Past Events
Sat Oct 112:00pBoard at the Library
Wed Sep 281:00pBook Club
Wed Sep 283:30pTeddy Bear Picnic
Tue Sep 2710:30aKiddos Story Time
Sat Sep 2410:00aMonarchs Mathematics
Fri Sep 2312:00pMonarchs Mathematics
Fri Sep 2310:00aBabies and Books
Fri Sep 233:30pLEGO Club
Thu Sep 2210:00aMonarchs Mathematics
Wed Sep 2112:00pMonarchs Mathematics
Tue Sep 202:00pMonarchs Mathematics
Tue Sep 2010:30aKiddos Story Time
Fri Sep 1610:00aBabies and Books
Fri Sep 163:30pLEGO Club
Thu Sep 157:00pMini Loom Weaving
Tue Sep 1310:30aKiddos Story Time
Fri Sep 96:00pTeen Takeover
Thu Sep 82:15pCaregiver Support Group
Sat Sep 312:00pBoard at the Library
Wed Aug 243:30pBe the Maker
Tue Aug 233:30pMindstorms EV3 Robotics Club
Wed Aug 173:30pBe the Maker
Tue Aug 163:30pMindstorms EV3 Robotics Club
Wed Aug 103:30pBe the Maker
Tue Aug 93:30pMindstorms EV3 Robotics Club
Wed Aug 33:30pBe the Maker
Tue Aug 23:30pMindstorms EV3 Robotics Club
Wed Jul 273:30pBe the Maker
Tue Jul 263:30pMindstorms EV3 Robotics Club
Wed Jul 203:30pBe the Maker
Tue Jul 193:30pMindstorms EV3 Robotics Club
Wed Jul 133:30pBe the Maker
Tue Jul 127:00pDIY Geode Drink Coasters
Tue Jul 123:30pMindstorms EV3 Robotics Club
Wed Jul 63:30pBe the Maker
Tue Jul 53:30pMindstorms EV3 Robotics Club
Wed Jun 293:30pBe the Maker
Tue Jun 283:30pMindstorms EV3 Robotics Club
Thu May 197:00pPaper Flower Bouquet
Thu May 52:15pCaregiver Support Group
Dec 21, 202110:30aStorytime
Dec 14, 202110:30aStorytime
Dec 7, 202110:30aStorytime
Nov 30, 202110:30aStorytime
Nov 23, 202110:30aStorytime
Nov 16, 202110:30aStorytime
Nov 9, 202110:30aStorytime
Dec 18, 201910:30aPreschool Upcycle Art with Cheryl
Dec 11, 201910:30aPreschool Upcycle Art with Cheryl
Dec 6, 20196:30pTween Scene - Christmas
Dec 5, 20196:30pFestive Teen Fan Art
Dec 4, 201910:30aPreschool Upcycle Art with Cheryl
Nov 27, 201910:30aPreschool Upcycle Art with Cheryl
Nov 20, 201910:30aPreschool Upcycle Art with Cheryl
Nov 13, 201910:30aPreschool Upcycle Art with Cheryl
Nov 8, 20191:00pKindermusik
Nov 6, 201910:30aPreschool Upcycle Art with Cheryl
Nov 1, 20191:00pKindermusik
Nov 1, 20196:30pTween Scene - Halloween
Oct 30, 201910:30aPreschool Upcycle Art with Cheryl
Oct 25, 20191:00pKindermusik
Oct 23, 201910:30aPreschool Upcycle Art with Cheryl
Oct 18, 20191:00pKindermusik
Oct 16, 201910:30aPreschool Upcycle Art with Cheryl
Oct 11, 20191:00pKindermusik
Oct 10, 20193:30pMi'kmaq Dream Catcher Creations
Oct 9, 201910:30aPreschool Upcycle Art with Cheryl
Oct 4, 20191:00pKindermusik
Oct 4, 20196:30pTween Scene - Harvest
Oct 3, 20192:30pSeniors Week Drop-in
Oct 1, 20192:30pSeniors Week Drop-in
Sep 27, 20191:00pKindermusik
Sep 20, 20191:00pKindermusik
Sep 6, 20196:30pTween Scene - Back to School
Aug 29, 20196:30pTeen Fan Art
Aug 22, 201910:30aSummer Kids' Tech
Aug 22, 20196:30pTeen Fan Art
Aug 20, 20192:30pSummer Tech Makers
Aug 15, 201910:30aSummer Kids' Tech
Aug 15, 20196:30pTeen Fan Art
Aug 13, 20192:30pSummer Tech Makers
Aug 8, 201910:30aSummer Kids' Tech
Aug 8, 20196:30pTeen Fan Art
Aug 7, 201910:30aSuperNOVA Science
Aug 6, 20192:30pSummer Tech Makers
Aug 1, 201910:30aSummer Kids' Tech
Aug 1, 20196:30pTeen Fan Art
Jul 30, 20192:30pSummer Tech Makers
