Past Events
Wed Feb 246:30pMusic:Jam Session / Chase the Ace
Wed Feb 176:30pMusic:Jam Session / Chase the Ace
Sat Feb 138:00aCulinary:Breakfast
Wed Feb 106:30pMusic:Jam Session / Chase the Ace
Sat Dec 128:00aCulinary:Breakfast
Wed Dec 026:30pMusic:Jam Session / Chase the Ace
Wed Nov 256:30pMusic:Jam Session / Chase the Ace
Wed Nov 186:30pMusic:Jam Session / Chase the Ace
Sat Nov 148:00aCommunity:Breakfast
Wed Nov 116:30pMusic:Jam Session / Chase the Ace
Sat Nov 074:30pCulinary:Roast Beef Supper
Wed Nov 046:30pMusic:Jam Session / Chase the Ace
Wed Oct 286:30pMusic:Jam Session / Chase the Ace
Wed Oct 216:30pMusic:Jam Session / Chase the Ace
Wed Oct 146:30pMusic:Jam Session / Chase the Ace
Sat Oct 108:00aCulinary:Breakfast
Wed Oct 076:30pMusic:Jam Session / Chase the Ace
Wed Sep 306:30pMusic:Jam Session / Chase the Ace
Sat Sep 194:30pCulinary:Ham & Potato Scallop Supper
Sat Sep 128:00aCulinary:Breakfast
Sat Sep 058:00pCommunity:Washer Toss Tournament
Wed Jun 106:00pCommunity:Chase The Ace
Wed Jun 036:00pCommunity:Chase The Ace
Wed May 277:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed May 276:00pCommunity:Chase The Ace
Wed May 207:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed May 206:00pCommunity:Chase The Ace
Wed May 137:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed May 136:00pCommunity:Chase The Ace
Sat May 098:00aCulinary:Breakfast
Wed May 067:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed May 066:00pCommunity:Chase The Ace
Wed Apr 297:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Apr 296:00pCommunity:Chase The Ace
Wed Apr 227:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Apr 226:00pCommunity:Chase The Ace
Wed Apr 157:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Apr 156:00pCommunity:Chase The Ace
Sat Apr 118:00aCulinary:Breakfast
Wed Apr 087:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Apr 086:00pCommunity:Chase The Ace
Wed Apr 017:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Apr 016:00pCommunity:Chase The Ace
Wed Mar 257:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Mar 256:00pCommunity:Chase The Ace
Wed Mar 187:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sat Mar 148:00aCulinary:Breakfast
Wed Mar 117:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Mar 116:00pCommunity:Chase The Ace
Wed Mar 047:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Mar 046:00pCommunity:Chase The Ace
Wed Feb 2610:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Feb 267:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Feb 266:00pCommunity:Chase The Ace
Wed Feb 1910:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Feb 197:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Feb 196:00pCommunity:Chase The Ace
Fri Feb 146:30pMusic:Valentine's Dinner
Wed Feb 1210:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Feb 127:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Feb 126:00pCommunity:Chase The Ace
Sat Feb 088:00aCulinary:Breakfast
Wed Feb 0510:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Feb 057:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Feb 056:00pCommunity:Chase The Ace
Wed Jan 2910:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Jan 297:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Jan 296:00pMusic:Chase The Ace
Wed Jan 2210:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Jan 227:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Jan 226:00pMusic:Chase The Ace
Wed Jan 157:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Jan 156:00pMusic:Chase The Ace
Sat Jan 118:00aCulinary:Breakfast
Wed Jan 087:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Jan 086:00pCommunity:Chase The Ace
Wed Dec 187:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Dec 1810:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Dec 186:00pMusic:Chase The Ace
Sat Dec 148:00aCulinary:Breakfast
Wed Dec 116:00pCommunity:Chase The Ace
Wed Dec 117:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Dec 1110:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Sat Dec 079:00pMusic: Dance
Wed Dec 047:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Dec 0410:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Dec 046:00pMusic:Chase The Ace
Wed Nov 276:00pMusic:Chase The Ace
Wed Nov 277:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Nov 2710:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Sat Nov 239:00aFestival:Craft & Vendor Sale
Wed Nov 206:00pCommunity:Chase the Ace
Wed Nov 207:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Nov 2010:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Nov 136:00pFundraiser:Chase the Ace
Wed Nov 137:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Nov 1310:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Sat Nov 098:00aCulinary:Breakfast
Wed Nov 067:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Nov 0610:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Oct 307:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Oct 3010:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Oct 237:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Oct 2310:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Oct 167:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sat Oct 128:00aCulinary:Breakfast
Sat Oct 121:00pMusic:Benefit Show
Wed Oct 097:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Oct 027:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Sep 257:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Sep 187:00pMusic:Jam Session
