236 Commercial Street
Berwick, Nova Scotia
B0P 1E0



Past Events
Sat Sep 2311:00aA Gathering Pjila'si
Fri Sep 226:00pFall Pumpkin Jar
Wed Sep 201:30pPeopleWorx Presents: One-on-One Employment Services
Wed Sep 209:45aTalk, Sing, Read! Storytime
Thu Sep 146:00pHook a Gnome
Wed Sep 139:45aTalk, Sing, Read! Storytime
Wed Sep 61:30pPeopleWorx Presents: One-on-One Employment Services
Wed Sep 69:45aTalk, Sing, Read! Storytime
Sat Sep 210:00aBig Fun Library Party
Wed Aug 309:45aTalk, Sing, Read! Storytime
Wed Aug 231:00pPeopleWorx presents: One-on-One Employment Services
Wed Aug 239:45aTalk, Sing, Read! Storytime
Tue Aug 223:30pBe the Maker
Tue Aug 2210:00aCoffee and Conversation with AVRCE's Parent Navigator
Thu Aug 176:00pSummer Art for Teens: Paint Pouring
Wed Aug 169:45aTalk, Sing, Read! Storytime
Tue Aug 153:30pBe the Maker
Wed Aug 91:00pPeopleWorx presents: One-on-One Employment Services
Wed Aug 99:45aTalk, Sing, Read! Storytime
Tue Aug 83:30pBe the Maker
Wed Aug 29:45aTalk, Sing, Read! Storytime
Tue Aug 13:30pBe the Maker
Wed Jul 261:00pPeopleWorx presents: One-on-One Employment Services
Wed Jul 269:45aTalk, Sing, Read! Storytime
Tue Jul 253:30pBe the Maker
Thu Jul 206:00pSummer Art for Teens: Sunflower Paper Cups
Wed Jul 199:45aTalk, Sing, Read! Storytime
Tue Jul 183:30pBe the Maker
Thu Jul 136:00pSummer Art for Teens: Painting
Wed Jul 121:00pPeopleworx: One-on-One Employment Services
Wed Jul 129:45aTalk, Sing, Read! Storytime
Wed Jul 59:45aTalk, Sing, Read! Storytime
Tue Jul 43:30pBe the Maker
Wed Jun 281:00pPeopleWorx presents: One-on-One Employment Services
Tue Jun 273:30pBe the Maker
Thu Jun 226:00pCross Stitch for Beginners
Wed Jun 141:00pPeopleWorx presents: One-on-One Employment Services
Tue Jun 610:00aMentoring Plus Information Session
Wed May 311:00pPeopleWorx presents:One-on-One Employment Services
Wed May 319:45aTalk, Sing, Read! Storytime
Fri May 263:00pYour Library Online: Borrow movies, ebooks, TV shows, music, etc
Fri May 262:30pDiary of a Wimpy Kid Escape Room
Wed May 249:45aTalk, Sing, Read! Storytime
Fri May 192:30pStranger Things Escape Room
Thu May 186:00pSpring Paint Night
Wed May 179:45aTalk, Sing, Read! Storytime
Fri May 122:30pSea Turtle Escape Room
Fri May 1210:00aBook Club
Wed May 109:45aTalk, Sing, Read! Storytime
Fri May 52:30pCamper Escape Room
Wed May 33:00pBook Launch: Dr. David Cogswell, "How to Smuggle Children"
Wed May 39:45aTalk, Sing, Read! Storytime
Sat Apr 291:00pExplore with STEM Kits
Wed Apr 269:45aTalk, Sing, Read! Storytime
Sat Apr 221:00pExplore with STEM Kits
Wed Apr 193:00pNational Canadian Film Day - Wonders of the Arctic
Wed Apr 1912:00pNational Canadian Film Day - Peace by Chocolate
Wed Apr 199:45aTalk, Sing, Read! Storytime
Sat Apr 151:00pExplore with STEM Kits
Wed Apr 129:45aTalk, Sing, Read! Storytime
Sat Apr 81:00pExplore with STEM Kits
Wed Apr 59:45aTalk, Sing, Read! Storytime
Sat Apr 11:00pExplore with STEM Kits
Fri Mar 313:00pOnline Safety for Seniors
Wed Mar 299:45aTalk, Sing, Read! Storytime
Sat Mar 251:00pExplore with STEM Kits
Wed Mar 221:00pNova Scotia Works Employment Services
Wed Mar 229:45aTalk, Sing, Read! Storytime
Sat Mar 181:00pExplore with STEM Kits
Sat Mar 1810:30aAnnapolis Ambre’s Awesome Animals
Thu Mar 165:30pZero Waste Origami Bag
Wed Mar 152:00pMad Science Slime Time
Wed Mar 159:45aTalk, Sing, Read! Storytime
Sat Mar 111:00pExplore with STEM Kits
Fri Mar 102:30pFridays at the Library
Wed Mar 81:00pNova Scotia Works Employment Services
Wed Mar 811:00aMacramé Gnome Keychain
Sat Mar 41:00pExplore with STEM Kits
Fri Mar 32:30pFridays at the Library
Sat Feb 251:00pBig Fun Party & Take Your Child to the Library Day!