Jul 26, 201912:45pFuntastical Fridays
Jul 25, 201910:30aSummer Kids' Tech
Jul 23, 20192:30pSummer Tech Makers
Jul 19, 201912:45pFuntastical Fridays
Jul 18, 201910:30aSummer Kids' Tech
Jul 16, 20192:30pSummer Tech Makers
Jul 12, 201912:45pFuntastical Fridays
Jul 11, 201910:30aSummer Kids' Tech
Jul 9, 20192:30pSummer Tech Makers
Jul 5, 201912:45pFuntastical Fridays
Jun 27, 20196:30pSpring Art Series
Jun 22, 201910:00aSummer Reading Kick-off
May 30, 20196:30pSpring Art Series
May 10, 20193:30pMother's Day Craft
May 9, 20196:30pSisters of Science Info Session/ Meet and Greet
May 4, 201910:00aStar Wars Button Making
Apr 25, 20196:30pSpring Art Series
Apr 18, 20193:30pEaster Crafts
Apr 17, 20196:30pNational Canadian Film Day
Mar 20, 20196:00pFort Night
Mar 20, 20192:30pLEGO WeDo Robotics
Mar 15, 20193:30pSt. Patrick's Day Craft
Mar 13, 20191:00pWhat Does it Say to you? Book Club
Feb 15, 20193:30pCreate your own Maud Lewis Folk Art
Feb 13, 20191:00pWhat Does it Say to you? Book Club
Feb 12, 20196:30pThe Psychology of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Feb 9, 20191:00pDrumming with Kadijah
Feb 8, 20193:30pValentine's Day Craft
Feb 8, 20191:00pKindermusik
Feb 6, 20196:00p"Maudie" film screening
Feb 1, 20191:00pKindermusik
Jan 25, 20191:00pKindermusik
Jan 25, 20192:00pBook Give-Away Day
Jan 18, 20191:00pKindermusik
Jan 16, 20191:00pWhat Does it Say to you? Book Club
Dec 18, 201810:30aStory Time
Dec 18, 20183:30pChristmas Crafts
Dec 15, 201811:00aTherapeutic Arts for pre-teen girls
Dec 14, 20181:00pKindermusik
Dec 11, 201810:30aStory Time
Dec 4, 201810:30aStory Time
Nov 29, 20186:30pEdge-lit Holiday Cards
Nov 27, 201810:30aStory Time
Nov 20, 201810:30aStory Time
Nov 16, 20181:00pKindermusik
Nov 13, 201810:30aStory Time
Nov 6, 201810:30aStory Time
Oct 30, 20181:00pKindermusik
Oct 30, 201810:30aStory Time
Oct 26, 20183:30pHalloween Craft Time
Oct 23, 20181:00pKindermusik
Oct 23, 201810:30aStory Time
Oct 16, 20181:00pKindermusik
Oct 16, 201810:30aStory Time
Oct 9, 20181:00pKindermusik
Oct 9, 201810:30aStory Time
Oct 9, 20186:30pGirl Empowerment Using Art
Oct 5, 20183:30pThanksgiving Day Craft
Oct 4, 20181:00pSenior's Week Drop -In
Oct 2, 20181:00pKindermusik
Oct 2, 201810:30aStory Time
Oct 2, 20186:30pGirl Empowerment Using Art
Sep 29, 20181:00pAfternoon of Culture
Sep 25, 20181:00pKindermusik
Sep 25, 201810:30aStory Time
Sep 25, 20186:30pGirl Empowerment Using Art
Sep 21, 20183:30pScience Week Craft: Papier Mache Volcanoes
Sep 18, 20181:00pKindermusik
Sep 18, 201810:30aStory Time
Sep 18, 20186:30pGirl Empowerment Using Art
Sep 11, 20181:00pKindermusik
Sep 11, 201810:30aStory Time
Sep 11, 20186:30pGirl Empowerment Using Art
Sep 4, 201810:30aStory Time
Sep 4, 20186:30pGirl Empowerment Using Art
Aug 30, 20181:00pBack to School Ice Cream Social
Aug 24, 20181:00pFuntastical Fridays
Aug 21, 20186:00pStories & Art with Sarah Osborne
Aug 17, 20181:00pFuntastical Fridays
Aug 16, 20181:00pTech Makers: LEGO Mindstorms Robotics
Aug 10, 20181:00pFuntastical Fridays
Aug 3, 20181:00pFuntastical Fridays
Aug 2, 201810:00a3D Printer Demonstration
Jul 27, 20181:00pFuntastical Fridays
Jul 25, 20182:00pMad Science: Spin, Pop, Boom!
