Wed Oct 511:00aTogether Time Tales
Thu Oct 65:30pSocial Stitchers
Fri Oct 711:00aBabies and Books
Wed Oct 1211:00aTogether Time Tales
Wed Oct 1911:00aTogether Time Tales
Thu Oct 205:30pSocial Stitchers
Fri Oct 2111:00aBabies and Books
Sat Oct 222:00pAuthor Reading - Theresa Meuse, "Sweetgrass"
Tue Oct 256:30pKentville Book Club
Wed Oct 2611:00aTogether Time Tales
Fri Oct 2811:00aBabies and Books
Wed Nov 211:00aTogether Time Tales Special Event: "Truck!" by Doretta Groenendyk
Thu Nov 35:30pSocial Stitchers
Fri Nov 42:30pBig Fun Library Party!
Thu Nov 175:30pSocial Stitchers
Tue Nov 296:30pBook Club
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