619 Central Avenue
Greenwood, Nova Scotia



Past Events
Wed May 156:30pFibre Crafting
Sat May 1112:30pMakers Space
Thu May 96:00pFour Seasons 2D Felting (Spring)
Thu May 91:00pSenior Drum Circle
Wed May 86:30pFibre Crafting
Tue May 71:30pHealthRHYTHMS Mindful Drum Circle
Sat May 412:30pMakers Space
Thu May 21:00pWatercolour with Luanne
Wed May 16:30pFibre Crafting
Sat Apr 2712:30pMakers Space
Wed Apr 246:30pFibre Crafting
Tue Apr 234:30pYouth Art Lessons
Sat Apr 204:00pArtBeat Lounge for Teens
Sat Apr 2012:30pMakers Space
Thu Apr 181:00pWatercolour with Luanne
Wed Apr 176:30pFibre Crafting
Tue Apr 164:30pYouth Art Lessons
Mon Apr 157:00pPaint Your Pet Watercolour Paint Night
Thu Apr 116:00p2D Lighthouse Felting Workshop
Thu Apr 111:00pSenior Drum Circle
Wed Apr 106:30pFibre Crafting
Tue Apr 94:30pYouth Art Lessons
Sat Apr 64:00pArtBeat Lounge for Teens
Sat Apr 612:30pMakers Space
Sat Apr 610:00aFoam Weaponry Workshop
Wed Apr 36:30pFibre Crafting
Tue Apr 24:30pYouth Art Lessons
Tue Apr 21:30pHealthRHYTHMS Mindful Drum Circle
Mon Apr 14:00pLife Through a Mask
Wed Mar 276:30pFibre Crafting
Wed Mar 271:00pIntroduction to Watercolour Painting
Tue Mar 264:30pYouth Art Lessons
Mon Mar 257:00pSpring Gnomes & Gardens Drawing Class
Sun Mar 241:00pTie Dye T-shirts OR Silk Scarves
Sat Mar 2312:30pMakers Space
Wed Mar 206:30pFibre Crafting
Tue Mar 194:30pYouth Art Lessons
Mon Mar 186:00pSpring Watercolour Paint Night
Sat Mar 1612:30pMakers Space
Fri Mar 152:30pMug Rug Traditional Rug Hooking
Fri Mar 1510:00aArt Journaling Basics
Thu Mar 146:00pEaster Gnome Felting
Thu Mar 141:00pSenior Drum Circle
Wed Mar 136:30pFibre Crafting
Wed Mar 1310:00aMidweek Makers Space
Tue Mar 124:30pYouth Art Lessons
Tue Mar 1210:00aSpring Baskets
Mon Mar 117:00pTie Dye Silk Scarves
Mon Mar 111:00pMagic Wand Making
Mon Mar 1110:00aSpring Felt Embroidery
Sat Mar 94:00pArtBeat Lounge for Teens
Sat Mar 912:30pFoam Weaponry
Wed Mar 66:30pFibre Crafting
Tue Mar 54:30pYouth Art Lessons
Tue Mar 51:30pHealthRHYTHMS Mindful Drum Circle
Fri Mar 11:00pEaster Egg Felting
Wed Feb 286:30pFibre Crafting
Tue Feb 274:30pYouth Art Lessons
Sat Feb 244:00pArtBeat Lounge for Teens
Fri Feb 2312:30pOpen MakerSpace
Wed Feb 216:30pFibre Crafting
Wed Feb 211:00pThe Wonders of Watercolour
Tue Feb 204:30pYouth Art Lessons
Sat Feb 1712:30pMakers Space
Fri Feb 1612:30pOpen MakerSpace
Thu Feb 157:00pPaint Party with Luanne
Wed Feb 146:30pFibre Crafting
Tue Feb 136:00pTeen Art Lessons
Tue Feb 134:30pYouth Art Lessons
Mon Feb 126:30pCreate Your Own Glow In the Dark 3D Jellyfish
Sat Feb 104:00pArtBeat Lounge for Teens
Sat Feb 1012:30pMakers Space
Fri Feb 95:30pArtist Meet & Greet with Marc Charbonneau
Fri Feb 912:30pOpen MakerSpace
Thu Feb 81:00pSenior Drum Circle
Wed Feb 76:30pFibre Crafting
Tue Feb 66:00pTeen Art Lessons
Tue Feb 64:30pYouth Art Lessons
Tue Feb 61:30pHealthRHYTHMS Mindful Drum Circle
