Past Events
Sat Jul 119:00aCulinary:North Mountain Market
Sat Jul 042:00pMeeting:Special Meeting
Sat Jul 049:00aCulinary:North Mountain Market
Sun Jun 289:00aVisual:Art Exhibit "Covid-19 Confined"
Sat Jun 279:00aVisual:Art Exhibit "Covid-19 Confined"
Fri Jun 269:00aVisual:Art Exhibit "Covid-19 Confined"
Sun Nov 1710:00aCommunity:Christmas Craft Market
Sat Nov 1610:00aCommunity:Christmas Craft Market
Sat Oct 129:00aCulinary:North Mountain Farmers & Artisans Market
Sat Oct 059:00aCulinary:North Mountain Farmers & Artisans Market
Sat Sep 289:00aCulinary:North Mountain Farmers & Artisans Market
Sat Sep 219:00aCulinary:North Mountain Farmers & Artisans Market
Sat Sep 149:00aCulinary:North Mountain Farmers & Artisans Market
Sat Sep 079:00aCulinary:North Mountain Farmers & Artisans Market
Sat Aug 319:00aCulinary:North Mountain Farmers & Artisans Market
Sat Aug 249:00aCulinary:North Mountain Farmers & Artisans Market
Sat Aug 179:00aCulinary:North Mountain Farmers & Artisans Market
Sat Aug 109:00aCulinary:North Mountain Farmers & Artisans Market
Sat Aug 039:00aCulinary:North Mountain Farmers & Artisans Market
Sat Jul 279:00aCulinary:North Mountain Farmers & Artisans Market
Sat Jul 209:00aCulinary:North Mountain Farmers & Artisans Market
Sat Jul 139:00aCulinary:North Mountain Farmers & Artisans Market
Sun Jul 077:00pMusic:North Mountain Song Circle
Sat Jul 069:00aCulinary:North Mountain Farmers & Artisans Market
Sat Jun 299:00aCulinary:North Mountain Farmers & Artisans Market
Sat Jun 229:00aCulinary:North Mountain Farmers & Artisans Market
Sat Jun 159:00aCulinary:North Mountain Farmers & Artisans Market
Sat Jun 089:00aCommunity:North Mountain Market
Sat Jun 019:00aCommunity:Season Opening
Sat Oct 139:00aCommunity:North Mountain Market
Sat Oct 069:00aCommunity:North Mountain Market
Sat Sep 299:00aCommunity:North Mountain Market
Sun Sep 237:00pMusic:Laura Smith and Kim Dunn
Sat Sep 229:00aCommunity:North Mountain Market
Sat Sep 159:00aCommunity:North Mountain Market
Sat Sep 089:00aCommunity:North Mountain Market
Sat Sep 019:00aCommunity:North Mountain Market
Sat Aug 259:00aCommunity:North Mountain Market
Sun Aug 191:00pOther:The Stories our Houses Tell
Sat Aug 189:00aCommunity:North Mountain Market
Sun Aug 127:00pMusic:Amadeus Guitar Duo
Sat Aug 119:00aCommunity:North Mountain Market
Sat Aug 049:00aCommunity:North Mountain Market
Sat Jul 289:00aCommunity:North Mountain Market
Sat Jul 219:00aCommunity:North Mountain Market
Sat Jul 149:00aCommunity:North Mountain Market
Sat Jul 079:00aCommunity:North Mountain Market
Sat Jun 309:00aCommunity:North Mountain Market
Sun Jun 247:00pMusic:North Mountain Kitchen Party
Sat Jun 239:00aCommunity:North Mountain Market
Sun Jun 171:00pMusic:Fathers Day Gala
Sat Jun 169:00aCommunity:North Mountain Market
Sat Jun 099:00aCommunity:North Mountain Market
Sat Jun 029:00aCommunity:North Mountain Market
Sat Jan 201:00pMeeting:United Tapestry Annual General Meeting
Sat Nov 0410:00aVisual:Artisan Christmas Market
Sat Oct 149:00aCommunity:North Mountain Market
Sat Oct 079:00aCommunity:North Mountain Market
Sat Sep 309:00aCommunity:North Mountain Market
Sat Sep 239:00aCommunity:North Mountain Market
Sat Sep 169:00aCommunity:North Mountain Market
Sun Sep 107:00pMusic:Ryan Cook
Sat Sep 099:00aCommunity:North Mountain Market
Sat Sep 029:00aCommunity:North Mountain Market
Sun Aug 277:00pMusic:Songs by the Shore
Sat Aug 269:00aCommunity:North Mountain Market
Sun Aug 202:00pMusic:"Sophia's Story" Exhibit Opening
Sun Aug 203:00pMusic:Rose Vaughan & Cathy Porter Listening Party
Sat Aug 199:00aCommunity:North Mountain Market
Sat Aug 129:00aCommunity:North Mountain Market
Sat Aug 059:00aCommunity:North Mountain Market
Sun Jul 307:00pMusic:Nasr and Thorpe
Sat Jul 299:00aCommunity:North Mountain Market
Sat Jul 229:00aCommunity:North Mountain Market
Sun Jul 163:00pMusic:Matt the Music Man!
