An Evening of Performances
Saturday December 3, 2022  7:30pm - 8:30pm (1 Hour )
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Theatre Dance Wheelchair Accessible Family Friendly

Presented by Al Whittle Theatre

Come and experience a night of contemporary dance featuring three works with Choreography by Marrin Jessome, Jessica Lowe & Sarah Prosper.

Marrin Jessome will be performing a highly physical, self-choreographed duet with Isaac Abriel titled Blur. The artists' goal in this work is to break the gender stereotypes of partnering. Within this piece you will see each dance lifting one another equally, creating a balance connection.

Jessica Lowe will be premiering Enchantress, set on three female dancers with a massive parachute skirt designed by Olivia Aubrecht. The feminist work depicts the journey of a woman’s life through the modern pagen traditions of “The Triple Godess”, which breaks down a woman’s life into three phases “Mother, Maiden & Crone”. Each dancer in this work represents one of these phases, showing the passage of time and age

Sarah (Sali'j) Prosper will be performing a short movement solo about giving, titled "Na". As Indigenous peoples, we are taught that the gifts that you hold are meant to be given. Whether you are the original knowledge holder or have been gifted a teaching, when creator calls, you respond with nothing but "na (here)". In a world of so much consumption, taking, overuse and destruction the only resolution is too give back.

Run time approx. 1 hour
Pricing & Tickets
Student/Arts Worker: $15
Adult: $20

Tickets can be purchased online or at the door.

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450 Main Steet
Wolfville, Nova Scoita

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