Town Hall

236 Commercial Street
Berwick, Nova Scotia
B0P 1E0

(902) 538-8068

Past Events
Sun Jan 241:00pRecreation:Mindfulness Meditation
Sun Jan 171:00pRecreation:Mindfulness Meditation
Sun Nov 011:00pRecreation:Mindfulness Meditation
Sun Oct 251:00pWorkshop:Mindfulness Meditation
Wed Mar 1812:00pLecture:Acadia Lifelong Learning
Wed Feb 1912:00pLecture:Acadia Lifelong Learning
Tue Dec 1710:00aMeeting:Grandparent Group
Tue Dec 0310:00aMeeting:Grandparent Group
Tue Nov 1910:00aMeeting:Grandparent Group
Tue Nov 0510:00aMeeting:Grandparent Group
Tue Oct 2210:00aMeeting:Grandparent Group
Wed Oct 0912:00pLecture:Berwick Green Energy Program Contractor Session
Tue Oct 0810:00aMeeting:Grandparent Group
Wed Oct 026:00pLecture:Berwick Green Energy Program Open House
Tue Sep 2410:00aMeeting:Grandparent Group
Sat Jul 208:00aCommunity:Town Wide Yardsale
Sat Jun 089:30aRecreation:Tumble Bugs
Sat Jun 019:30aRecreation:Tumble Bugs
Sat May 259:30aRecreation:Tumble Bugs
Sat May 119:30aRecreation:Tumble Bugs
Sat May 049:30aRecreation:Tumble Bugs
Sat Apr 279:30aRecreation:Tumble Bugs
Sat Apr 139:30aRecreation:Tumble Bugs
Thu Apr 1110:15aCommunity:Vimy Ridge Day
Sat Apr 069:30aRecreation:Tumble Bugs
Tue Apr 025:00pCommunity:Light It Up Blue for Autism Awareness
Sat Mar 169:30aRecreation:Tumble Bugs
Sat Mar 099:30aRecreation:Tumble Bugs
Sat Mar 029:30aRecreation:Tumble Bugs
Sat Feb 239:30aRecreation:Tumble Bugs
Sat Feb 169:30aRecreation:Tumble Bugs
Sat Feb 099:30aRecreation:Tumble Bugs
Sat Feb 0910:30aCommunity:Fun Fair
Sat Nov 249:30aWorkshop:Tumble Bugs
Sat Nov 179:30aWorkshop:Tumble Bugs
Sat Nov 109:30aWorkshop:Tumble Bugs
Sat Nov 039:30aWorkshop:Tumble Bugs
Sat Oct 279:30aWorkshop:Tumble Bugs
Sat Oct 209:30aWorkshop:Tumble Bugs
Sat Oct 139:30aWorkshop:Tumble Bugs
Tue Oct 0910:00aMeeting:GrandLove Grandparent Support Group
Sat Oct 069:30aWorkshop:Tumble Bugs
Tue Sep 2510:00aMeeting:GrandLove (Grandparent Support)
Sat Sep 0111:00aCommunity:Children's Parade
Sat Jun 231:30pFundraiser:Garden Tour
Sat Mar 039:30aRecreation:Tumble Bugs
Sat Feb 249:30aRecreation:Tumble Bugs
Wed Feb 212:00pCommunity:Death Cafe
Sat Feb 179:30aRecreation:Tumble Bugs
Sat Feb 109:30aRecreation:Tumble Bugs
Sat Feb 039:30aRecreation:Tumble Bugs
Sat Jan 279:30aRecreation:Tumble Bugs
Sat Jan 209:30aRecreation:Tumble Bugs
Wed Dec 207:00pRecreation:Christmas Yoga
Sun Oct 292:00pCulinary:Volunteer Appreciation Open House
Sun Sep 171:00pRecreation:Terry Fox Run
Fri Sep 085:00pRecreation:Youth Registration Night
Sat Apr 0810:00aCommunity:Easter Party
Sat Jul 308:00aCommunity:Town Wide Yard Sale
Wed Oct 2810:00aTheatre:BigFoot Town
Thu Oct 084:30pMeeting:Western Kings Comm. Health Board
Sat Oct 038:00aCommunity:Apple Fest
Thu Sep 104:30pMeeting:Western Kings Comm. Health Board
Sat Jul 258:00aCommunity:Town Wide Yardsale
Sat Jun 062:00pFundraiser:Bottle drive
Mon Feb 236:00pRecreation:Taoist Tai Chi
Sat Feb 1410:30aCommunity:Winter Carnival
