Past Events
Sat May 198:00pMusic:Chimney Swifts Farewell Show
Fri May 188:00pMusic:The LYNNeS (Lynn Miles and Lynne Hanson)
Thu May 178:00pMusic:Laura Roy with Jeff Goodspeed & Friends
Tue May 157:30pMusic:Matt Andersen, Stories and Songs
Sun May 131:00pMusic:Dance ConXion Competitive Showcase
Sun May 133:00pMusic:Dance ConXion Competitive Showcase
Sat May 128:00pMusic:Like Coming Home CD Release
Thu Apr 268:00pTheatre:Standup Comedy with Jay Malone
Thu Apr 197:00pFilm:Bharat Ane Nenu
Sat Apr 147:00pFilm:Life is Beautiful
Fri Apr 137:00pTheatre:Shakespeare's Julius Caesar
Sat Apr 077:30pTheatre:Got Your Back!
Sat Apr 072:00pTheatre:Got Your Back!
Fri Apr 067:30pTheatre:Got Your Back!
Sun Apr 012:00pOther:We Will Rock You
Sat Mar 317:30pMusic:We Will Rock You
Sat Mar 312:00pMusic:We Will Rock You
Fri Mar 307:30pMusic:We Will Rock You
Thu Mar 297:30pMusic:We Will Rock You
Sat Mar 107:00pTheatre:The Bitterest Time, The War Story of Mona Parsons
Fri Mar 096:30pFilm:Mini Sport Film Fest and Panel Discussion
Sun Mar 049:00pFilm:Academy Awards Ceremony
Sat Mar 038:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Deliquescent
Fri Mar 027:00pTheatre:Cat on a Hot Tin Roof by Tennessee Williams
Sat Feb 177:00pTheatre:Broken Leg Theatre - Puppy Love
Mon Feb 127:00pOther:The Railway Children in India
Fri Feb 097:30pMusic:Erin Costelo Sings Carole King's Tapestry
Thu Feb 087:30pMusic:Erin Costelo Sings Carole King's Tapestry
Fri Feb 027:30pMusic:Pretty & Gritty
Tue Jan 237:00pFilm:Banff ***Sold Out ***
Thu Jan 187:00pFilm:An American Conscience: Film and Discussion
Sat Jan 131:00pFilm:Agnyaathavaasi
Tue Jan 097:30pFilm:Agnyaathavaasi
Sat Dec 233:00pMusic:Gentlemen's Christmas Event
Sat Dec 091:00pFilm:Free showing of The Polar Express
Sat Dec 098:00pMusic:War Child Benefit
Fri Dec 087:00pTheatre:Young Marx
Sat Dec 022:00pTheatre:The Rink
Sat Dec 028:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Coldsnap
Fri Dec 017:30pTheatre:The Rink
Thu Nov 307:30pTheatre:The Rink
Sat Nov 257:00pFilm:MODIFIED
Fri Nov 247:00pFilm:Whitflix Awards Gala
Tue Nov 216:00pFilm:Seed: Hacking Entrepreneurship in the Annapolis Valley
Fri Nov 177:00pTheatre:Follies
Tue Nov 147:00pMusic:Preetam Sengupta
Fri Nov 107:00pMusic:Curtis Matheson Band
Mon Oct 307:30pTheatre:Valley Ghost Walks' Anniversary Show
Sun Oct 291:00pFilm:Back to Burgundy
Sun Oct 293:30pFilm:Ella Brennan: Commanding the Table
Sun Oct 291:00pCulinary:Late Fall Mushroom Hunt with Brendon Zissou
Sun Oct 297:30pFilm:The Trip to Spain
Sun Oct 295:30pFilm:Ramen Heads
Sat Oct 2810:00aFilm:Plastic China
Sat Oct 2812:30pFilm:24 Snow
Sat Oct 283:00pFilm:James Beard: America's First Foodie
Sat Oct 285:00pFilm:Grand Cru
Sat Oct 288:00pFilm:The Dinner
Fri Oct 275:00pFilm:Barbecue
Fri Oct 2710:00aFilm:Strawberry Days
Fri Oct 2712:30pFilm:Look & See: A Portrait of Wendell Berry
Fri Oct 273:00pFilm:Schumann's Bar Talks
Fri Oct 278:00pFilm:Coffee
Thu Oct 2610:00aFilm:Atlantic