Jul 20, 20186:30pCreate with Alcohol Inks!
Jul 20, 20181:00pFuntastical Fridays
Jul 19, 20181:00pTech Makers: Little Bits
Jul 14, 20189:00aBook Sale
Jul 13, 20181:00pFuntastical Fridays
Jul 12, 20181:00pTech Makers: Ozobots
Jul 6, 20181:00pFuntastical Fridays
Jun 23, 201810:00aSummer Reading Club & Button Making
Jun 4, 201810:00aPopovers
May 28, 201810:00aPopovers
May 26, 201810:15aChildren's Author Reading: The Lenny "Superbook"
May 22, 201810:00aSecurity While Using Social Media
May 15, 201810:00aSecurity While Using Social Media
May 14, 201810:00aPopovers
May 7, 201810:00aPopovers
Apr 30, 201810:00aPopovers
Apr 23, 201810:00aPopovers
Apr 19, 20184:00pIt's a Blast-Off Party
Apr 18, 20183:15pUnderwear Games
Apr 16, 201810:00aPopovers
Apr 10, 201810:00aFinancial Security on the Internet
Apr 9, 201810:00aPopovers
Mar 26, 201810:00aPopovers
Mar 19, 201810:00aPopovers
Mar 15, 201810:00aMusic Madness!
Mar 13, 201810:00aMusic Madness!
Mar 12, 201810:00aPopovers
Mar 5, 201810:00aPopovers
Feb 26, 201810:00aPopovers
Feb 19, 201810:00aPopovers
Feb 13, 20183:30pMake Light-up Valentine Cards
Feb 12, 201810:00aPopovers
Feb 5, 201810:00aPopovers
Jan 29, 20181:30pKindermusik for Preschoolers
Jan 29, 201810:00aPopovers
Jan 22, 20181:30pKindermusik for Preschoolers
Jan 15, 20181:30pKindermusik for Preschoolers
Jan 8, 20181:30pKindermusik for Preschoolers
Dec 11, 201710:00aPopovers Learn and Play Group
Dec 11, 20171:30pKindermusik for Preschoolers
Dec 4, 201710:00aPopovers Learn and Play Group
Dec 4, 20171:30pKindermusik for Preschoolers
Nov 27, 201710:00aPopovers Learn and Play Group
Nov 27, 20171:30pKindermusik for Preschoolers
Nov 20, 201710:00aPopovers Learn and Play Group
Nov 20, 20171:30pKindermusik for Preschoolers
Nov 13, 201710:00aPopovers Learn and Play Group
Nov 6, 201710:00aPopovers Learn and Play Group
Oct 30, 201710:00aPopovers Learn and Play Group
Oct 23, 201710:00aPopovers Learn and Play Group
Oct 19, 20177:00pCommunity Wood Turtle Stewardship
Oct 16, 201710:00aPopovers Learn and Play Group
Oct 2, 201710:00aPopovers Learn and Play Group
Sep 25, 201710:00aPopovers Learn and Play Group
Sep 13, 20177:00pDeath Cafe
Aug 29, 20172:15pStorytime for Tots
Aug 22, 20172:15pStorytime for Tots
Aug 15, 20172:30pFly your own Paper Airplane
Aug 15, 20172:15pStorytime for Tots
Aug 10, 201710:30aMake Your Own Oh Canada Placemat
Aug 8, 20172:15pStorytime for Tots
Aug 3, 20172:30pMake a LED Card
Aug 2, 20172:00pAre you a Duct Tape Pro?