Sat Dec 205:45pRecreation:Christmas Lights Walk
Sat Nov 299:00aOther:Christmas Fair
Sat Nov 296:30pRecreation:Santa Claus Celebrations
Sat Oct 0410:00aOther:AppleFest in Berwick
Sun Sep 141:30pRecreation:Terry Fox Run
Sat Sep 069:00aRecreation:Youth Registration
Fri Sep 056:00pRecreation:Youth Registration
Mon Aug 181:00pWorkshop:Feel Good Inside and Out
Sat Jul 268:00aOther:Town Wide Yard Sale
Sun Jun 083:00pTheatre:Otesha Project
Sat May 038:00aOther:Fur To Feathers, Ticket Auction
Sun Apr 271:00pOther:Relay for Life Bottle Drive
Sat Apr 2610:00aOther:Guinness Record Attempt
Sat Apr 2611:00aOther:Bottle Drive
Wed Apr 167:00pRecreation:Volunteer Celebrations
Mon Mar 177:30pRecreation:Cardio Kickboxin/Cross Fit
Mon Mar 037:30pRecreation:Shoken Defense Cardio/Cross fit
Sat Feb 0811:00aOther:Fun Fair
Sat Jan 182:00pMusic:Variety Show
Fri Dec 133:30pWorkshop:Lego Mindstorm Robotics
Fri Dec 063:30pWorkshop:Lego Mindstorm Robotics
Fri Nov 293:30pWorkshop:Lego Mindstorm Robotics
Sat Nov 239:00aOther:Craft Fair and Flea Market
Fri Nov 223:30pWorkshop:Lego Mindstorm Robotics Workshop
Fri Nov 153:30pWorkshop:Lego Mindstorm Robotics Workshop
Sun Sep 151:00pRecreation:Terry Fox Run
Sat Jun 2912:00pOther:Craft Fair
Sat Jun 158:00pDance:Benefit Auction & Dance
Sat May 259:00aWorkshop:Babysitting Course
Wed Apr 247:00pOther:Volunteer Recognition Night
Wed Apr 175:30pOther:Town Clean Up
Sat Apr 1310:00pMeeting:Young Naturalists Club
Sat Apr 131:00pOther:Bottle Drive
Sat Mar 1610:30aOther:Magic Show
Thu Mar 078:00aOther:Canadian Diabetes Clothesline Truck
Sun Feb 172:00pOther:Winter Carnival
Sat Feb 168:00aOther:Winter Carnival
Sat Nov 249:00aOther:Craft/FleaMarket
Fri Nov 237:00pOther:Santa Claus Celebrations
Sun Sep 161:00pRecreation:Terry Fox Run
Sat Jul 288:00aOther:Town Wide Yardsale
Tue Jul 038:30aOther:Dangerous Dinosaurs
Thu Jun 073:00pCulinary:Farmer's Market Grand Opening
Sat May 268:00aOther:Yard Sale for the Cure
Sat May 1911:00aOther:Scouting 50th Anniversary
Sat Nov 2611:00aCulinary:Scouts BBQ
Sat Nov 269:00aOther:Christmas Fair
Fri Nov 257:00pOther:Tree Lighting Ceremony
Sat Oct 221:00pWorkshop:Intro to Geocaching
Sat Oct 1511:00aOther:Wish Makers Parade
Wed Oct 056:30pMeeting:Skatepark Meeting
Fri Aug 198:00pOther:Small Town-Big Backyard Photo Contest
Sat Jun 042:00pMusic:Fishing For Pickles
Thu Feb 107:00pOther:Winter Wellness Workshop
Sat May 089:00pOther:2nd Annual Kids Only Yardsale
Sat May 089:00aOther:Kids Only Yardsale
Thu Oct 013:00pMusic:Theresa Porter
Sat Sep 0511:00aOther:Gala Days Children's Parade
Fri Jun 057:30pMusic:Alice Stops Time CD Release Party
Sat May 237:00pMusic:A Sight for Sewn Eyes
Sat May 099:00aOther:Kids Only Yardsale
Wed Apr 085:00pMeeting:Habitat for Humanity
Sat Dec 208:00pMusic:A Nightmare Before KISSmas!
Sat Aug 237:00pMusic:The Big Punk BBQ
Sat Jul 2612:00aMusic:Heavy Metal Meltdown
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236 Commercial Street Berwick, Nova Scotia B0P 1E0