Thu Oct 2611:30aFilm:Devour! the Food Film Fest Shorts Program
Thu Oct 265:30pFilm:Jacques Pépin – The Art of Craft
Thu Oct 262:00pFilm:Taste of Nova Scotia Awards Program
Thu Oct 268:00pFilm:Beatriz At Dinner
Thu Oct 263:30pFilm:Dreaming of Wine
Wed Oct 2510:00aFilm:Modified
Wed Oct 258:00pFilm:The Hundred Foot Journey
Tue Oct 247:00pMusic:Conundrum Cavalcade
Tue Oct 241:00pFilm:Modified
Tue Oct 2410:00aFilm:Atlantic
Mon Oct 237:00pLecture:Holocaust Survivors Making Montreal Home Post World War II
Sun Oct 221:00pFilm:Light to the World
Sat Oct 217:00pTheatre:Broken Leg Theatre - RUSTLE
Sat Oct 211:00pFilm:Mersal
Fri Oct 207:00pTheatre:Angels in America: Part Two - Perestroika
Sat Oct 147:00pFilm:The Accidental Anarchist
Fri Oct 137:00pTheatre:Angels in America: Part One - Millennium Approaches
Thu Oct 126:30pMusic:Wizard of Oz Sing-a-long
Tue Oct 106:30pFilm:Driving with Selvi Film Screening
Sat Oct 0710:00aTheatre:StoryBook Theatre - Pigs and Pals
Sat Oct 071:30pTheatre:StoryBook Theatre - Pigs and Pals
Sat Oct 0711:30aTheatre:StoryBook Theatre - Munsch and More
Sat Oct 078:00pMusic:Ian Sherwood CD release show
Fri Oct 067:00pFilm:Strange and Familiar Architecture on Fogo Island
Sat Sep 307:00pTheatre:The Glass Menagerie
Sat Sep 302:00pTheatre:The Glass Menagerie
Fri Sep 297:00pTheatre:The Glass Menagerie
Thu Sep 287:00pTheatre:The Glass Menagerie
Wed Sep 277:00pTheatre:The Glass Menagerie
Sat Sep 2310:00aMusic:Deep Roots Harmony Workshop
Sat Sep 232:00pMusic:Deep Roots
Sat Sep 2312:30pMusic:Deep Roots Group Manoeuvre - Aerialists
Sat Sep 168:00pFilm:Adam Joan
Fri Sep 157:00pFilm:The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
Wed Sep 136:30pLecture:What does Policing look like in Wolfville?
Fri Sep 087:00pTheatre:Salome
Sat Sep 028:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Scholastic
Fri Aug 257:00pTheatre:The Addams Family
Fri Aug 251:00pTheatre:The Addams Family
Thu Aug 247:00pTheatre:The Addams Family
Sun Aug 132:00pTheatre:Trudeau Stories
Sat Aug 128:00pTheatre:Trudeau Stories
Sat Aug 122:00pTheatre:Trudeau Stories
Fri Aug 118:00pTheatre:Trudeau Stories
Thu Aug 108:00pTheatre:Trudeau Stories
Sun Aug 062:00pTheatre:I Do! I Do!
Sat Aug 058:00pTheatre:I Do! I Do!
Fri Aug 048:00pTheatre:I Do! I Do!
Thu Aug 038:00pTheatre:I Do! I Do!
Wed Aug 028:00pTheatre:I Do! I Do!
Tue Aug 018:00pTheatre:I Do! I Do!
Sun Jul 302:00pTheatre:I Do! I Do!
Sat Jul 298:00pTheatre:I Do! I Do!
Fri Jul 288:00pTheatre:I Do! I Do!
Thu Jul 278:00pTheatre:I Do! I Do!
Wed Jul 268:00pTheatre:I Do! I Do!
Tue Jul 258:00pTheatre:I Do! I Do!
Sun Jul 232:00pTheatre:I Do! I Do!
Sat Jul 228:00pTheatre:I Do! I Do!
Fri Jul 218:00pTheatre:I Do! I Do!
Thu Jul 208:00pTheatre:I Do! I Do!
Wed Jul 198:00pTheatre:I Do! I Do!
Tue Jul 188:00pTheatre:I Do! I Do!
Sun Jul 162:00pTheatre:I Do! I Do!
Sat Jul 158:00pTheatre:I Do! I Do!
Sat Jul 152:00pTheatre:I Do! I Do!
Fri Jul 148:00pTheatre:I Do! I Do!