Aug 1, 20172:15pStorytime for Tots
Jul 25, 20172:15pStorytime for Tots
Jul 21, 20172:30pKids Tech - Ozobots
Jul 20, 20172:30p3D Origami Critters
Jul 18, 20172:15pStorytime for Tots
Jul 11, 20172:15pStorytime for Tots
Jul 6, 201710:30aMaple Leaf Suncatcher Fun
Jul 4, 20172:15pStorytime for Tots
May 15, 201710:00aPopovers
May 8, 201710:00aPopovers
May 1, 201710:00aPopovers
Apr 24, 201710:00aPopovers
Apr 10, 201710:00aPopovers
Apr 3, 201710:00aPopovers
Mar 27, 201710:00aPopovers
Mar 20, 201710:00aPopovers
Mar 15, 20171:30pKids Yoga & Art
Mar 13, 201710:00aPopovers
Mar 6, 201710:00aPopovers
Feb 27, 201710:00aPopovers
Feb 13, 201710:00aPopovers
Feb 6, 201710:00aPopovers
Jan 30, 201710:00aPopovers
Jan 23, 201710:00aPopovers
Jan 16, 201710:00aPopovers
Dec 6, 20163:30pChristmas Craft Fun
Nov 10, 201611:00aPicture Book Palooza!
Aug 11, 20161:00pMusical Zoo
Aug 9, 20161:00pMad Science - Fire & Ice
Aug 2, 20166:30pCamp Overdue - For Teens!
Jul 26, 20161:00pPreSchool Disco
Jul 21, 201610:30aCrafts for Kids
Jul 21, 201610:30aStorytime with a Farmer
Jul 19, 20162:30pAnne Glover - Storyteller
Jul 7, 201610:30aCrafts for Kids
Jul 7, 201610:00aBook Give-Away Day
May 16, 201610:00aPopovers
May 9, 201610:00aPopovers
May 2, 201610:00aPopovers
Apr 25, 201610:00aPopovers
Apr 18, 201610:00aPopovers
Apr 11, 201610:00aPopovers
Apr 4, 201610:00aPopovers
Mar 21, 201610:00aPopovers
Mar 18, 201610:30aLEGO WeDo Robotics
Mar 18, 20163:30pMusical Tablets
Mar 15, 201610:00aMusical Tablets
Mar 14, 201610:00aLEGO WeDo Robotics
Mar 14, 201610:00aPopovers
Mar 7, 201610:00aPopovers
Feb 29, 201610:00aPopovers
Feb 26, 20163:30pLEGO Stop Motion Flick
Feb 22, 201610:00aPopovers
Feb 19, 20163:30pGeocaching for Kids
Feb 15, 201610:00aPopovers
Feb 10, 201610:00aOnline Banking Help
Feb 8, 201610:00aCANCELLED - Popovers
Feb 1, 201610:00aPopovers
Jan 29, 20163:30pLEGO Mindstorm Robotics
Jan 25, 201610:00aPopovers
Jan 22, 20163:30pLEGO Mindstorm robotics
Jan 18, 201610:00aPopovers
Jan 15, 20163:30pMaker lab
Jan 11, 201610:00aPopovers
Jan 8, 20163:30pOzobots for Kids
Jan 4, 201610:00aPopovers
Dec 18, 20153:30pGeocaching for Kids
Dec 14, 201510:00aPopovers
Dec 11, 20153:30pLEGO Stop Motion Flick
Dec 7, 201510:00aPopovers
Dec 4, 20153:30pLEGO WeDo Robotics
Nov 30, 201510:00aPopovers
Nov 27, 20153:30pMaker Lab
Nov 23, 201510:00aPopovers
Nov 20, 20153:30pLEGO WeDo Robotics
Nov 16, 201510:00aPopovers
Nov 13, 20153:30pOzobots for Kids
Nov 9, 201510:00aPopovers
Nov 2, 201510:00aPopovers
Oct 26, 201510:00aPopovers
Oct 23, 20153:30pLEGO Mindstorm robotics
Oct 22, 20151:00pCelebrating Seniors: Fun for 50+
Oct 19, 201510:00aPopovers
Sep 24, 20151:30pIt's Storytime!