Mon Feb 56:00pHooked Mug Rug
Sat Feb 33:30pCommunity Drum Circle
Sat Feb 312:00pMakers Space
Fri Feb 212:30pOpen MakerSpace
Wed Jan 316:30pFibre Crafting
Tue Jan 306:00pTeen Art Lessons
Tue Jan 304:30pYouth Art Lessons
Mon Jan 296:30pWatercolour Paint Night
Fri Jan 2612:30pOpen MakerSpace
Wed Jan 246:30pFibre Crafting
Tue Jan 236:00pTeen Art Lessons
Tue Jan 234:30pYouth Art Lessons
Sat Jan 204:00pArtBeat Lounge for Teens
Sat Jan 2012:30pMakers Space
Fri Jan 1912:30pOpen MakerSpace
Wed Jan 176:30pFibre Crafting
Wed Jan 171:00pIntroduction to Watercolour Painting
Tue Jan 166:00pTeen Art Lessons
Tue Jan 164:30pYouth Art Lessons
Sat Jan 133:30pCommunity Drum Circle
Sat Jan 1312:30pMakers Space
Fri Jan 1212:30pOpen MakerSpace
Thu Jan 111:00pSenior Drum Circle
Wed Jan 106:30pFibre Crafting
Tue Jan 96:00pTeen Art Lessons
Tue Jan 94:30pYouth Art Lessons
Tue Jan 91:30pCommuity Drum Circle
Dec 15, 202312:30pOpen MakerSpace
Dec 14, 20231:00pSenior Drum Circle
Dec 13, 20236:30pFibre Crafting
Dec 12, 20236:00pTeen Art Lessons
Dec 12, 20234:30pYouth Art Lessons
Dec 8, 202312:30pOpen MakerSpace
Dec 6, 20236:30pFibre Crafting
Dec 5, 20236:00pTeen Art Lessons
Dec 5, 20234:30pYouth Art Lessons
Dec 4, 20236:30pGlow in the Dark 3D Jellyfish
Dec 1, 202312:30pOpen MakerSpace
Nov 29, 20236:30pFibre Crafters
Nov 28, 20236:00pTeen Art Lessons
Nov 28, 20234:30pYouth Art Lesson
Nov 27, 20236:30pPaint Pour Coasters
Nov 25, 202312:00p7Arts Open House
Nov 22, 20236:30pFibre Crafters
Nov 21, 20236:00pTeen Art Lessons
Nov 21, 20234:30pYouth Art Lesson
Nov 20, 20236:00pWatercolour Holiday Card Making
Nov 16, 20236:00p2D Felting Workshop
Nov 15, 20236:30pFibre Crafters
Nov 14, 20236:00pTeen Art Lessons
Nov 14, 20234:30pYouth Art Lesson
Nov 13, 20236:00pHooked Rug Christmas Ornament
Nov 11, 202312:00pSpecial Makers Space
Nov 9, 20231:00pHealthRHYTHMS Mindful Drum Circle
Nov 8, 20237:00pFibre Crafters
Nov 7, 20236:00pTeen Art Lessons
Nov 7, 20234:30pYouth Art Lesson
Nov 7, 20231:30pHealthRHYTHMS Mindful Drum Circle
Nov 4, 202312:00pMakers Space
Nov 1, 20237:00pFibre Crafters
Oct 28, 20233:00pCommunity Drum Circle
Oct 28, 202312:00pMakers Space Tic Tac Toe Halloween
Oct 24, 20236:00pTeen Art Lessons
Oct 24, 20234:30pYouth Art Lesson
Oct 22, 202312:00pZombify Your Barbie or Ken
Oct 21, 202312:00pDecorate Barbie's Haunted House
Oct 19, 20236:00pFelt From The Heart
Oct 18, 20231:30pLife Through A Mask
Oct 17, 20236:00pTeen Art Lessons
Oct 17, 20234:30pYouth Art Lesson
Oct 16, 20236:30pPaint Pour Large 6" Pumpkin
Oct 15, 20231:00pPaint Pour Small Pumpkin
Oct 14, 20233:00pCommunity Drum Circle
Oct 14, 202312:00pMakers Space Fuze Beads
Oct 12, 20231:00pHealthRHYTHMS Mindful Drum Circle
Oct 10, 20236:00pTeen Art Lessons
Oct 10, 20234:30pYouth Art Lesson
Oct 7, 202312:00pMakers Space
Oct 4, 20237:00pFibre Crafters
Oct 4, 20231:30pWellness Through Art Journaling