Mon Sep 167:30pLecture:Healthcare Town Hall
Sat Sep 148:00aCulinary:Breakfast
Wed Sep 117:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sat Jun 088:00aCulinary:Breakfast
Wed Jun 057:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sat Jun 018:00aCulinary:Blossom Breakfast
Wed May 297:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed May 227:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed May 157:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sat May 118:00aCulinary:Mother's Day Breakfast
Wed May 087:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sat May 0410:00aCommunity:Craft and Vendor Sale
Wed May 017:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Apr 247:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Apr 177:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sat Apr 138:00aCulinary:Breakfast
Wed Apr 107:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Apr 037:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Mar 277:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Mar 207:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Mar 137:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sat Mar 098:00aCulinary:St. Patrick's Breakfast
Wed Mar 067:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Feb 277:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Feb 207:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Feb 137:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sat Feb 098:00aCulinary:Valentine Breakfast
Wed Feb 067:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Jan 307:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Jan 237:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Jan 167:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sat Jan 128:00aCulinary:Breakfast
Wed Jan 097:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Dec 197:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Dec 127:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sat Dec 088:00aCulinary:Breakfast with Santa
Sat Dec 089:00pMusic:Christmas Dance / Matt Balsor
Wed Dec 057:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Nov 287:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sat Nov 2410:00aCommunity:Crafter and Direct Seller Fair
Wed Nov 217:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Nov 147:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sat Nov 108:00aCulinary:Breakfast
Wed Nov 077:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sat Oct 279:00aCommunity:Crafter's Fair
Wed Oct 247:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Oct 177:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sat Oct 138:00aCulinary:Breakfast
Wed Oct 107:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Oct 037:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Sep 267:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sat Sep 2210:00aCommunity:Ticket Auction
Wed Sep 197:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Sep 127:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sat Sep 088:00aCulinary:Breakfast
Sat Jun 098:00aCulinary:Breakfast
Wed Jun 067:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed May 307:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sat May 267:00aCulinary:Apple Blossom Breakfast
Wed May 237:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed May 167:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sat May 128:00aCulinary:Breakfast and Bake Sale
Wed May 097:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed May 027:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Apr 257:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Apr 187:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sat Apr 148:00aCulinary:Breakfast
Wed Apr 117:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Apr 047:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Mar 287:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Mar 217:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Mar 147:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sat Mar 108:00aCulinary:Breakfast
Wed Mar 077:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Feb 287:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Feb 217:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sat Feb 108:00aCulinary:Breakfast
Wed Jan 317:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Jan 247:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Jan 177:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sat Jan 138:00aCulinary:Breakfast
Wed Jan 107:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Jan 037:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Dec 207:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Dec 137:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sat Dec 098:00aCulinary:Breakfast With Santa
Wed Dec 067:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sat Dec 029:00pDance:Matt Balsor Christmas Dance
Wed Nov 297:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sun Nov 2610:00aCommunity:Christmas Craft Fair
Wed Nov 227:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Nov 157:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sat Nov 118:00aCulinary:Breakfast
Wed Nov 087:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sun Nov 0510:00aFestival:Novemberfest Craft Sale!
