Opening / For the Love of Lichens and Old Forests
Saturday June 3, 2023  11am - 2pm (3 Hours )
Gallery / Exhibit

Event in Room: Chapel Gallery

The second showing of 'For the Love of Lichens and Old Forests' will bring together another set of works by selected artists, artisans and citizen scientists. Most works will be photographs, prints, drawings, paintings and sculpture.

Save Our Old Forests is a campaign to encourage our provincial government to do what it has already said it will do: protect 20% of Nova Scotia's lands and waters by 2030. Old forests are in short supply, shelter more biodiversity, store more carbon.

This show is about celebrating the forests we want to save and the role lichens have played and are playing in saving some of them. It is about looking, really looking, as a place where art and science meet. It is about delight and curiosity. It is an invitation to look deeply at nature and at ourselves and our place within nature.

Curated by Susan Tooke
Featuring the work of selected artists, artisans & citizen scientists
May 2 - 26 & June 1 - 24
Opening Reception: June 3, 11am-2pm
Sponsored by Arlington Forest Protection Society
Pricing & Tickets
396 St. George Street
Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia

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