11 Opportunity Lane
Coldbrook NS, Nova Scotia
B4R 0A5

Past Events
Fri Oct 2311:00aWorkshop:Interview Skills
Thu Oct 2211:00aWorkshop:Job Search
Wed Oct 2111:00aWorkshop:Resume Tips
Tue Oct 2011:00aWorkshop:Interview Skills
Fri Oct 1611:00aWorkshop:Working from Home
Thu Oct 1511:00aWorkshop:Resume Tips
Wed Oct 1411:00aWorkshop:Job Search
Tue Oct 1311:00aWorkshop:Interview Skills
Fri Oct 0911:00aWorkshop:Resume Tips
Thu Oct 0811:00aWorkshop:Job Search
Wed Oct 0711:00aWorkshop:Working From Home
Wed Sep 301:00pWorkshop:Interview Skills
Tue Sep 291:00pWorkshop:Job Search
Mon Sep 281:00pWorkshop:Resume Tips
Fri Sep 251:00pWorkshop:Working From Home
Fri Sep 2510:00aMeeting:Virtual Job Fair
Wed Sep 231:00pWorkshop:Interview Skills
Tue Sep 221:00pWorkshop:Job Search
Mon Sep 211:00pWorkshop:Resume Tips
Fri Sep 181:00pWorkshop:Working From Home
Thu Sep 171:00pWorkshop:Interview Skills
Wed Sep 161:00pWorkshop:Job Search
Tue Sep 151:00pWorkshop:Resume Tips
Fri Sep 111:00pWorkshop:Working From Home
Thu Sep 101:00pWorkshop:Interview Skills
Wed Sep 091:00pWorkshop:Resume Tips
Tue Sep 081:00pWorkshop:Job Search
Fri Sep 041:00pWorkshop:Working From Home
Thu Sep 031:00pWorkshop:Interview Skills
Wed Sep 021:00pWorkshop:Job Search
Tue Sep 011:00pWorkshop:Resume Tips
Fri Aug 2811:00aWorkshop:Skills Online
Fri Aug 2810:00aCommunity:Virtual Job Fair
Thu Aug 272:00pWorkshop:Youth Job Search
Wed Aug 2611:00aWorkshop:Career Cruising
Fri Aug 2111:00aWorkshop:Skills Online
Wed Aug 1911:00aWorkshop:Career Cruising
Fri Aug 1411:00aWorkshop:Skills Online
Fri Aug 1410:00aCommunity:Virtual Job Fair
Thu Aug 132:00pWorkshop:Youth Job Search
Wed Aug 1211:00aWorkshop:Career Cruising
Tue Aug 112:00pWorkshop:Tech Tuesdays - How to use Google Drive
Fri Aug 0711:00aWorkshop:Skills Online
Wed Aug 0511:00aWorkshop:Career Cruising
Tue Aug 042:00pWorkshop:Tech Tuesdays - How to use Microsoft Word
Fri Jul 3111:00aWorkshop:Skills Online
Thu Jul 302:00pWorkshop:Youth Job Search
Wed Jul 2911:00aWorkshop:Career Cruising
Tue Jul 282:00pWorkshop:Tech Tuesdays - How to Browse Job Bank & Apply for Jobs
Thu Jul 2311:00aWorkshop:Skills Online
Wed Jul 2211:00aWorkshop:Career Cruising
Tue Jul 212:00pWorkshop:Tech Tuesdays - How to Create a LinkedIn Profile
Fri Jul 1711:00aWorkshop:Skills Online
Fri Jul 1710:00aCommunity:Virtual Job Fair
Thu Jul 162:00pWorkshop:Youth Job Search
Wed Jul 1511:00aWorkshop:Career Cruising
Tue Jul 142:00pWorkshop:Tech Tuesdays - How to Write a Professional Email
Fri Jul 1011:00aWorkshop:Skills Online
Wed Jul 0811:00aWorkshop:Career Cruising
Tue Jul 072:00pWorkshop:Tech Tuesdays - How to use Zoom
Fri Jul 0310:00aCommunity:Virtual Job Fair
Fri Jul 0311:00aWorkshop:Job Search Workshop