Fri Feb 242:30pFridays at the Library
Wed Feb 221:00pNova Scotia Works Employment Services
Fri Feb 172:30pFridays at the Library
Fri Feb 102:30pFridays at the Library
Wed Feb 81:00pNova Scotia Works Employment Services
Fri Feb 32:30pFridays at the Library
Fri Jan 272:30pFridays at the Library
Fri Jan 202:30pFridays at the Library
Fri Jan 132:30pFridays at the Library
Dec 21, 202210:00aWinter Solstice Celebrations
Dec 16, 20227:00pGingerbread House Tree Ornament
Dec 2, 20226:00pGnome Paint Night with Jane Beals
Nov 24, 202212:00pCommunity Wellness Lunch & Learn
Nov 17, 202212:00pCommunity Wellness Lunch & Learn
Nov 10, 20226:00pCross Stitch for Beginners
Nov 10, 202212:00pCommunity Wellness Lunch & Learn
Nov 4, 20226:00pZero Waste Design and Sewing - Workshop
Nov 3, 20227:00pMason Jar Leaf Lantern
Nov 3, 202212:00pCommunity Wellness Lunch & Learn
Oct 26, 20221:00pNova Scotia Works PeopleWorx Outreach Services
Oct 21, 20226:00pZero Waste Design and Sewing - Presentation
Oct 19, 20229:45aTalk Read Sing: Truck by Doretta Groenendyk
Oct 13, 20226:00pCross Stitch for Beginners
Oct 12, 20221:00pNova Scotia Works PeopleWorx Outreach Services
Oct 5, 202210:30aLa Leche League
Sep 28, 202210:30aLa Leche League
Sep 28, 20229:45aTalk, Sing, Read! Storytime
Sep 21, 202210:30aLa Leche League
Sep 21, 20229:45aTalk, Sing, Read! Storytime
Sep 15, 20227:00pTeen Book Club
Sep 14, 202210:30aLa Leche League
Sep 14, 20229:45aTalk, Sing, Read! Storytime
Sep 10, 202211:30aMi'kmaq Basket Weaving Workshop
Sep 10, 202211:00aA Gathering / Pjila'si
Sep 7, 202210:30aLa Leche League
Sep 7, 20229:45aTalk, Sing, Read! Storytime
Sep 3, 202210:00aBig Fun Library Party: Gala Days Celebrations
Sep 2, 202210:00aBook Club
Aug 4, 20226:00pSummer Art Challenge-Acrylic Paint Pouring
May 13, 202212:00pCommunity Art Teens
May 12, 20227:00pPaper Flower Bouquet
Mar 16, 202210:00aAbstracted Youth Art Exhibit
Mar 12, 202210:00aAbstracted Youth Art Exhibit
Nov 27, 20211:00pDungeons & Dragons
Nov 5, 202110:00aBook Club
Sep 4, 202111:00aMoving Through: A Gathering
Jul 20, 202110:30aOutdoor Butterfly Storytime
Jun 26, 202010:00aUsing Zoom: A Low Key, Online Tutorial
Apr 24, 202010:00aCoffee & Conversation
Apr 22, 20206:00pDocumentary Showing - "You Are Here: A Come From Away Story"
Mar 24, 20203:30pSharing Knowledge: Mi'kmaq Crafts
Mar 20, 20206:00pRock Art
Mar 19, 20206:00pOutreach Employment Support
Mar 19, 20202:00pSTEAM Adventures - Density & Emulsion
Mar 19, 202010:00aMakedo: Build with cardboard
Mar 18, 202010:00aMatt the Music Man - Special guest for Talk, Sing, Read!
