Odd Songs by Katrina Bishop
Friday October 12, 2018  7pm - 9:30pm (2 Hours 30 Minutes)
Music Wheelchair Accessible

(902) 692-1662

Doors Open at 6:30pm

A singer-songwriter with a diverse musical background, Katrina Bishop mixes elements of Pop, Jazz, Funk, Folk, A Cappella and Musical Theatre, with a little Celtic and Country thrown in for fun. Her lyrics explore an equally diverse sampling from everyday life, both the "big ideas" (love, loss, sociopaths) and the seemingly mundane (housework, mathematics, cowboys). Playing piano, guitar, ukulele and strumstick, Katrina will sing about pretty much anything.

Katrina took a big step back from her music career to raise a family for several years, but during that time the song ideas kept coming. She found that full-on motherhood was an excellent song editor, leaving little time or patience for any ideas that didn't immediately make her laugh, messy-cry or think too much. And since she wasn't performing at the time and had only herself to entertain, she developed the habit of changing or discarding any songwriting rules that got in the way of her own amusement.

Returning to public performance with many new songs and a rejuvenated approach to writing, Katrina is having more fun than ever. With the release of 'Hopscotch', she's truly throwing her hat back in the ring.

For more information about this terrific songwriter...go to her webpage at www.katrinabishop.com


Email: soundconnectionstherapy@gmail.com
Or Facebook at “Sea-Esta@Delhaven”

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1454 Pereau Road
Canning (Delhaven), Nova Scotia

(902) 692-1662

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