Wed Nov 017:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Oct 257:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Oct 187:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Oct 117:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Oct 047:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sun Oct 011:00pCommunity:Variety Show
Wed Sep 277:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Sep 207:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Sep 137:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sat Aug 198:00aCulinary:Breakfast
Sun Aug 137:00pCommunity:Paint Nite with Nikki
Fri Jul 289:00aCulinary:Bake Sale
Sat May 277:00aCulinary:Pancake and Sausage Breakfast
Sun May 071:00pMusic:Musical Benefit
Sat Apr 298:00pMusic:Dance
Sat Apr 088:00aFleamarket:Flea Market
Sun Apr 021:00pFundraiser:Benefit for Marty England
Sat Mar 259:00aCommunity:FleaMarket/Yard Sale
Thu Mar 026:30pMeeting:Kings North Liberal Association AGM
Wed Dec 217:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Dec 147:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Dec 077:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Nov 307:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Nov 237:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Nov 167:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sat Nov 129:00pDance:Raising Hope Benefit Dance
Wed Nov 097:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Nov 027:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sat Oct 299:00pMusic:Scare Affair
Wed Oct 267:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Oct 197:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Oct 127:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Oct 057:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Sep 287:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Sep 217:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Sep 147:00pMusic:Jam Session
Mon Sep 126:00pMeeting:TOPS Kentville Open House
Wed Sep 077:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sat Aug 209:00pDance:Matt Millet & Rob Hunt
Sat Jul 2310:00aFundraiser:Ticket Auction Fundraiser
Sat Jun 119:00pMusic:Dance
Wed May 257:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed May 187:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sat May 147:00pDance:Spring Fling Dance
Wed May 1110:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed May 117:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed May 0410:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed May 047:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sun May 011:00pMusic:Variety Show / Fundraiser
Wed Apr 277:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Apr 2710:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Apr 2010:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Apr 207:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sat Apr 169:00aWorkshop:Card making and Scrapbooking Crop
Wed Apr 137:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Apr 1310:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Apr 0610:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Apr 067:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sun Apr 031:00pMusic:Variety Show / Fundraiser
Wed Mar 307:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Mar 3010:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Mar 237:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Mar 2310:00aCommunity:Easter at the Kentville Market!
Wed Mar 1610:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Mar 167:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sun Mar 132:00pMusic:Musical Benefit Show
Wed Mar 097:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Mar 0910:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Sun Mar 061:00pMusic:Variety Show / Fundraiser
Wed Mar 0210:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Mar 027:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Feb 247:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Feb 2410:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Feb 1710:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Feb 177:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sat Feb 139:00pMusic:Valentine Dance
Wed Feb 1010:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Feb 107:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sun Feb 071:00pMusic:Variety Show / Fundraiser