Sun Jul 163:00pOther:Matt The Music Man
Sun Jun 257:00pMusic:Kitchen Party
Sat Jun 249:00aMusic:North Mountain Market
Sat Jun 2410:00aWorkshop:Fairy Houses
Sun Jun 181:00pMusic:North Mountain United Tapestry Gala
Sat Jun 179:00aMusic:North Mountain Market
Sat Jun 109:00aMusic:North Mountain Market
Sat Jun 039:00aMusic:North Mountain Market
Sat Dec 246:00pMusic:Christmas Eve By the Bay
Sat Nov 0510:00aFestival:North Mountain Christmas Artisan Market
Sat Oct 159:00aMusic:North Mountain Market
Sat Oct 152:00pCommunity:Artisan Gallery
Sat Oct 089:00aCulinary:North Mountain Market
Sat Oct 082:00pCommunity:Artisan Gallery
Sun Oct 027:00pMusic:Compline..ancient prayers sung at sunset
Sat Oct 019:00aCulinary:North Mountain Market
Sat Oct 012:00pCommunity:Artisan Gallery
Sun Sep 257:00pMusic:Corey Isenor
Sat Sep 243:00pWorkshop:Tunisian Crochet Workshop
Sat Sep 179:00aCulinary:North Mountain Market
Sun Sep 117:00pMusic:Gathering Sparks
Sat Sep 109:00aCulinary:North Mountain Market
Sun Sep 041:00pWorkshop:Home Brewing
Sat Sep 032:00pVisual:Artisan Market
Sat Sep 039:00aCulinary:North Mountain Market
Thu Sep 016:00pCulinary:Dessert Contest
Sun Aug 281:00pWorkshop: A Celtic Integration of Our Many Selves
Sat Aug 272:00pVisual:Artisan Market featuring Debbie McMahon Greenwood
Sat Aug 279:00aCulinary:North Mountain Market
Sun Aug 217:00pMusic:Dave Gunning
Sat Aug 209:00aCulinary:North Mountain Market
Sat Aug 202:00pVisual:Artisan Market featuring Katrin Sommerfeld
Sat Aug 132:00pWorkshop:Ancient Antler and Leather
Sat Aug 139:00aCulinary:North Mountain Market
Sun Aug 071:00pWorkshop:Talking Trash Plus Backyard Composting
Sat Aug 069:00aCulinary:North Mountain Market
Sat Aug 062:00pWorkshop:Tunisian Crochet Workshop
Sat Aug 062:00pVisual:Artisan Market
Sat Jul 302:00pVisual:Artisan Market
Sat Jul 309:00aCulinary:North Mountain Market
Sun Jul 241:00pWorkshop:Journeying to the Celtic Spirit World
Sat Jul 232:00pVisual:Artisan Market featuring Blue Sky Pottery
Sat Jul 239:00aCulinary:North Mountain Market
Sun Jul 177:00pMusic:Fundy Folk
Sat Jul 169:00aCulinary:North Mountain Market
Sat Jul 162:00pVisual:Artisan Market
Sun Jul 101:00pWorkshop:Body Talk
Sat Jul 099:00aCulinary:North Mountain Market
Sat Jul 092:00pWorkshop:Artisan Market featuring Catherine Van Der Woerd
Sat Jul 022:00pWorkshop:Artisan Market
Sat Jul 029:00aCulinary:North Mountain Market
Sun Jun 261:00pWorkshop:The Ancient Celts and Time
Sat Jun 252:00pVisual:Artisan Market
Sat Jun 259:00aCulinary:North Mountain Market
Sun Jun 197:00pMusic:Laura Smith with Kim Dunn
Sat Jun 182:00pVisual:United Tapestry Artisan Gallery
Sat Jun 189:00aCulinary:Farmer's Market
Sun Jun 121:00pRecreation:Wildflower & Fern Guided Walk
Sat Jun 119:00aMusic:Farmer's Market
Sun Sep 271:00pCommunity:Guided Walk Acadian Forest Restoration
Sat Sep 059:00aMusic:North Mountain Market
Sun Aug 301:00pVisual:Gallery Day
Sun Aug 237:00pMusic:Laura Smith
Sat Aug 229:00aMusic:North Mountain Market
Sat Aug 159:00aMusic:North Mountain Market
Sat Aug 089:00aCulinary:North Mountain Market
Sat Aug 019:00aMusic:North Mountain Market
Sun Jul 197:00pMusic:Lustre Brothers, Live on the Mountain
Sun Jun 147:00pMusic:North Mountain Chorus
Sun Jun 077:00pMusic:Clary Croft
Sat Jun 069:00aMusic:North Mountain Market
Sat Nov 0110:00aOther:Christmas Craft Sale
Sat Oct 049:00aOther:Farmer's Market
Sat Sep 279:00aOther:Farmer's Market
Sat Sep 209:00aOther:Farmer's Market
Sun Sep 147:00pMusic:Andy and Ariana
Sat Sep 139:00aOther:Farmer's Market
Sat Aug 309:00aOther:Farmer's Market
Sun Aug 241:00pVisual:The Needle Felted Ocean
Sun Aug 2412:00pVisual:Gallery Day
Sat Aug 169:00aOther:Market
Sat Aug 099:00aOther:Farmer's Market
Sat Aug 029:00aOther:Farmer's Market
Sat Jul 199:00aOther:Market
Sat Jul 129:00aOther:Farmer's Market
Sun Jun 297:00pMusic:Summer, Seas and Memories
Sat Jun 288:00aOther:Farmer's Market
Sat Jun 218:00aOther:Farmer's Market
Sat Jun 078:00aOther:Farmer's Market
Sat May 248:00aOther:Farmer's Market
Sun May 117:00pMusic:Mothers Day Concert
Sat May 108:00aOther:Farmer's Market
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