Mar 17, 20203:30pSharing Knowledge: Mi'kmaq Crafts
Mar 10, 20203:30pSharing Knowledge: Mi'kmaq Crafts
Mar 10, 202010:00aGrandparent Group
Mar 5, 20206:00pOutreach Employment Support
Feb 25, 202010:00aGrandparent Group
Feb 14, 20204:00pDate Night
Feb 11, 202010:00aGrandparent Group
Jan 28, 202010:00aGrandparent Group
Jan 24, 202010:00aCoffee & Conversation
Dec 31, 201911:30aNoon Year's Eve Celebrations
Dec 21, 201911:00aWinter Solstice Celebration
Dec 19, 20197:00pKidz Book Club
Nov 28, 20196:00pTwo Crows Sorrow - Author Reading
Nov 23, 201910:00aBook Sale!
Nov 21, 20197:00pKidz Book Club
Nov 15, 20196:30pCard Making
Nov 7, 20196:00pResume Building Workshop
Oct 25, 20196:30pKnitting by the Book
Oct 25, 201910:00aCoffee & Conversation
Oct 24, 20196:00pIELTS Information Session
Oct 17, 20197:00pKidz Book Club
Oct 12, 20191:00pNaNoWriMo - Novel writing information session for youth
Oct 12, 20191:00pGame Day!
Oct 12, 201910:30aNaNoWriMo - Novel writing information session
Oct 11, 20196:30pKnitting by the Book
Oct 5, 20196:00pHarry Potter Party
Sep 27, 201910:00aCoffee & Conversation
Sep 18, 20193:15pMad Science: The Five Senses
Sep 6, 20196:00pHarry Potter Portrait Painting
Aug 27, 20196:00pWatermark- Book Launch and Reading
Aug 23, 20192:30pSummer Tech Makers
Aug 23, 201910:00aCoffee & Conversation
Aug 21, 201910:30aSummer Kids' Tech
Aug 16, 20192:30pSummer Tech Makers
Aug 14, 201910:30aSummer Kids' Tech
Aug 9, 20192:30pSummer Tech Makers
Aug 7, 201910:30aSummer Kids' Tech
Aug 2, 20192:30pSummer Tech Makers
Jul 31, 201910:30aSummer Kids' Tech
Jul 26, 20193:00pLittle Ray's Reptile Zoo
Jul 24, 201910:30aSummer Kids' Tech
Jul 20, 20199:00aGiant Book Sale
Jul 19, 20192:30pSummer Tech Makers
Jul 17, 201910:30aSummer Kids' Tech
Jul 13, 20191:00pMi’kmaw Dancer & Drummer: Trevor Gould
Jul 12, 20196:00pDot Art for Teens
Jul 12, 20192:30pSummer Tech Makers
Jul 10, 201910:30aSummer Kids' Tech
Jul 6, 201910:00a7Arts Exhibit & Reception
Jun 22, 201912:30pSummer Reading Launch Party
Jun 21, 20196:30pKidz Book Club: Meet the Author
Jun 18, 201910:00aGrandparent Group
Jun 8, 201910:00aGet ready to ride!
Jun 6, 20196:30pBlacklegged Ticks and Lyme Disease: What you need to know
Jun 4, 201910:00aGrandparent Group
Jun 1, 201910:00aBiking 201
May 30, 20197:00pHarry Potter Escape Room
May 30, 20196:00pHarry Potter Escape Room
May 29, 20191:00pHackmatack Author Kari Jones
May 24, 201910:00aKings REMO Emergency Preparedness Presentation
May 24, 201910:00aCoffee & Conversation
May 21, 201910:00aGrandparent Group
May 16, 20197:00pHarry Potter Escape Room
May 16, 20196:00pHarry Potter Escape Room
May 14, 20193:30pA Gaelic Song Presentation
May 14, 201910:00aOutreach Employment Services
May 11, 201912:00pGame Day!
May 7, 201910:00aGrandparent Group
May 2, 20196:00pOutreach Employment Services
Apr 26, 201910:00aCoffee & Conversation
Apr 23, 201910:00aGrandparent Group
Apr 17, 20196:00pNational Canadian Film Day
Apr 16, 201910:00aOutreach Employment Services
Apr 13, 201912:00pGame Day!
Apr 9, 201910:00aGrandparent Group
Apr 4, 20196:00pOutreach Employment Services
Mar 28, 20196:00pLED Card Making
Mar 26, 201910:00aGrandparent Group
Mar 23, 20191:00pLittle Ray's Reptile Zoo
Mar 22, 20196:00pPajama Storytime
Mar 22, 201910:00aCoffee & Conversation
Mar 21, 20196:30pDot Art
Mar 20, 201911:30aSlime Time! with Mad Science
Mar 19, 201910:00aOutreach Employment Services
Mar 12, 201910:00aGrandparent Group
Mar 9, 201912:00pGame Day!
