Climate Circles
Sunday January 29, 2023  2pm - 4pm (2 Hours )
Meeting / Club Wheelchair Accessible Community

We asked, you told us and we’re listening! Our community wants to find and make inspiration, joy, and hope, to build community connections and networks, and to work together on local, tangible climate action initiatives. Climate Circles is seeking to help towards these aims.

Join us to convene around local climate action work.

Who is Climate Circles for?

Anyone who is interested in working on local climate action! Climate action can take so many forms, so we strongly believe that everyone has something to offer and a place at the table, and we acknowledge and embrace the many ways that climate action looks.

We also welcome you if you are seeking community connection, a space for inspiration and solidarity, and an eagerness to work with others towards common goals.

Climate Circles if for our community, to remember, build and mobilize our power for compassionate, creative change.

We recognize that there are many barriers to engaging in these types of spaces, and we are reflecting and learning on how to ensure an inclusive and respectful environment where all feel heard and comfortable.

What to expect?

We will gather as a community interested in working together on climate projects in our local area. We will start in a circle with introductions, some discussion prompts and connections and some co-creation of our needs and guidelines for our time together. The bulk of the meeting will be focused on workshopping tangible climate action project ideas, setting goals, and forming preliminary working groups.

We will offer a list of suggested action project ideas based on what we have heard within our community and at our sessions in 2022. There will be the opportunity to share and garner support and a team for an idea you may have in addition to these, so please bring it if so! We will engage in world café style facilitated sessions to workshops our local climate action projects, determine main goals, and form action groups to continue working on these projects outside of the Climate Circles meetings.

We will determine needs for our monthly meetings and the structure for communication, supporting, networking and connecting between meetings.

We will also outline other ways to get involved and engaged beyond the action project groups.

What’s the commitment?

Right now, we will host monthly climate circle meetings in-person to socialize, connect, find joy, intentionally learn together, and provide structure, accountability and energy towards our local action projects.

You don’t have to commit to a group action project. We are seeking support in other ways (and hey, this is climate action too because it supports our community mobilizing and convening work), such as bringing food.

How to show up?

As you are! All feelings around climate change are welcome here, we hold space for joy and grief and everything else that comes with living in these challenging times.

Some desire for groupwork is good, but no worries, there are ways for all to get involved and taking action.

If you have a specific action idea, but need advice and a team to get it going, bring it!

If you want to bring a snack to share, great! Or perhaps some good news story? Or an update about a project you are working on. All great ways to contribute.


We recognize that some people may travel from outside of Kentville, including our many Wolfville-area climate active community members. We are trialing the Kentville location given other features and a desire for this space, but want to ensure everyone can come. Need a lift? Want to offer a drive. Sign up here:

More information:

For more information on Climate Circles, how to get involved, or for questions around accessibility, participation or more please contact Caroline

There will be tea and some snacks. We welcome contributions to the potluck snack table.

The VCLA community hub is physically accessible, and an elevator is available for access to the upper level.
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