Wed Feb 037:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Feb 0310:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Jan 277:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Jan 2710:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Jan 2010:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Jan 207:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Jan 137:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Jan 1310:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Jan 0610:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Dec 3010:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Dec 2310:00aCommunity:Christmas at the Market
Wed Dec 1610:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Dec 167:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Dec 097:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Dec 0910:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Sun Dec 061:00pMusic:Variety Show & Fundraiser
Wed Dec 027:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Dec 0210:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Nov 257:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Nov 2510:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Nov 1810:00aCommunity:Pie Contest
Wed Nov 187:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Nov 1810:00aMeeting:Farmers Market
Wed Nov 117:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Nov 047:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Nov 0410:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Sun Nov 011:00pMusic:Variety Show / Fundraiser
Wed Oct 287:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Oct 2810:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Oct 217:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Oct 2110:00aCommunity:Farmers Market
Wed Oct 147:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Oct 1410:00aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Oct 077:00pMusic:Jam Session
Wed Sep 307:00pMusic:Jam Session
Sat Jun 2710:00a:Springing into Summer Shopping Expo
Sat Jun 069:00aWorkshop:Scrap Booking & Card Making Crop
Sun Apr 129:00aCommunity:Spring Fling Vendor & Crafters Sale
Sat Mar 289:00aWorkshop:Scrapbooking & Card Crop
Fri Mar 138:00pDance:Spring Fling Kitchen Party / Dance
Thu Feb 2612:00pRecreation:Taoist Tai Chi
Tue Feb 246:00pRecreation:Taoist Tai Chi
Fri Feb 138:00pMusic:Valentine's Kitchen Party / Dance
Wed Dec 319:00pDance:New Years Eve Dance
Sat Dec 1310:00aOther:Benefit For Jacob Stern
Fri Nov 288:00pDance:Kitchen Party / Dance
Wed Nov 057:00pFilm:A Beautiful Mind
Sun Oct 268:00aOther:Flea Market
Fri Oct 248:00pDance:Halloween Kitchen Party / Dance
Wed Oct 087:00pFilm:The Changeling
Sat Oct 047:00aCulinary:Pancake Breakfast
Fri Sep 268:00pDance:September Dance
Fri Aug 298:00pDance:Labour Day Dance
Sun Aug 101:00pOther:ECE Provincial Awareness Parade
Fri Jul 189:00pDance:July Dance
Fri Jun 279:00pDance:Canada Day Dance
Sun Jun 221:00pMusic:Kentville Lions Club Fundraiser
Fri May 169:00pDance:Victoria Day Dance
Fri Apr 259:00pDance:Dance
Fri Mar 219:00pDance:Spring Fling Dance
Fri Feb 149:00pDance:Valentine's Day Dance
Tue Dec 319:00pDance:New Year's Eve Dance
Sat Nov 3011:00aOther:Ticket Auction
Sat Nov 239:00pDance:Dance
Fri Nov 229:00pDance:Country Heat
Sun Nov 101:00pMusic:Musical Benefit Show
Fri Nov 089:00pDance:Dance to the Music of Reboot
Fri Oct 189:00pDance:Reboot
Sat Oct 127:30aCulinary:Pancake Breakfast
Sat Oct 0510:00aOther:Ticket Auction
Sat Aug 2410:00aOther:Ticket Auction
Sat Aug 031:00pMusic:Benefit Show
Sat Jun 089:00pDance:Relay for Life Dance
Sat Jun 017:00aCulinary:Pancake Breakfast
Sun May 051:00pMusic:Benefit Auction For Lyle Smith
Sun Apr 281:00pOther:Benefit for Jacob Stern
Thu Mar 077:00pMeeting:Kings North Community
Fri Feb 089:00pDance:Valentine's Dance
Wed Oct 177:00pMeeting:Schizophrenia Society
Sat Oct 0610:00aOther:Car Bash
Sat Oct 067:30aCulinary:Harvest Fest Pancake Breakfast
Sat Sep 291:00pOther:Auction
Sat Jun 301:00pMusic:Benefit Show
Wed May 167:00pMeeting:Schizophrenia Society AGM
Wed May 096:30pMusic:Coffee House
Sun Apr 2210:00aOther:Flea Market
Sun Apr 0810:00aOther:Flea Market
Sun Mar 2510:00aOther:Flea Market
Wed Feb 157:00pMeeting:Schizophrenia Society of NS
Sun Jan 2910:00aOther:Flea Market
Wed Jan 257:00pMeeting:Housing First
Sat Nov 266:00pOther:Celebrity Roast of Mayor
Sat Oct 2910:00aOther:Ticket Auction
Fri Oct 286:00pOther:Ticket Auction - Preview
Sat Oct 011:00pOther:Ticket Auction & Bake Sale
Sat Oct 017:00aCulinary:Pancake & Sausage Breakfast
Sat May 287:30aCulinary:Pancake and Sausage Breakfast
Wed May 187:00pMeeting:Schizophrenia Society of NS
Sat Mar 054:30pCulinary:International Pot Luck Supper
Sat Nov 204:30pCulinary:International Pot Luck Supper
Fri Aug 077:00pMusic:Guitar Hero Rock-Out-Finals
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