Feb 26, 201910:00aGrandparent Group
Feb 22, 201910:00aCoffee & Conversation
Feb 21, 20196:00pWinter Film Nights
Feb 12, 20193:30pMake Valentine Cards that Light Up
Feb 12, 201910:00aGrandparent Group
Feb 9, 201912:00pGame Day!
Feb 7, 20196:00pPeopleWorx Outreach Services Launch
Jan 29, 201910:00aGrandparent Group
Jan 25, 20193:15pFamily Literacy Day
Jan 25, 201910:00aCoffee & Conversation
Jan 17, 20196:30pWinter Film Nights
Jan 15, 201910:00aGrandparent Group
Jan 12, 201912:00pGame Day!
Dec 21, 201812:00pWinter Solstice Celebration
Dec 15, 201812:00pGame Day!
Dec 4, 201810:00aGrandparent Group
Nov 24, 201810:00aBig Book Sale!
Nov 20, 201810:00aGrandparent Group
Nov 10, 201812:00pGame Day!
Nov 10, 201810:30aAuthor Reading
Nov 6, 201810:00aGrandparent Group
Nov 2, 20187:00pBook Talk for Teens
Oct 27, 201812:30pMake your own...
Oct 26, 201810:00aCoffee & Conversation
Oct 25, 20186:30pCreating Art
Oct 23, 201810:00aGrandparent Group
Oct 9, 201810:00aGrandparent Group
Oct 6, 20184:00pPhoto Walks
Oct 6, 201812:30pAboriginal Story & Activity Time
Oct 6, 201810:30aCharles Macdonald and his Fairie Houses
Oct 4, 20186:00pNetworking Trivia
Sep 28, 201810:00aCoffee & Conversation
Sep 27, 20186:00pBiking 101
Sep 25, 201810:00aGrandparent Group
Sep 13, 20184:30pWestern Kings Community Health Board
Aug 24, 20186:00pHangout
Aug 14, 20181:00pTech Makers: LEGO Mindstorms Robotics
Aug 8, 201810:30aMad Science: Electricity!
Aug 2, 20182:00p3D Printer Demonstration
Jul 27, 20186:00pHangout
Jul 27, 20181:00pxBox Gaming
Jul 20, 20181:00pxBox Gaming
Jul 20, 201812:30pLittle Ray's Reptiles
Jul 17, 20181:00pTech Makers: Little Bits
Jul 13, 20181:00pxBox Gaming in the Library
Jul 10, 20181:00pTech Makers: Ozobots
Jul 6, 20181:00pxBox Gaming
Jul 5, 20186:30pInk & String: Art Workshop
Jun 30, 201812:30pMake your own.... Frida Kahlo!
Jun 22, 20186:00pHangout
Jun 21, 20186:00pFluid Painting
Jun 8, 20185:30pFilm Screening : A Plastic Ocean
Jun 2, 201810:00aBook Sale
May 25, 20186:30pAn Evening of Poetry with Chad Norman
May 25, 201810:00aCoffee & Conversation
May 24, 20181:00pSecurity While Using Social Media
May 17, 20181:00pSecurity While Using Social Media
May 10, 20181:00pFinancial Security on the Internet
May 5, 201810:00aGet ready to ride!
May 4, 20185:30pRad Teens Read
May 3, 20186:30pMake Art with Colleen
Apr 27, 201810:00aCoffee & Conversation
Apr 12, 20187:00pSniffer Dogs as Research Assistants?
Apr 3, 201810:00aIncome Tax Preparation
Mar 23, 201810:00aCoffee & Conversation
Mar 16, 20182:00pLibrary Escape Room for teens
Mar 14, 201810:00aWhimsical Wednesday
Mar 13, 20182:00pLibrary Escape Room
Feb 24, 201810:00aNature Art Show
Feb 23, 201810:00aCoffee & Conversation
Feb 21, 20183:15pReading with the Valley Wildcats
Feb 17, 201812:30pMake your own... Salvador Dali
Feb 15, 20186:30pCourageous Communication for Women
Feb 8, 20186:30pCourageous Communication for Women
Feb 8, 20183:15pMake Light-up Valentine Cards
Feb 1, 20186:30pCourageous Communication for Women
Jan 27, 201810:00aFamily Literacy Day: Learn at Play Everyday!