Oct 3, 20236:00pTeen Art Lessons
Oct 3, 20234:30pYouth Art Lesson
Oct 2, 20236:00pPaint Pour Beach or Sunflower
Sep 25, 20236:00pFall Watercolour Class
Sep 23, 202312:00pMakers Space
Sep 21, 20236:00pFelt From The Heart
Sep 18, 20237:00pMonster Drawing 101 Adults
Sep 14, 20231:00pHealthRHYTHMS Mindful Drum Circle
Sep 6, 20234:30pTeens Life Through Mask
Sep 5, 20231:30pHealthRHYTHMS Mindful Drum Circle
Aug 28, 20236:30pBeach Paint Pouring
Aug 21, 20237:00pPaint Pour Phone Case
Aug 21, 20239:00aSummer Art Camp
Aug 19, 202312:00pMakers Space
Aug 12, 202312:00pMakers Space
Aug 10, 20231:00pHealthRHYTHMS Mindful Drum Circle
Aug 5, 202312:00pMakers Space
Aug 1, 20232:30pHealthRHYTHMS Mindful Drum Circle
Jul 31, 20237:00pAdult Art Lessons Watercolour
Jul 30, 202312:00pMakers Space
Jul 29, 202312:00pMakers Space
Jul 24, 20236:30pAdult Art Lessons Sunflower stencil
Jul 24, 20239:00aSummer Art Camp
Jul 22, 202312:00pMakers Space
Jul 20, 20235:00pLife Through A Mask
Jul 17, 20237:00pArt Sunflower Pour
Jul 15, 202312:00pMakers Space
Jul 14, 202312:00pArt Exhibit NOVA Club
Jul 13, 20235:00pLife Through A Mask
Jul 13, 20231:00pHealthRHYTHMS Mindful Drum Circle
Jul 10, 20237:00pAdult Art Lessons
Jul 8, 202312:00pMakers Space
Jul 7, 20237:00pArt Exhibit NOVA Club
Jul 4, 20232:30pHealthRHYTHMS Mindful Drum Circle
Jul 3, 20237:00pAdult Art Lessons Draw
Jul 1, 202312:00pMakers Space
Jun 24, 202312:00pMakers Space
Jun 21, 20237:00pYouth Art Lessons
Jun 20, 20235:00pLife Through A Mask
Jun 18, 202312:00pMakers Space
Jun 17, 202312:00pMakers Space
Jun 15, 20231:30pLife Through A Mask
Jun 14, 20237:00pYouth Art Lessons
Jun 11, 20231:00pTye Dye TShirt
Jun 10, 202312:00pMakers Space
Jun 8, 20231:00pHealthRHYTHMS Seniors Drum Circle
Jun 7, 20237:00pYouth Art Lessons
Jun 6, 20231:30pHealthRHYTHMS Community Drum Circle
Jun 3, 202312:00pMakers Space
Jun 2, 202311:00aArt Exhibit Wood & Water
May 28, 202312:00pMakers Space
May 24, 20237:00pYouth Art Lessons
May 21, 202312:00pMakers Space
May 20, 202312:00pMakers Space
May 17, 20237:00pYouth Art Lessons
May 13, 202312:00pMakers Space Mother's Day Crafts
May 12, 20236:00pSong Circle Open Mic
May 11, 20231:00pHealthRHYTHMS Seniors Drum Circle
May 10, 20237:00pYouth Art Lessons
May 8, 20236:00pArt Lessons
May 6, 202312:00pMakers Space DIY Fascinator
May 5, 202311:00aRemembering Folk Artist Denny Lunn
May 3, 20237:00pYouth Art Lessons
May 3, 20231:00pStreet Banner Reveal
May 2, 20231:30pHealthRHYTHMS Mindful Drum Circle
May 1, 20236:00pComet Art By Jenna
Apr 30, 202312:00pMakers Space
Apr 29, 202312:00pMakers Space
Apr 28, 20236:00pSong Circle Open Mic Night
Apr 24, 20236:00pArt Lessons
Apr 23, 202312:00pMakers Space
Apr 22, 202312:00pMakers Space
Apr 20, 20231:00pHealthRHYTHMS Seniors Drum Circle
Apr 19, 20237:00pYouth Art Lessons
Apr 16, 202312:00pMakers Space
Apr 15, 202312:00pMakers Space
