Experienced Director Workshop
Saturday February 18, 2023  3pm - 6pm (3 Hours )
Theatre Workshop / Class Wheelchair Accessible

 (902) 532-7704

For Experienced Directors

Some of the most productive choices we make as directors are the earliest ones. Often, they involve limitations or restrictions we give ourselves, conceptually, that have a huge artistic impact throughout the production. It could be about the physical space, the conceptual idea that isn’t apparent in the script but might actually enhance its message, or an adaptation that gives an old play new relevance. Participants in this workshop will be asked to bring a text for a production and some initial conceptual ideas to share. Throughout the workshop each director will have an opportunity to discuss these ideas, the risks involved and the early questions that arise from these early ideas.

Whether your experience is directing a 10-minute play or a full production, this workshop will help you get to the next level.

Registration is free, but space are limited.
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Kings Theatre
209 St George Street
Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia


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