Jan 26, 201810:00aCoffee & Conversation
Jan 24, 20183:15pReading with the Wildcats
Dec 12, 20171:00pAfternoon of Games
Dec 7, 20176:00pArt Night with Colleen Gerrits
Dec 5, 20171:00pAfternoon of Games
Dec 1, 20177:00pBook Talk for Teens
Dec 1, 20176:00pKidz Book Club
Nov 28, 20171:00pAfternoon of Games
Nov 25, 201710:00aGiant Book Sale
Nov 24, 201710:00aCoffee & Conversation
Nov 21, 20171:00pAfternoon of Games
Nov 16, 20177:00pKitchen Party Book Party
Nov 14, 20171:00pAfternoon of Games
Nov 7, 20171:00pAfternoon of Games
Oct 31, 20171:00pAfternoon of Games
Oct 28, 20176:00pHarry Potter Anniversary Party
Oct 27, 201710:00aCoffee & Conversation
Oct 26, 20176:00pPainting with Colleen
Oct 24, 20171:00pAfternoon of Games
Oct 21, 201710:30aL. P. Suzanne Atkinson - Author Reading
Oct 17, 20171:00pAfternoon of Games
Oct 14, 201712:30pMake your own... Miro
Oct 10, 20171:00pAfternoon of Games
Oct 6, 20171:00pCommunity Coffee: Seniors Week
Oct 5, 20171:00pCommunity Coffee: Seniors Week
Oct 4, 20171:00pCommunity Coffee: Seniors Week
Oct 3, 20171:00pCommunity Coffee: Seniors Week
Sep 22, 201710:00aCoffee & Conversation
Sep 7, 20176:00pKindness Rocks
Aug 30, 201710:30aWhimsical Wednesday
Aug 25, 201710:00aCoffee & Conversation - "The Better to See You With"
Aug 24, 20176:00pNeedle Felting Fun!
Aug 24, 20172:00pEscape Room
Aug 23, 201710:30aWhimsical Wednesday
Aug 19, 20171:00pGrand Opening
Aug 17, 20172:30pMake a LED Card
Aug 16, 201710:30aWhimsical Wednesday
Aug 9, 201710:30aWhimsical Wednesday
Aug 8, 201710:00aMini-Maker Faire
Aug 4, 201712:00pLunch & Letters
Aug 2, 201710:30aWhimsical Wednesday
Jul 27, 20173:00pAre you a Duct Tape Pro?
Jul 27, 20172:30pKids Tech - Ozobots
Jul 26, 201710:30aWhimsical Wednesday
Jul 21, 201712:00pLunch & Letters
Jul 20, 20176:00pFolk Art
Jul 20, 20176:00pLibrary Escape Room
Jul 19, 201710:30aWhimsical Wednesday
Jul 12, 201710:30aWhimsical Wednesday
Jul 5, 201710:30aWhimsical Wednesday
Jul 4, 20172:00pStorytime with a Farmer
Jun 29, 20176:00pCreative Fibre Arts
Jun 28, 201710:30aWhimsical Wednesday
Jun 22, 20171:00pCreative Fibre Arts
Jun 17, 201712:30pMake your own nature inspired art!
Jun 15, 20171:00pCreative Fibre Arts
Jun 8, 20171:00pCreative Fibre Arts
Jun 1, 20171:00pCreative Fibre Arts
May 27, 201712:30pMake your own...Maud Lewis
May 26, 201710:00aCoffee & Conversation
May 25, 20176:00pCreative Fibre Arts
May 18, 20171:00pCreative Fibre Arts
May 11, 20171:00pCreative Fibre Arts
May 4, 20176:00pBreakout!
