Capturing the Sun: Cyanotype Workshop
Saturday July 13, 2019  10am - 4pm (6 Hours )
Workshop / Class

Skill level: beginner to some experience.

Participants do not need experience with photography or other mediums but may be interested in learning the process on its own. Register with ARTsPLACE at the link.

Cyanotypes are the perfect way to begin your exploration of alternative photographic processes in combination with other artistic mediums or as its own art form. This day-long workshop is an introduction to cyanotype commonly known as a blueprint, an old cameraless photography technique. Learn the basics process, before moving on to more advanced techniques of multiple exposures, adding text with stencils and making DIY photo negatives for contact printing. After learning the basic step, you will create own series of personalized cyanotype prints in a theme of your choice. We will also explore ways of incorporating cyanotypes as source material for collage, drawing or painting.
In the morning, we will gather and arrange plants, household objects, translucent materials or anything else we find into a pleasing design. Using prepared paper, we will then expose the undeveloped photograms to the sun before final processing in water.
Once the basic steps have been covered, we will move on to more advanced techniques such as step timing the exposures, multiple exposures and layering to create depth in image. We will also play with making stencils for adding text or inserting photographic based images and methods for colouring the cyanotype image.
Max. 10 people, adult workshop but artists aged 15+ are welcome.

$65 ARCAC member, $80 non-member
Materials + $15 (payable to Bonnie Baker)

396 St George Street
Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia
902 532 7069

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ARTsPLACE Gallery 902 532 7069 396 St George Street Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia B0S 1A0