Thu Jul 0211:00aWorkshop:Resume Tips Workshop
Tue Jun 302:00pWorkshop:Tech Tuesdays
Tue Jun 3011:00aWorkshop:Career Cruising Workshop
Mon Jun 2911:00aWorkshop:Orientation of Services
Fri Jun 2611:00aWorkshop:Job Search Workshop
Thu Jun 2511:00aWorkshop:Resume Tips Workshop
Wed Jun 2411:00aWorkshop:Career Cruising Workshop
Mon Jun 2211:00aWorkshop:Orientation of Services
Fri Jun 1912:00pWorkshop:Career Cruising
Thu Jun 181:00pWorkshop:Resume Tips
Wed Jun 173:00pWorkshop:Orientation of Services
Tue Jun 1610:00aWorkshop:Job Search
Thu Jun 111:00pWorkshop:Orientation of Services
Wed Jun 102:00pWorkshop:Career Crusing
Tue Jun 0910:00aWorkshop:Job Search
Mon Jun 0812:00pWorkshop:Resume Tips
Fri Jun 053:00pWorkshop:Job Search
Thu Jun 041:00pWorkshop:Orientation of Services
Wed Jun 0310:00aWorkshop:Career Cruising
Fri May 291:00pWorkshop:Career Cruising
Thu May 281:00pWorkshop:Resume Tips
Wed May 2711:00aWorkshop:Job Search
Mon May 2510:00aWorkshop:Orientation of Services
Thu May 219:00aLecture:Virtual Orientation of Services
Tue May 192:00pLecture:Virtual Orientation of Services
Tue Mar 319:00aWorkshop:Resume & Cover Letter Prep
Wed Mar 2511:00aWorkshop:Job Search Strategies
Tue Mar 1712:00pWorkshop:Labour Market Information
Wed Mar 119:00aCommunity:Tour of Coldbrook Facility
Tue Mar 109:00aWorkshop:Career Decision Making Workshop
Fri Mar 0611:00aWorkshop:Coffee Networking
Thu May 1612:30pWorkshop:Lunch and Learn - Elevator Pitch
Wed May 019:00aCommunity:Annapolis Valley Work Centre Tour
Wed Apr 178:00pWorkshop:Annapolis Valley Work Centre Tour
Sat Feb 235:30pCulinary:International Community Pot Luck Dinner
Wed Dec 059:15aLecture:Tour/Information Session
Tue Dec 049:00aWorkshop:3-Day Career Decision Making Workshop
Tue Nov 279:30aWorkshop:Networking and Job Search
Sat Nov 175:30pCulinary:International Community Pot Luck Supper
Sat Apr 075:30pCulinary:International Community Pot Luck Supper
Sat Nov 185:30pCulinary:International Feast
Fri May 125:00pCulinary:Safe Grad Fundraiser Spaghetti Dinner
Sat Apr 225:30pCulinary:International Community Pot Luck Supper
Sat Jan 285:30pCulinary:International Pot Luck Feast
Sat Oct 015:30pMusic:International Pot Luck Feast
Fri Apr 291:30pWorkshop:Your Way to Wellness
Sat Mar 055:30pCulinary:International Community Pot Luck Supper
Sat Nov 285:30pCulinary:International Pot Luck Feast
Thu Sep 2411:00aCommunity:Open House
Sat Jun 274:00pCulinary:International Feast
Sat Mar 284:00pCulinary:International Feast
Sun Dec 074:00pCulinary:International Pot Luck Dinner
Thu Aug 076:00pWorkshop:Parents of Youth Who Live With Mental Health Issues
Wed Apr 169:30aOther:Job Fair
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11 Opportunity Lane Coldbrook NS, Nova Scotia B4R 0A5