Apr 14, 20236:00pSong Circle Open Mic Night
Apr 12, 20237:00pYouth Art Lessons
Apr 5, 20237:00pYouth Art Lessons
Apr 4, 20236:30pWellness Through Art
Apr 4, 20231:30pHealthRHYTHMS Mindful Drum Circle
Apr 3, 20236:30pSpring Sign Making
Apr 2, 202312:00pMakers Space
Apr 1, 202312:00pMakers Space
Mar 30, 20237:00pOpen Studio
Mar 29, 20237:00pYouth Art Lessons
Mar 26, 202312:00pMakers Space
Mar 25, 202312:00pMakers Space
Mar 22, 20237:00pYouth Art Lessons
Mar 21, 20231:30pHealthRHYTHMS Mindful Drum Circle
Mar 16, 20231:00pPaint Makers Space
Mar 15, 20231:00pCreative Crafting
Mar 14, 20231:00pDrum Circle
Mar 13, 20231:00pDesign Makers Space
Mar 9, 20231:00pHealthRHYTHMS Seniors Drum Circle
Mar 4, 202312:00pMakers Space
Mar 2, 20237:00pOpen Studio
Mar 1, 20237:00pYouth Art Lessons
Feb 25, 202312:00pMakers Space
Feb 23, 20237:00pOpen Studio
Feb 22, 20237:00pYouth Art Lessons
Feb 18, 202312:00pMakers Space
Feb 16, 20237:00pOpen Studio
Feb 15, 20237:00pYouth Art Lessons
Feb 12, 20236:00pFurry Friends Watercolour Class
Feb 11, 202312:00pMakers Space
Feb 9, 20237:00pOpen Studio
Feb 8, 20237:00pYouth Art Lessons
Feb 4, 202312:00pMakers Space
Feb 2, 20237:00pOpen Studio
Feb 1, 20237:00pYouth Art Lessons
Jan 28, 202312:00pMakers Space
Jan 26, 20237:00pOpen Studio
Jan 25, 20237:00pYouth Art Lessons
Jan 21, 202312:00pMakers Space
Jan 19, 20237:00pOpen Studio
Jan 18, 20237:00pYouth Art Lessons
Dec 17, 202212:00pMakers Space
Dec 15, 20227:00pOpen Studio
Dec 14, 20227:00pYouth Art Lessons
Dec 10, 20227:00pSnowy Scene Paint Night
Dec 10, 202212:00pMakers Space
Dec 8, 20227:00pOpen Studio
Dec 8, 20226:00pNeedle Felting Mr. & Mrs. Claus
Dec 7, 20227:00pYouth Art Lessons
Dec 4, 202212:00pGallery
Dec 3, 202212:00pMakers Space
Dec 1, 20227:00pOpen Studio
Nov 30, 20227:00pYouth Art Lessons
Nov 27, 202212:00pMakers Space
Nov 26, 202212:00pOpen House
Nov 24, 20227:00pOpen Studio
Nov 23, 20227:00pYouth Art Lessons
Nov 20, 202212:00p7Arts Gallery
Nov 19, 202212:00pMakers Space
Nov 17, 20227:00pOpen Studio
Nov 16, 20227:00pYouth Art Lessons
Nov 13, 202212:00p7Arts Gallery
Nov 12, 202212:00pMakers Space
Nov 10, 20227:00pOpen Studio
Nov 9, 20227:00pYouth Art Lessons
Nov 6, 202212:00p7Arts Gallery
Nov 3, 20227:00pTeens Open Studio
Nov 2, 20227:00pYouth Art Lessons
Oct 30, 202210:00aSpooky Season 7Arts Exhibit
Oct 29, 202212:00pMakers Space
Oct 29, 20228:00a7Arts Yard Sale
Oct 27, 20227:00pTeens Open Studio
Oct 26, 20227:00pYouth Art Lessons
Oct 23, 202210:00aSpooky Season 7Arts Exhibit
Oct 22, 202212:00pMakers Space
Oct 20, 20227:00pTeens Open Studio
Oct 19, 20227:00pYouth Art Lessons
Oct 16, 20222:00pWatercolour Class Pumpkin Bear
Oct 16, 202210:00aSpooky Season 7Arts Exhibit
Oct 15, 202212:00pMakers Space
Oct 13, 20227:00pTeens Open Studio
Oct 12, 20227:00pYouth Art Lessons
Oct 9, 202210:00aSpooky Season 7Arts Exhibit
Oct 8, 202212:00pMakers Space