May 4, 20171:00pCreative Fibre Arts
Apr 29, 201712:30pMake Your Own Mandala
Apr 29, 201710:00aBook Sale
Apr 28, 201710:00aCoffee & Conversation
Apr 27, 20176:00pCreative Fibre Arts
Apr 22, 201711:00aBook Club 150: Ron Lightburn
Apr 20, 20171:00pCreative Fibre Arts
Apr 13, 20171:00pCreative Fibre Arts
Apr 8, 20172:00pSensitive Family Time
Apr 6, 20171:00pCreative Fibre Arts
Mar 30, 20176:00pCreative Fibre Arts
Mar 30, 20173:30pPeepsorama
Mar 29, 20179:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Mar 28, 20171:30pAfternoon of Games
Mar 24, 201710:00aCoffee & Conversation
Mar 23, 20171:00pCreative Fibre Arts
Mar 22, 20179:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Mar 21, 20171:30pAfternoon of Games
Mar 17, 20177:00pBook Talk For Teens
Mar 16, 20172:00pBreakout: Save The World From Zombies
Mar 16, 20171:00pCreative Fibre Arts
Mar 15, 20171:00pLiteracy Break
Mar 15, 20179:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Mar 14, 20172:00pCartooning With Mark Oakley
Mar 14, 20171:30pAfternoon of Games
Mar 9, 20171:00pCreative Fibre Arts
Mar 8, 20179:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Mar 7, 20171:30pAfternoon of Games
Mar 2, 20171:00pCreative Fibre Arts
Mar 1, 20179:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Feb 28, 20171:30pAfternoon of Games
Feb 24, 201710:00aCoffee & Conversation
Feb 23, 20176:00pCreative Fibre Arts
Feb 22, 20179:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Feb 21, 20171:30pAfternoon of Games
Feb 18, 201712:30pMake your own ... Miró
Feb 16, 20171:00pCreative Fibre Arts
Feb 15, 20179:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Feb 14, 20171:30pAfternoon of Games
Feb 8, 20179:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Feb 1, 20179:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Jan 27, 20173:00pFamily Literacy Day: Celebrating Robert Munsch
Jan 27, 201710:00aCoffee & Conversation
Jan 25, 20179:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Jan 18, 20179:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Jan 13, 201712:00pBerwick Library Send-off Party
Jan 11, 20179:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Jan 4, 20179:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Dec 28, 20169:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Dec 21, 20169:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Dec 17, 201610:00aBook Sale
Dec 16, 201610:00aCoffee & Conversation
Dec 14, 20169:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Dec 7, 20169:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Nov 30, 20169:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Nov 25, 201610:00aCoffee & Conversation
Nov 23, 20169:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Nov 16, 20169:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Nov 9, 20169:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Nov 5, 201612:30pMake Your Own Picasso Faces
Nov 2, 20169:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Oct 28, 201610:00aCoffee & Conversation
Oct 26, 20169:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Oct 22, 201610:00aL. P. Suzanne Atkinson - Author Reading
Oct 19, 20169:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Oct 12, 20169:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Oct 5, 20169:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Oct 3, 201610:00aCharles MacDonald & His Faerie Cottages
Sep 23, 201610:00aCoffee and Conversation
Aug 26, 201610:00aCoffee & Conversation
Jul 30, 20168:30pBook Sale
Jul 29, 201611:00aMad Science - Fire & Ice
Jul 22, 201610:00aCoffee & Conversation
Jul 6, 20169:45aStorytime with a Farmer
Jul 4, 201612:00pBook Give-Away Day
Jul 4, 201611:00aMellow Monday with Mel
Jun 29, 20169:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Jun 25, 201610:00aBook Sale
Jun 24, 201610:00aCoffee & Conversation
Jun 22, 20169:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Jun 15, 20169:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Jun 8, 20169:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Jun 1, 20169:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
May 27, 201610:00aCoffee & Conversation
May 25, 20169:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
May 18, 20169:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
May 17, 20167:00pHey You(th)!
May 11, 20169:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
May 4, 20169:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Apr 27, 20169:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Apr 22, 201610:00aCoffee & Conversation
Apr 20, 20169:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Apr 13, 20169:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Apr 9, 201612:30pMake your own Emily Carr
Apr 6, 20169:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Mar 30, 20169:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Mar 23, 20169:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Mar 18, 20161:00pMake Your Own Maud Lewis
Mar 18, 201610:00aCoffee & Conversation
Mar 16, 20169:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Mar 14, 20163:00pLEGO WeDo Robotics
Mar 12, 201612:00pMusical Tablets
