Mail Exchange Project Opening
Sunday October 20, 2019  1pm - 3pm (2 Hours )
Gallery / Exhibit

Laura Kathleen Watson AND Left Side // Right Side, paintings by Ted Lind: Oct 20 – Nov 16

The exhibition will display the artifacts of an international Mail Exchange project which I have operated since May 2014 and which remains ongoing. The project functions like the publication of a quarterly periodical.
Laura Watson is an artist and writer currently living in Kitchener, ON. She acquired her BFA from Mount Allison University in 2015 and has spent her time since making zines, prints, and embroideries for her free, international Mail Exchange project.
INSTAGRAM: @laura.k.watson


396 St George Street
Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia
902 532 7069

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ARTsPLACE Gallery 902 532 7069 396 St George Street Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia B0S 1A0