Oct 6, 20227:00pTeens Open Studio
Oct 5, 20227:00pYouth Art Lessons
Sep 29, 20227:00pTeens Open Studio
Sep 28, 20227:00pYouth Art Lessons
Sep 22, 20227:00pTeens Open Studio
Sep 21, 20227:00pYouth Art Lessons
Sep 17, 202210:00aMakers Space Fan Art
Sep 15, 20227:00pTeens Open Studio
Sep 14, 20227:00pYouth Art Lessons
Sep 11, 202212:00pMakers Space
Sep 8, 20227:00pTeens Open Studio
Sep 8, 20227:00pDigital Art For Teens
Sep 7, 20227:00pYouth Art Lessons
Sep 3, 202212:00pMakers Space
Sep 1, 20227:00pTeens Open Studio
Sep 1, 20227:00pDigital Art For Teens
Aug 28, 202212:00pMakers Space
Aug 20, 202212:00pMakers Space
Aug 15, 20229:00aSummer Camp
Aug 14, 202212:00pMakers Space
Aug 13, 202212:00pAn Abstract Evolution
Aug 8, 20229:00aSummer Camp
Aug 7, 202212:00pAn Abstract Evolution
Aug 6, 202212:00pMakers Space
Jul 31, 202212:00pAn Abstract Evolution
Jul 30, 202212:00pMakers Space
Jul 28, 20227:00pDigital Art For Teens
Jul 28, 20227:00pTeens Open Studio
Jul 25, 20229:00aSummer Camp
Jul 24, 202212:00pAn Abstract Evolution
Jul 23, 202212:00pMakers Space
Jul 21, 20227:00pDigital Art For Teens
Jul 21, 20227:00pTeens Open Studio
Jul 18, 20229:00aSummer Camp
Jul 17, 202212:00pAn Abstract Evolution
Jul 16, 202212:00pMakers Space
Jul 14, 20227:00pTeens Open Studio
Jul 14, 20227:00pDigital Art For Teens
Jul 11, 20229:00aSummer Camp
Jul 7, 20227:00pTeen Open Studio
Jul 7, 20227:00pDigital Art For Teens
Jul 4, 20229:00aSummer Camp
Jun 30, 20227:00pTeen Open Studio
Jun 26, 202212:00pLand, Sea & Sky
Jun 25, 202212:00pMakers Space
Jun 23, 20227:00pTeen Open Studio
Jun 21, 20227:00pYouth Art Lessons
Jun 19, 202212:00pLand, Sea & Sky
Jun 18, 202212:00pMakersSpace
Jun 16, 20227:00pTeen Open Studio
Jun 14, 20227:00pYouth Art Lessons
Jun 9, 20227:00pTeen Open Studio
Jun 7, 20227:00pYouth Art Lessons
Jun 5, 20222:00pPaint Pour Party
Jun 4, 202212:00pMakersSpace
Jun 3, 202212:00pLand, Sea & Sky
Jun 2, 20227:00pTeen Open Studio
May 31, 20227:00pYouth Art Lessons
May 29, 20222:00pPaint Pour With Jane
May 29, 202212:00pMakersSpace
May 28, 202212:00pMaking Art Accessible
May 26, 20227:00pTeen Open Studio
May 25, 20227:00pYouth Art Lessons
May 22, 202212:00pMaking Art Accessible
May 21, 202212:00pMakersSpace
May 20, 20227:00pWatercolour Class - Fairy Frog
May 19, 20227:00pTeen Open Studio
May 18, 20227:00pYouth Art Lessons
May 15, 202212:00pUp-cycle Sunday
May 14, 202212:00pMakersSpace
May 12, 20227:00pTeen Open Studio
May 11, 20227:00pYouth Art Lessons
May 8, 202212:00pMaking Art Accessible
May 7, 202212:00pMakersSpace
May 5, 20227:00pTeen Open Studio
May 4, 20227:00pYouth Art Lessons
May 1, 202212:00pArt Show & Sale
Apr 30, 202212:00pMakersSpace
Apr 28, 20227:00pTeen Open Studio
Apr 27, 20226:30pSunflowers Painting for Ukraine
Apr 24, 20222:00pSpring Watercolour
Apr 24, 202212:00pMakersSpace
Apr 21, 20227:00pTeen Open Studio