Mar 12, 201610:30aLEGO WeDo Robotics
Mar 9, 20169:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Mar 7, 20163:00pLEGO WeDo Robotics
Mar 5, 201612:00pMusical Tablets
Mar 2, 20169:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Feb 26, 201610:00aCoffee & Conversation
Feb 24, 20169:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Feb 22, 20163:00pLEGO Stop Motion Flick
Feb 20, 201612:30pMake Your Own O'Keeffe
Feb 17, 20169:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Feb 16, 20166:30pGirlPower
Feb 10, 20169:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Jan 23, 201610:00aBerwick Library Moving Sale
Jan 18, 20163:00pLEGO Mindstorm Robotics
Jan 11, 20163:00pMaker lab
Jan 6, 20169:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Jan 4, 20163:00pOzobots for Kids
Jan 2, 201612:30pFrozen: A Science Adventure
Dec 21, 201512:00pNight Before Christmas StoryWalk
Dec 18, 201510:00aCoffee & Conversation
Dec 16, 20159:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Dec 15, 20156:30pGirl Power
Dec 14, 20153:00pGeocaching for Kids
Dec 11, 20153:15pWhimsical Day
Dec 9, 20159:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Dec 7, 20153:00pLEGO Stop Motion Flick
Dec 4, 201510:00aLibrary Book Club
Dec 2, 20159:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Nov 30, 20153:00pMaker lab
Nov 27, 201510:00aCoffee & Conversation
Nov 25, 20159:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Nov 24, 20156:30pGirl Power
Nov 23, 20153:00p3doodlers
Nov 20, 20153:15pWhimsical Day - Mapping Adventures
Nov 18, 20159:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Nov 16, 20153:00pLEGO WeDo Robotics
Nov 14, 20151:00pCatching the Wind
Nov 13, 201510:30aFriends of the Library
Nov 9, 20153:00pOzobots for Kids
Nov 6, 201510:00aLibrary Book Club
Nov 4, 20159:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Oct 30, 20156:30pHarry Potter Night
Oct 28, 20159:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Oct 26, 20153:00pLEGO Mindstorm robotics
Oct 24, 201512:30pMake Your Own Picasso
Oct 23, 20153:30pWhimsical Day
Oct 23, 201510:00aCoffee & Conversation
Oct 21, 20159:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Oct 20, 20156:30pGirl Power
Oct 19, 20151:00pKitchen Party
Oct 17, 201510:30aBook Launch - Station Secrets
Oct 14, 20159:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Oct 7, 20159:45aTalk Sing Read! Storytime
Oct 2, 201510:00aLibrary Book Club
Sep 25, 201510:00aCoffee & Conversation
Sep 22, 20156:30pGirl Power
Aug 28, 201510:00aCoffee & Conversation
Aug 27, 20151:00pMaker Lab
Aug 27, 201511:30aOne-on-One Tech Help
Aug 27, 201510:00aWeDo LEGO Robotics
Aug 24, 20156:00pMaker Lab
Aug 24, 20151:00pOne-on-One Tech Help
Aug 21, 20151:00pOne-on-One Tech Help
Aug 20, 20151:00pWeDo LEGO robotics
Aug 20, 201510:00aOne-on-One Tech Help
Aug 17, 201510:00aOne-on-One Tech Help
Aug 14, 201511:30aOne-on-One Tech Help
Aug 14, 201510:00aWeDo LEGO Robotics
Aug 13, 20151:00pWeDo LEGO robotics
Aug 13, 201511:30aOne-on-One Tech Help
Aug 13, 201510:00aBitstrips
Aug 10, 201511:30aOne-on-One Tech Help
Aug 10, 201510:00aCreate your own 3D item
Aug 8, 201511:00a3D Printer Demonstration
Aug 7, 201512:00pOne-on-One Tech Help
Aug 7, 201511:00aRed Cross Water Safety
Aug 7, 201510:00aOzobots - A Robotic Toy
Aug 6, 20153:00pCreate your own 3D item
Aug 6, 20151:00pOzobots - A Robotic Toy
Jul 30, 20152:30pOne-on-One Tech Help
Jul 30, 20151:00pMusical Tablets
Jul 30, 201510:30aTest Drive a Tablet
Jul 23, 20151:00pLEGO Mindstorm Robotics
Jul 23, 201510:00aOne-on-One Tech Help
Jul 20, 20156:00pLEGO Mindstorm Robotics
Jul 20, 20152:00pOne-on-One Tech Help
Jul 18, 201510:30aLEGO Mindstorm Robotics
Jul 17, 20152:00pLEGO Mindstorms Robotics
Jul 17, 201511:00aOne-on-One Tech Help
Jul 16, 20151:00pBitstrips
Jul 16, 201510:00aOne-on-One Tech Help
Jul 13, 201511:00aOne-on-One Tech Help
Jul 9, 20151:00pLEGO Stop Motion Flick
Jul 6, 20156:00pGeocaching
Jul 6, 20154:00pOne-on-One Tech Help
Jul 6, 20152:00pGeocaching for Kids
Jul 6, 201512:30pOne-on-One Tech Help
Jul 2, 20151:00pLEGO Stop Motion Flick
Jun 29, 20152:00pMaker Lab
Jun 26, 20156:00pMicro Birth Film Screening
Jun 26, 20151:00pBitstrips
Jun 26, 201510:30aMaker Lab
Jun 25, 20151:00pBitstrips
Jun 19, 201512:30pOne-on-One Tech Help
May 4, 201510:00aImportant Issues with Michelle Parker
Apr 28, 20156:30pGirlPower
Apr 27, 201510:00aGrief Recovery with Jennifer Longley
Apr 20, 201510:00aEmergency Preparedness
Apr 4, 201511:30aBe Fit Kit Launch
Feb 19, 20153:15pFUNtastic Thursdays
Jan 24, 201511:00aWords in Action
Jan 23, 201510:00aCoffee & Converstation
Jan 22, 20153:15pFUNtastic Thursday
Nov 28, 201410:00aCoffee and Conversation
Nov 27, 20143:15pFUNtastic
Nov 14, 20143:30pLEGO Mindstorm Robotics
Nov 13, 20143:15pFUNtastic Thursday
Nov 12, 20143:30pOne On One Computer Tutorial
Nov 8, 201410:00a3D Printer Workshop
Nov 3, 20146:00pGame Maker
Nov 3, 20143:30pOne On One Computer Tutorial
Nov 1, 201412:30pWe Do LEGO Robotics
Nov 1, 201411:00aOne On One Computer Tutorials
Oct 24, 201410:00aCoffee & Conversation
Oct 18, 201410:30aBook Reading
Oct 9, 20146:30pPicture Book Read-in
Jul 12, 201411:00aMad Science!
