181 Coldbrook Village Park Drive
Coldbrook, Nova Scotia
B4R 1B9



Past Events
Tue Jul 169:00aCommittee of the Whole
Tue Jul 26:00pPublic Hearing & Municipal Council
Tue Jun 189:00aCommittee of the Whole
Tue Jun 46:00pMunicipal Council
Tue May 219:00aCommittee of the Whole
Tue May 76:00pMunicipal Council
Thu May 26:00pPublic Hearing & Special Council
Tue Apr 169:00aCommittee of the Whole
Tue Apr 26:00pPublic Hearing & Municipal Council
Wed Mar 209:00aSpecial Council Budget
Tue Mar 199:00aCommittee of the Whole
Wed Mar 139:00aSpecial Committee of the Whole Budget
Tue Mar 56:00pMunicipal Council
Wed Feb 289:00aSpecial Committee of the Whole
Tue Feb 209:00aCommittee of the Whole
Tue Feb 66:00pPublic Hearing & Municipal Council
Thu Feb 16:00pAfrican Heritage Month Launch
Tue Jan 239:00aCommittee of the Whole & Special Council
Thu Jan 116:00pPublic Hearing & Special Council
Tue Jan 96:00pMunicipal Council
Dec 19, 20239:00aCommittee of the Whole
Dec 5, 20236:00pMunicipal Council
Nov 21, 20239:00aCommittee of the Whole
Nov 6, 20236:00pMunicipal Council
Oct 17, 20239:00aCommittee of the Whole & Special Council
Oct 3, 20236:00pPublic Hearing & Municipal Council
Sep 20, 20239:00aCoyote Classroom
Sep 19, 20239:00aCommittee of the Whole & Special Council
Sep 5, 20236:00pPublic Hearing & Municipal Council
Jul 18, 20239:00aCommittee of the Whole & Special Council
Jul 11, 20239:00aSpecial Council
Jul 4, 20236:00pPublic Hearing & Municipal Council
Jun 20, 20239:00aCommittee of the Whole & Special Council
Jun 6, 20236:00pPublic Hearing & Municipal Council
May 16, 20239:00aCommittee of the Whole & Special Council
May 2, 20236:00pPublic Hearing & Municipal Council
Apr 18, 20239:00aCommittee of the Whole & Special Council
Apr 4, 20236:00pPublic Hearing & Municipal Council
Apr 4, 20231:00pSpecial Council Budget
Mar 29, 202310:00aSpecial Council Budget
Mar 22, 202310:00aCommittee of the Whole Budget Meeting
Mar 21, 20239:00aCommittee of the Whole & Special Council
Mar 15, 20231:00pCommittee of the Whole Budget Meeting
Mar 8, 202312:00pInternational Women's Day (Women in agriculture)
Mar 7, 20236:00pPublic Hearing & Municipal Council
Mar 1, 20239:00aSpecial Committee of the Whole
Feb 21, 20239:00aCommittee of the Whole
Feb 14, 20236:00pPublic Hearing & Municipal Council
Jan 17, 20239:00aCommittee of the Whole & Special Council
Jan 3, 20236:00pPublic Hearing & Municipal Council
Dec 20, 20229:00aCommittee of the Whole
Dec 6, 20226:00pPublic Hearing & Municipal Council
Nov 15, 20229:00aCommittee of the Whole
Nov 10, 20226:00pCommittee of the Whole
Nov 1, 20229:00aMunicipal Council
Oct 20, 20227:00pBoundary Review Public Engagement Session
Oct 18, 20229:00aCommittee of the Whole & Special Council
Oct 4, 20226:00pPublic Hearing & Municipal Council
Sep 27, 20227:00pBoundary Review Public Engagement Session
Sep 20, 20229:00aCommittee of the Whole
Sep 6, 20226:00pMunicipal Council
Jul 26, 20226:00pPublic Hearing & Special Council
Jul 19, 20229:00aCommittee of the Whole
Jul 5, 20226:00pPublic Hearing & Municipal Council
Jun 21, 20229:00aCommittee of the Whole
Jun 7, 20226:00pPublic Hearing & Municipal Council
May 17, 20229:00aCommittee of the Whole
May 3, 20226:00pPublic Hearing & Municipal Council
Apr 19, 20229:00aCommittee of the Whole
Apr 5, 20226:00pPublic Hearing & Municipal Council
Mar 30, 20229:00aSpecial Municipal Council
Mar 23, 20229:00aSpecial Committee of the Whole
Mar 16, 20229:00aSpecial Committee of the Whole
Mar 15, 20229:00aCommittee of the Whole
Mar 10, 20226:00pSpecial Municipal Council