Apr 20, 20226:30pSunflowers Painting for Ukraine
Apr 19, 20227:00pYouth Art Lessons
Apr 15, 202212:00pArt Show & Sale
Apr 14, 20227:00pTeen Open Studio
Apr 12, 20227:00pYouth Art Lessons
Apr 10, 202212:00pArt Show & Sale
Apr 9, 202212:00pSpring Felt Wreath
Apr 7, 20227:00pTeen Open Studio
Apr 7, 202212:00pPop Art Show
Apr 5, 20227:00pYouth Art Lessons
Apr 3, 202212:00pMakersSpace
Apr 2, 20222:00pPaint Pour With Jane
Mar 31, 20227:00pTeen Open Studio
Mar 31, 202212:00pPop Art Show
Mar 30, 20226:30pSunflowers Painting for Ukraine
Mar 27, 20222:00pHappy Bee Watercolour Painting
Mar 26, 202212:00pMakersSpace
Mar 25, 202212:00pPop Art Show
Mar 24, 20227:00pTeen Open Studio
Mar 20, 20222:00pProp Replica Sword Edition
Mar 17, 20227:00pTeen Open Studio
Mar 14, 202212:00pMarch Break Art Camp
Mar 12, 202212:00pSunflowers For Ukraine
Mar 9, 20227:00pTeens Creative Open Studio
Mar 6, 20222:00pAbstract Acrylic Paint Pour
Mar 5, 20222:00pPaint Pouring With Jane
Mar 3, 20227:00pTeens Open Studio
Mar 1, 20227:00p Youth Art Lessons Watercolour
Feb 28, 20222:00p NOVA Abstracted Art Exhibit
Feb 25, 20222:00p NOVA Abstracted Art Exhibit
Feb 24, 20227:00pTeen Open Studio
Feb 22, 20227:00pYouth Art Lessons Watercolour
Feb 19, 20223:00pVirtual Paint Day
Feb 19, 20222:00pMakers Studio
Feb 18, 20222:00p Abstracted Art Exhibit
Feb 17, 20227:00pTeen Open Studio
Feb 15, 20227:00pYouth Art Lessons Drawing
Feb 13, 20222:00pAbstract Exhibit
Feb 12, 20222:00pMakersSpace
Feb 11, 20222:00pAbstracted Exhibit
Feb 10, 20227:00pTeen Art Lessons Drawing
Feb 8, 20227:00pYouth Art Lessons Drawing
Feb 5, 20222:00pArt Gallery Reopening
Feb 4, 20222:00pArt Gallery
Dec 29, 202112:00pCrafting and Elf Workshop
Dec 23, 202112:00pCrafting and Elf Workshop
Dec 22, 202112:00pCrafting and Elf Workshop
Dec 18, 202112:30pWinter Decor Workshop
Dec 17, 202112:00pCrafting and Elf Workshop
Dec 16, 202112:00pCrafting and Elf Workshop
Dec 15, 202112:00pCrafting and Elf Workshop
Dec 12, 20212:00pPainting Party Poinsettia
Dec 11, 202112:30pYouth Gnomes & Painting WS
Dec 10, 202112:00pCrafting and Elf Kits
Dec 9, 20217:00pMindful Painting Mandala
Dec 9, 202112:00pCrafting and Elf Kits
Dec 8, 20217:00pAcrylic Poinsettia Painting Party
Dec 8, 20211:00pMindful Painting Mandala
Dec 7, 20217:00pPaint Night Snowman
Nov 27, 202112:00p7Arts Open House
Nov 21, 20212:00pWatercolour Painting Class
Nov 18, 20217:00pLaughter Yoga
Nov 17, 20211:00pMindful Drum Circle
Nov 10, 20217:00pChristmas Gnome Painting
Nov 10, 20211:00pWalk & Meditate
Oct 27, 20211:00pWellness Wednesdays
Oct 23, 20211:00pZombie Barbie Makeover
Oct 20, 20216:00pFelting Spooktacular with Deb
Oct 20, 20211:00pWellness Wednesdays
Oct 16, 20212:00pWatercolour 101
Oct 13, 20211:00pWellness Wednesdays
Oct 9, 20211:00pPainted Pumpkins
Oct 9, 202112:00pSplash Art Show
Oct 2, 202112:00pSplash Art Show
Oct 1, 202112:00pSplash Art Show