Oct 29, 20136:30pCarnival of Fun
Jul 8, 20133:30p3D Printer Demonstration
Jul 3, 20136:00pAncestry.com
Jul 3, 20132:00pOne on One Computer Tutorials
Mar 12, 20136:30pLearn to Drum with Kadijah!
Mar 6, 20131:00pAfraid To Shop Online?
Feb 12, 20139:00aBasic Computer Session
Dec 18, 20126:30pGirlPower!
Dec 7, 20126:00pMovie Night
Oct 22, 20126:30pDownloadable eBook & Audiobook
Sep 20, 20122:00pFreedom for Birth
Aug 30, 20126:00pBlogging for Business
Aug 30, 201210:00aRecord Your Favorite Story
Aug 16, 20126:30pPhotoStory 3 (for adults)
Aug 16, 20123:00pBook Sale!
Aug 16, 20123:00pSummer Reading Wrap Up
Aug 16, 201210:00aStorybird
Aug 15, 20129:45aTot's Story Time
Aug 8, 20129:45aTot's Story Time
Aug 2, 20126:30pFacebook for Business
Aug 2, 201210:00aRecord Your Favorite Story
Jul 20, 201210:00aRecord Your Favorite Story
Jul 19, 20126:30peBooks & Audiobooks Workshop
Jul 19, 201210:00aPhotoStory 3 for Kids
Jul 18, 201210:00aC@P Day
Jul 14, 201212:30pTeen Tee Party
Jul 14, 201210:00aFundama
Jul 13, 201210:00aComic Strips for Kids
Jul 12, 201210:00aStorybird
Mar 24, 20121:00pDOULA! The Ultimate Birth Companion
Feb 10, 20126:30pFrench Movie Night
Oct 6, 20113:00pWords On Fire
Feb 5, 20112:30pCinderella-Ashenputel-Adelita
Jan 28, 20116:45pFamily Literacy Day
Oct 22, 20102:00pNo School 'Bored' Game Day
Oct 16, 20107:00pTeen Lounge
Aug 21, 20107:00pEnd of Summer Teen Lounge
Aug 7, 20107:00pSummer Heat Teen Lounge
Jul 17, 20107:00pGuitar Hero World Tour Teen Lounge
Jul 3, 20107:00pSchool's Out Teen Louge
Jun 19, 20107:00pPJ Chill Zone Teen Lounge
Jun 12, 20107:00pHawaiian Games Teen Lounge
May 15, 20107:00pTeen Lounge
May 1, 20107:00pRockfest Teen Lounge
Apr 8, 20107:00pSoren Bondrup-Nielsen Reading
Jan 28, 20102:45pKaraoke for Literacy
Nov 4, 200912:00pBrown Bag It and Movie
Oct 30, 20097:00pTeen Lounge
Oct 29, 20093:00pAfterschool Tech Craft Time
Oct 23, 20097:00pTeen Lounge
Oct 22, 20093:00pAfterschool Tech Craft Time
Sep 18, 20097:00pTeen Lounge
Jul 17, 20097:00pGuitar Hero Rock-Out
Apr 24, 20097:00pTeen Lounge
Mar 13, 20097:00pTeen Lounge
Feb 28, 20093:00pWinter Nature: Public Talk and Nature Walk
Feb 18, 20099:45aTots Story Time
Nov 28, 20087:30pA Christmas Carol: Book Reading
Nov 22, 20083:00pBook Talk
Oct 24, 20086:45pPumpkin Painting
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