Sunday July 17, 2022  7pm - 8pm (1 Hour )
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♫ Have you ever felt like you didn’t belong? Or better yet- known that you didn’t belong? ♫
Hippoposthumous is a young, slightly nervous, and surprisingly polymathic hippopotamus living in Colombia’s lush Magdalena River- misplaced in time and space. With their future hanging in the balance, they wallow into the spotlight to explore through rhythm and rhyme the idea of “invasive species”. From Starlings in Annapolis to Giraffes in Paris, Hippoposthumous embarks on a poetic odyssey to discover where they’re from and what it takes to truly belong.

By Logan Robins and The Unnatural Disaster Theatre Company

Starring Katherine Norris

Run time 50 minutes

Drama/Comedy/Musical/All Ages (Some light profanity.)

This warm-hearted tragicomic play with original music will be performed at King’s Theatre on Sat. July 16 and outside at the Bear River Waterfront Park on Sun. July 17.


RESERVED SEATING. Because we want to make sure that EVERYONE can come, we are offering this show as a special PAY-WHAT-YOU-WILL event. Book you seats online and pay-what-you-will by credit or cash after the show.

King's Theatre
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Waterfront Park
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