A Beer Tent for Girls / Ali Nickerson
Tuesday April 2, 2024  10am - 4pm (6 Hours)
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Event in Room: Chapel Gallery

A Beer Tent for Girls / Ali Nickerson
April 2 - 26 - ARTSPLACE Chapel Gallery

This is a solo exhibition containing a woven installation and twelve paintings. The proposed exhibition is a mixed media installation that evokes the excitement of discovery, including forbidden spaces and secrets, and a playful rebellion with gender roles. This work is a continuation of a project started at the Banff Centre for the Arts while in residence.

This project explores new processes within a continuing theme in my work, which is the social conditions of rural living and poverty, both of which have affected me personally. Now this area of Nova Scotia is being bought up by the wealthy, slowly gentrified. And my access to these areas is slowly disappearing.

This work is a collection of stories from Beach Meadows, a fabrication of time, each painting a temporal rehem somewhere between the past and the unsettled present. The work will evoke the excitement of the uncanny and the ethereal feeling steeped in ghost stories, lour and firsthand experiences. These works create a moment to celebrate a landscape slowly changing with development and climate change.

Ali Nickerson’s practice spans a diversity of media, including sculpture, drawing, robotics, and craft. With a focus on retelling stories in a visual and experiential manner, her research is immersed in contemporary social issues. Using dark humor, her work disarms conflict and uneasy topics related to the human condition. She received her BFA from NSCAD and MFA from the University of Alberta. She has participated as Artist in Residence at Harcourt House, the NSCAD Textiles Department and Banff Center for the Arts.

She exhibited in the Art Gallery of Alberta Biennial (2015), Fibreworks: The Biennial of Canadian Fiber Art in Ontario (2008), Confederation Centre Art Gallery, and galleries and artist-run centres across Canada and the US.
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396 St. George Street
Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia



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