Snow White & the Three Slobs
Saturday February 22, 2020  2pm
(902) 678-8040

Doors Open at 1:30pm
Event in Room: Upper Performance Centre

Snow White, the Evil Queen and the 3 Slobs is coming to the stage. Snow White is a dirt-smudged stable girl, innocent to the point of cluelessness, whose stepmother, the Queen, must be the most beautiful woman in all the land. But when the Magic Mirror informs the Queen that Snow White has the gift of inner beauty, the Queen goes berserk with jealousy. The Magic Mirror and the castle servants comically thwart the Queen's first attempts to poison Snow White. Fleeing into the woods, Snow White finds the House of the Three Slobs. And now the fun begins.
The cast in order of appearance: Tayah Strong, Lahrin Churchill , Elena Hale, Isla Churchill, Kaitlyn Thompkins, Keira Melanson, Sophie VanExcel, August Vanmeekran, Brandon Taylor, Elex Lockhart, Cedric Van Excel.
The directors are Davina Melanson and Tracy Churchill and the producer is Lana Churchill. The show is stage managed by Jennifer Taylor and Carol Wallace. The lights are being handled by Elva Kelley.
This delightful family show, Snow White, the Evil Queen and the 3 Slobs by Edith Weiss will be on the Upper Performance Centre stage.

Ticket prices: children $5 and adults $7 Call 902-678-8040 for reservations.

CentreStage Theatre (902) 678-8040 61 River Street Kentville, Nova Scotia B4N 3X9