Summer Tech Makers
Thu Aug 0810:00aOther:Science! Indie Pop!
Fri Aug 0910:30aWorkshop:Summer Kids' Tech
Tue Aug 132:30pWorkshop:Summer Tech Makers
Thu Aug 152:00pMeeting:Third Thursday Social
Fri Aug 1610:30aWorkshop:Summer Kids' Tech
Tue Aug 202:30pWorkshop:Summer Tech Makers
Fri Aug 2310:30aWorkshop:Summer Kids' Tech
Thu Sep 192:00pMeeting:Third Thursday Social
Thu Oct 172:00pMeeting:Third Thursday Social
Thu Nov 212:00pMeeting:Third Thursday Social
Thu Dec 192:00pMeeting:Third Thursday Social
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