Sharkwater / Zoe Lucas introduction
Thursday June 8, 2023  7pm
Movie / Film

Event in Room: Studio (upstairs)

In recognition and celebration of World Ocean Day, ARTSPLACE is pleased to present Sable Island naturalist and environmentalist Zoe Lucas, recently featured in Geographies of Solitude, an award-winning film by Jacquelyn Mills.

Zoe will discuss her current work with the Sable Island Institute and will introduce the 2007 documentary Sharkwater by Rob Stewart.

Sharkwater received numerous awards including the Best Environmental Documentary Award in Cannes. David Suzuki described Stewart as “A rare gift to the oceans and the world." This visually stunning film presents sharks as vital to the balance of all life on planet Earth.

Sharkwater (running time: 89 min.)
with introduction Zoe Lucas on Sable Island Sharks

Proceeds will be split 50/50 with the Rob Stewart Foundation.

Rob Stewart was an acclaimed filmmaker and internationally renowned activist. Stewart’s films have won multiple international awards and have been viewed by more than 125 million people, at the age of 37, Rob drowned while filming.

Naturalist Zoe Lucas has spent most of her adult life on Sable Island transplanting beach grass, observing wild horses, and mapping bees and flowers. Zoe is a founding member and president of the Sable Island Institute. In support of conservation and protection of Sable Island’s unique natural and cultural values, the Institute is committed to knowledge generation and education through research, public outreach, and interpretive services, both on and off Sable Island, with a focus on the integration of arts and science.
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Admission by donation (Suggested $10)
396 St. George Street
Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia

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