Sep 17, 20151:30pIt's Storytime!
Sep 10, 20151:30pIt's Storytime!
Aug 26, 20153:00pMaker Lab
Aug 26, 201511:30aWeDo LEGO Robotics
Aug 25, 201510:30aOne-on-One Tech Help
Aug 20, 20152:30pPlay - MUSIC: Keyboards
Aug 19, 201510:30aOne-on-One Tech Help
Aug 19, 201510:30aWeDo LEGO Robotics
Aug 18, 201510:30aOne-on-One Tech Help
Aug 12, 201510:30aOne-on-One Tech Help
Aug 12, 20153:00pWeDo LEGO Robotics
Aug 11, 20151:00pOne-on-One Tech Help
Aug 11, 201510:30aBitstrips
Aug 7, 20153:00pMad Science Slime Time
Aug 5, 20153:00pOne-on-One Tech Help
Aug 5, 20153:00pOzobots
Aug 4, 201510:30aOne-on-One Tech Help
Jul 30, 20152:30pPlay - MUSIC Ukulele
Jul 29, 201510:00aTest Drive a Tablet
Jul 29, 20153:00pMusical Tablets
Jul 28, 20152:00pBitstrips
Jul 23, 20158:00pPlay - MUSIC
Jul 22, 201510:30aLEGO Mindstorms Robotics
Jul 15, 20153:00pLEGO Mindstorms Robotics
Jul 15, 201510:00aOne-on-One Tech Help
Jul 14, 201511:00aGeocaching for Kids
Jul 14, 201510:00aOne-on-One Tech Help
Jul 8, 20153:00pBitstrips
Jul 8, 201510:00aOne-on-One Tech Help
Jul 7, 201510:00aOne-on-One Tech Help
Jun 30, 20151:00pOne-on-One Tech Help
Jun 23, 201510:00aOne-on-One Tech Help
Jan 24, 201511:00aWords in Action
Aug 13, 20141:00pAndy & Ariana Family Concert
Oct 29, 20133:30pJoke Marathon
Jul 20, 20139:30a3D Printer Demonstration
Jul 2, 201310:00aOne on One Computer Tutorials
Apr 19, 201311:00aApps for (your) Kids
Mar 12, 201311:00aDuct Tape Crafts
Mar 4, 20132:00pScared To Shop Online?
Feb 14, 201310:00aOne on One Computer Tutorials
Nov 1, 20126:30pDownload eBooks & Audiobooks
Aug 28, 201210:00aRecord Your Favorite Story
Aug 22, 20126:30pPinterest Workshop
Aug 21, 20129:30aComic Strips for Kids
Aug 14, 20129:30aStorybird
Aug 8, 201210:00aShoot A Commercial (for kids)
Aug 7, 20129:30aPhotoStory 3 (for kids)
Aug 1, 201210:00aRecord Your Favorite Story
Jul 31, 20129:30aRecord Your Favorite Story
Jul 25, 201210:00aComic Strips for Kids
Jul 25, 20126:30pDigital Photo Editing (for adults)
Jul 25, 20122:00pOne-on-One Computer Tutorial
Jul 24, 20129:30aComic Strips for Kids
Jul 17, 20129:30aPhotoStory 3 for Kids
Jul 11, 201210:00aComic Strips for Kids
Jul 11, 20126:30pFacebook Computer Workshop
Jul 11, 20123:00pOne on One Computer Tutorials
Jul 10, 20129:30aKids' Computer Camp - Storybird
Jun 18, 20111:00pSymons Family
Jun 16, 20112:00pCake Decorating
Jun 14, 20117:00pFlower Arrangement
Jun 10, 20117:00pMystery Writer William Deverell
Jun 9, 20111:00pOpen House
Jun 2, 20112:00pLandscaping & Curb Appeal
Oct 22, 20106:30pFun & Games
Apr 18, 200910:00aBook Sale
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