Thu Jul 138:00pTheatre:I Do! I Do! Preview
Sat Jul 088:00pDance:Jill Parker Belly Dance Show
Fri Jul 077:00pTheatre:Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead
Sat Jul 017:30pTheatre:Marion Bridge by Daniel MacIvor
Fri Jun 307:30pTheatre:Marion Bridge by Daniel MacIvor
Thu Jun 297:30pTheatre:Marion Bridge by Daniel MacIvor
Sat Jun 241:30pFilm:Duvvada Jagannadham
Sat Jun 2410:30aTheatre:Munsch for Brunch
Sat Jun 247:00pTheatre:Broken Leg Theatre - Summer
Fri Jun 238:00pMusic:ASHK
Mon Jun 197:00pFilm:Why Women Need To Climb Mountians
Sat Jun 171:30pMusic:Irish Dance Show
Sat Jun 178:00pMusic:Hillsburn
Fri Jun 167:00pTheatre:Peter Pan
Mon Jun 127:30pMusic:We Are Women
Sat Jun 108:00pMusic:Ian Janes 'Yes Man' Album Release
Sat Jun 038:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Luau
Tue May 307:00pLiterary:Stardrop, An Evening in Comics
Sat May 277:00pFilm:CIA: Comrade in America
Fri May 267:00pTheatre:Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare
Tue May 237:30pTheatre:The West Woods
Sat May 208:00pTheatre:A Night Of Comedy!
Sat May 137:30pTheatre:Rumours
Sat May 132:00pTheatre:Rumours
Fri May 127:30pMusic:Rumours
Thu May 117:30pTheatre:Rumours
Sun May 073:30pFilm:Bahubali The Conclusion
Sun May 0712:30pFilm:Bahubali The Conclusion
Sat May 068:00pMusic:Valley Vibrations CD Release
Sat May 0612:30pFilm:Bahubali The Conclusion
Fri May 057:00pTheatre:Hedda Gabler by Henrik Ibsen
Fri May 053:00pFilm:Bahubali The Conclusion
Thu May 046:30pFilm:Bahubali The Conclusion
Wed May 039:00pFilm:Bahubali The Conclusion
Tue May 026:30pFilm:Bahubali The Conclusion
Mon May 016:30pFilm:Bahubali The Conclusion
Sun Apr 3012:30pFilm:Bahubali The Conclusion
Sun Apr 309:30pFilm:Bahubali The Conclusion
Sat Apr 299:30aFilm:Bahubali The Conclusion
Sat Apr 2912:35pFilm:Bahubali The Conclusion
Sat Apr 293:40pFilm:Bahubali The Conclusion
Sat Apr 296:45pFilm:Bahubali The Conclusion
Sat Apr 2910:00pFilm:Bahubali The Conclusion
Fri Apr 286:45pFilm:Bahubali The Conclusion
Fri Apr 2810:00pFilm:Baahubali The Conclusion
Thu Apr 277:00pFilm:Bahubali The Conclusion
Sat Apr 087:30pMusic:Beatles - a Celebration of the B Sides
Sat Apr 017:00pTheatre:Jake & Shaun's Big Gay Affair
Sun Mar 2612:00pFilm:Katamarayudu
Sat Mar 257:30pTheatre:She Who Laughs Lasts
Sat Mar 252:00pTheatre:She Who Laughs Lasts
Fri Mar 247:30pTheatre:She Who Laughs Lasts
Fri Mar 247:30pCommunity:Kings Kikima Grannies Jewellery Sale
Sat Mar 188:00pTheatre:Stand Up Comedy
Sat Mar 112:00pTheatre:Tuesdays with Morrie
Sat Mar 117:00pTheatre:Tuesdays with Morrie
Fri Mar 107:00pTheatre:Tuesdays with Morrie
Thu Mar 097:00pTheatre:Tuesdays with Morrie
Wed Mar 087:00pTheatre:Tuesdays with Morrie
Sat Mar 048:00pOther:The Ides of Night Kitchen
Fri Mar 037:00pTheatre:Saint Joan by George Bernard Shaw
Thu Mar 027:30pMusic:Port Cities Album Release
Sun Feb 269:30pFilm:Academy Awards Ceremony
Sat Feb 251:00pFilm:Munthirivallikal Thalirkkumbol
Sat Feb 181:00pFilm:Jomante Suvishesham
Sat Feb 047:00pTheatre:Broken Leg Theatre - Rooster
Fri Feb 037:00pTheatre:Amadeus by Peter Shaffer
Thu Jan 197:00pFilm:Banff Mountain Film Festival - SOLD OUT
Fri Jan 067:00pTheatre:No Man's Land