Mar 8, 20226:00pSpecial Municipal Council
Mar 1, 20226:00pMunicipal Council
Feb 15, 20229:00aCommittee of the Whole
Feb 1, 20226:00pMunicipal Council
Jan 18, 20229:00aCommittee of the Whole
Jan 14, 202210:00aSpecial Committee of the Whole
Jan 13, 202210:00aSpecial Committee of the Whole
Jan 4, 20226:00pPublic Hearing & Municipal Council
Dec 21, 20219:00aCommittee of the Whole
Dec 7, 20216:00pPublic Hearing & Municipal Council
Nov 16, 20219:00aCommittee of the Whole
Nov 2, 20216:00pPublic Hearing & Municipal Council
Oct 19, 20219:00aCommittee of the Whole
Oct 5, 20216:00pPublic Hearing & Municipal Council
Sep 21, 202110:00aCommittee of the Whole
Sep 21, 20219:00aSpecial Municipal Council
Sep 7, 20216:00pPublic Hearing & Municipal Council
Aug 31, 20219:00aSpecial Municipal Council
Jul 20, 20219:00aCommittee of the Whole
Jul 6, 20216:00pPublic Hearing & Municipal Council
Jun 15, 20219:00aCommittee of the Whole
Jun 10, 20216:00pCommittee of the Whole
Jun 1, 20216:00pPublic Hearing & Municipal Council
May 18, 20219:00aCommittee of the Whole
May 4, 20216:00pPublic Hearing & Municipal Council
Apr 20, 20219:00aCommittee of the Whole
Apr 7, 20219:00aSpecial Council - Budget
Apr 6, 20216:00pMunicipal Council
Mar 31, 20219:00aCommittee of the Whole Budget
Mar 16, 20219:00aCommittee of the Whole
Mar 11, 20216:00pCommittee of the Whole
Mar 8, 20216:00pPublic Hearing & Municipal Council
Mar 2, 20216:00pPublic Hearing & Council
Feb 18, 20219:00aCommittee of the Whole
Feb 16, 20219:00aCommittee of the Whole
Feb 11, 20216:00pPublic Hearing & Municipal Council
Jan 19, 20219:00aCommittee of the Whole
Jan 14, 20216:00pCommittee of the Whole
Jan 5, 20216:00pPublic Hearing & Council
Dec 15, 20209:00aCommittee of the Whole
Dec 10, 20206:00pCommittee of the Whole
Dec 1, 20206:00pPublic Hearing & Council
Oct 6, 20206:00pPublic Hearing & Municipal Council
Sep 15, 20209:00aCommittee of the Whole
Sep 1, 20206:00pPublic Hearing & Municipal Council
Aug 18, 20209:00aSpecial Municipal Council
Jul 21, 20209:00aCommittee of the Whole
Jul 7, 20206:00pPublic Hearing & Council
Jul 1, 202010:00aKings Regional Canada Day
Jun 16, 20209:00aCommittee of the Whole
Jun 2, 20206:00pPublic Hearing & Municipal Council
May 19, 20209:00aCommittee of the Whole
May 5, 20206:00pMunicipal Council
Apr 21, 20209:00aCommittee of the Whole
Apr 9, 20209:00aMunicipal Council - Budget
Apr 7, 20206:00pMunicipal Council
Apr 1, 20209:00aCommittee of the Whole - Budget
Mar 17, 20209:00aCommittee of the Whole
Mar 11, 20209:00aCommittee of the Whole - Budget
Mar 3, 20206:00pPublic Hearing & Municipal Council
Feb 18, 20209:00aCommittee of the Whole
Feb 4, 20206:00pPublic Hearing & Municipal Council
Jan 23, 20201:00pCommittee of the Whole
Jan 21, 20209:00aCommittee of the Whole
Jan 7, 20206:00pPublic Hearing & Municipal Council
Dec 17, 20199:00aCommittee of the Whole
Dec 12, 20196:00pCommitee of the Whole
Nov 19, 20199:00aCommittee of the Whole
Nov 14, 20196:00pPublic Hearing & Special Council
Nov 5, 20196:00pPublic Hearing & Municipal Council
Oct 15, 20199:00aCommittee of the Whole
Oct 10, 20197:00pCommittee of the Whole
Oct 10, 20196:00pSpecial Council
Oct 1, 20196:00pMunicipal Council
Sep 17, 20199:00aCommittee of the Whole
Sep 3, 20196:00pPublic Hearing & Municipal Council
Jul 31, 20196:00pPublic Hearing & Special Council
Jul 29, 20196:00pIntroduction to Tennis Program
Jul 16, 20199:00aCommittee of the Whole
Jul 2, 20196:00pPublic Hearing & Municipal Council
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181 Coldbrook Village Park Drive Coldbrook, Nova Scotia B4R 1B9