Sep 26, 20212:00pWatercolour 101
Sep 25, 20216:00pLight Up Decor Fall Theme DIY
Sep 25, 202112:00pSplash Art Show
Sep 18, 202112:00pSplash Art Show
Sep 16, 20217:00pSunflower Paint Night Fundraiser
Sep 10, 20216:00p7Arts Meet & Greet
Aug 7, 202112:30pPainting Mosaic Tile
Jul 26, 20211:00pArt Camp
Jul 19, 20211:00pArt Camp
Jul 12, 20211:00pArt Camp
Jul 1, 202110:00aArt Exhibit
Jun 26, 202112:00pArt Exhibit
May 4, 20217:00p3D Art Lessons
Apr 27, 20217:00p3D Art Lessons
Apr 26, 20217:00pAll Ages Paint Night
Apr 24, 20211:00pLearn to Paint
Apr 20, 20217:00p3D Art Lessons
Apr 17, 20211:00pAdult Drawing Lesson
Apr 13, 20217:00pArt Lessons
Apr 10, 202110:00aLearn to Knit Infinity Scarf
Apr 3, 20211:00pEaster Mason Jar Craft
Apr 2, 20211:00pBunny Fun Crafts & Painting
Mar 27, 20211:00pAurora Borealis with Silhouette Trees Paint Day
Mar 24, 20211:00pTry A New Art Project
Mar 20, 20211:00pDIY Starry Night Painting
Mar 19, 202112:00pArt Camp
Mar 18, 202112:00pArt Camp
Mar 17, 202112:00pArt Camp
Mar 16, 202112:00pArt Camp
Mar 15, 202112:00pArt Camp
Mar 13, 20217:00pChalk Painting
Mar 10, 20211:00pTry A New Art Project
Mar 3, 20211:00pBirch Tree Painting
Feb 24, 20211:00pKnitting and Crochet
Feb 23, 20216:00pWatercolor Mountains Painting
Feb 20, 20211:00pChalk Paint Day
Feb 17, 20211:00pKnitting and Crochet
Feb 13, 20211:00pFlower Fairies
Feb 11, 20216:00pDinner & Watercolour Painting
Feb 10, 20211:00pKnitting and Crochet
Feb 6, 20219:00aOnline Yard Sale
Jan 30, 20211:00pCrochet 101
Nov 30, 202011:00aLife Through a Mask
Nov 24, 20206:30pYouth Art Lessons Watercolour
Nov 23, 202011:00aLife Through a Mask
Nov 17, 20206:30pYouth Art Lessons Tile Art
Nov 16, 202011:00aLife Through a Mask
Nov 14, 20207:00pWatercolour 101 Class
Nov 14, 20201:00pDot Art Painting Workshop
Nov 10, 20206:30pYouth Art Lessons
Nov 9, 202011:00aLife Through a Mask
Nov 1, 20201:00pWatercolour 101 Class
Oct 31, 202012:00pHalloween Party
Oct 29, 20206:00pWool Felting Basics
Oct 24, 20202:00pOpen Mic
Oct 21, 20207:00p2D Drawing Fundamentals
Oct 17, 20204:00pVoodoo Charmers
Oct 17, 20201:00pHalloween & Harry Potter crafts
Oct 10, 20201:00pHalloween & Harry Potter crafts
Oct 6, 20207:00pPop Art Youth Art Lessons
Oct 2, 20201:00pPainting Mosaic Tile
Oct 1, 20206:00pPainting Mosaic Tile
Aug 8, 20207:00pWatercolour Class (Part 2)
Aug 1, 20207:00pWatercolour Class (Part 1)
Jul 28, 20207:00pPaper Quilling Class
Jul 27, 20206:00pWatercolour Galaxy Paint Night
Jul 25, 20201:00pMakers Space
Feb 22, 202010:00aOpen Studio with Guest Speaker
Feb 7, 20206:30pAcrylic Pouring Paint Night Fundraiser
Jan 25, 20206:00pPaint Night Watercolour
Dec 23, 201912:00p12 Crafts of Christmas
Dec 22, 201912:00p12 Crafts of Christmas
Dec 21, 201912:00p12 Crafts of Christmas
Nov 30, 20197:00pAcrylic Pouring Paint Night
Nov 30, 201910:00a7Arts Open House
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