Freeze Frame, a Crash Course in Stop Motion Animation
Saturday March 18, 2023  10am - 2pm (4 Hours )
Workshop / Class Community

Freeze Frame: a crash course in stop motion animation
with Ken Flett

This introductory workshop is designed for people of all ages, with or without experience. Participants will work in teams and produce a short stop motion animation.

Stop motion animation is done by manipulating different materials in front of a camera, creating the illusion of movement photo by photo, bringing that object or doll to life.

We will look at object, clay, lego, whiteboard and articulated paper doll animation, and discuss storyboards, proper timing techniques, sound tracks and video editing programs.

Cameras, computer, plasticine, wire, assorted bric-a-brac, scissors, adhesive, etc.

Pencil, paper. Participants are welcome to bring items they may wish to animate (e.g. figures, lego, plasticine figures, various objects, etc.)

Ken Flett is a Nova Scotia-based visual artist interested in exploring the human condition through the things we discard during our lived experience. He is drawn to materials that hold history or storytelling, a well-worn piece of leather or fabric faded from use. His work focuses on themes of love, memory, hope, and loss.

A graduate of the Alberta College of Art with a focus in Photographic Arts, Ken has over 30 years of experience as a visual artist and educator. Since 1996, he has offered workshops and classes in black and white analogue photography, pinhole photography, stop motion, doll and puppet making, mixed media, assemblage, and papermaking. He seeks to provide foundational knowledge while allowing space for experimentation and dialogue, so students can explore their own creativity without being hemmed in by the technical aspects.

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Pricing & Tickets
$60 ($55 for ARCAC members)
$55, ARCAC members ($45 + $10 equipment/materials)
396 St. George Street
Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia

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