Neil Squared - A Tribute to Neil Young & Neil Diamond
Saturday February 29, 2020  7:30pm - 10pm (2 Hours 30 Minutes)

Doors Open at 7pm

Largely influenced by the sounds of the 70’s, award winning singer/songwriter Kenny Byrka has taken the works from two of his favourite artists who began their magnanimous careers during this era and developed a stunning 80 minute tribute to both Neil Young and Neil Diamond. The contrast between the two from a vocal and writing perspective is obvious, yet Kenny emulates both with precision, character and creative parameters, fuelled by his multi-instrumental abilities and diverse vocal range. Neil squared is a collection of the classic songs from each artist, assembled for your enjoyment and to celebrate the richness of words and music from two musical legends. 

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Students: $15
Advance Adults: $25
Door: $30

Wayfarers' Ale Brewery
Wayfarers' Ale
1116 Kars Street
Port Williams, Nova Scotia

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Wayfarers' Ale Brewery 1116 Kars Street Port Williams, Nova Scotia B0P1T0