Opening / Arachnophilia: A Love Story, Amanda Suutari
Saturday March 2, 2024  12pm - 2pm (2 Hours)
Gallery / Exhibit Wheelchair Accessible

Doors open at 11am
Event in Room: Chapel Gallery

Arachnophilia: A Love Story / Amanda Suutari
Chapel Gallery Exhibition
March 1-23

Gallery Hours: Tue-Fri 10am-4pm & Sat 11am-2pm

Opening Reception: Saturday, March 2, 12-2

Weaving elements of folk & visionary art and artisanal traditions from East and South Asia and South America where she has lived and worked, her work reflects magic, dreams, and a reverence for, and celebration of, the natural world.

Amanda has exhibited works and published illustrations internationally and has been featured in arts and culture online magazines, Stir Vancouver and Withintensions. As an ‘artivist’, she uses her art as a vehicle for campaigning, fundraising and education initiatives to regenerate ecosystems and support global equity.

My 'folk-psychedelic' style of painting and illustration explores the hypnotic patterns and colours found in Hindu, Buddhist and Islamic art and architecture, as well indigenous and shamanic art. I’m also fascinated by the recurring patterns found in nature, biology, and the cosmos, and I love to amplify them in order to challenge our way of seeing and to invite viewers into a trance-like state where new connections, ideas, and imaginings become possible.

Finally, I use my work as a vehicle for education and awareness raising through design of flyers and infographics for various environmental campaigns and projects.
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