Sat Dec 173:00pMusic:Gentlemen's Chorus Carol Sing
Sat Dec 104:00pMusic:This Place, Songs From The Annapolis Valley
Sat Dec 108:00pMusic:This Place, Songs From The Annapolis Valley
Fri Dec 097:00pFilm:The Merchant of Venice
Thu Dec 087:30pTheatre:Dickens', A Christmas Carol
Sat Dec 038:00pMusic:The Night Kitchen Before Christmas
Fri Dec 028:00pMusic:Warchild 10
Sat Nov 267:30pTheatre:A Brand New Year
Sat Nov 262:00pTheatre:A Brand New Year
Fri Nov 257:30pTheatre:A Brand New Year
Thu Nov 247:30pTheatre:A Brand New Year
Wed Nov 237:30pTheatre:A Brand New Year
Sat Nov 197:30pTheatre:Creely Mountain Law
Fri Nov 187:30pTheatre:Creely Mountain Law
Thu Nov 177:30pTheatre:Creely Mountain Law
Sat Nov 122:00pTheatre:Pulimurugan
Sat Nov 127:00pTheatre:Miss Saigon
Sun Nov 061:00pFilm:Cafe Nagler
Sun Nov 063:00pFilm:Shorts Program: It's A Chef's Life
Sun Nov 065:00pFilm:Noma: My Perfect Storm
Sat Nov 0510:00aFilm:Blue Fin
Sat Nov 0512:30pFilm:Shorts Program: Look Who’s Coming to Dinner
Sat Nov 055:00pFilm:Chicken People
Sat Nov 058:00pFilm:A Year in Port
Sat Nov 053:00pCulinary:An Interview with John Henion, Producer of Chef’s Table
Fri Nov 0412:30pFilm:First Growth
Fri Nov 0410:00aFilm:Wi’kupaltimk: Feast of Forgiveness
Fri Nov 043:00pFilm:The Chocolate Case
Fri Nov 045:00pFilm:Sour Grapes
Fri Nov 048:00pFilm:Bugs
Thu Nov 0310:00aFilm:SEED The Untold Story
Thu Nov 033:00pFilm:Angry Inuk
Thu Nov 035:00pFilm:Theatre of Life
Thu Nov 038:00pFilm:The Islands and the Whales
Wed Nov 0210:00aFilm:Bugs on the Menu
Fri Oct 287:30pMusic:Rockin' For Air w/ Speedy Recovery
Thu Oct 277:30pMusic:Coco Love Alcorn Album Release
Tue Oct 257:00pLecture:Ami McKay, "The Witches of New York"
Sat Oct 2210:00pTheatre:The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Sat Oct 223:15pMusic:Four Seasons Orchestra
Sat Oct 227:00pTheatre:The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Fri Oct 217:00pTheatre:The Deep Blue Sea
Thu Oct 207:00pFilm:Spirit Unforgettable
Sat Oct 157:00pTheatre:Broken Leg Theatre - Dream
Fri Oct 147:00pTheatre:Grease! A Sing Along!
Thu Oct 136:30pFilm:Highway of Tears Documentary
Sat Oct 087:00pTheatre:Death of a Salesman
Fri Oct 077:00pTheatre:Death of a Salesman
Thu Oct 067:00pTheatre:Death of a Salesman
Wed Oct 057:00pTheatre:Death of a Salesman
Tue Oct 047:00pTheatre:Death of a Salesman
Sat Oct 018:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Autumnal
Fri Sep 307:00pTheatre:The ThreePenny Opera
Sat Sep 242:00pMusic:Deep Roots Saturday Afternoon
Sat Sep 2410:00aMusic:Deep Roots Saturday
Tue Sep 206:30pFilm:CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap
Fri Sep 168:00pTheatre:Pigeonhol'd
Sat Sep 102:00pMusic:The Train Show
Sat Sep 107:30pMusic:Don Amero
Fri Sep 097:00pMusic:The Train Show
Sun Aug 287:30pMusic:Next to Normal
Sat Aug 277:30pMusic:Next to Normal
Sat Aug 208:00pMusic:Sahara Kamila & Ariana Nasr
Fri Aug 191:00pTheatre:Disney's High School Musical On Stage
Fri Aug 197:00pTheatre:Disney's High School Musical On Stage
Thu Aug 181:00pMusic:Disney's High School Musical On Stage
Thu Aug 187:00pTheatre:Disney's High School Musical On Stage
Sun Aug 142:00pTheatre:Wingfield's Inferno
Sat Aug 138:00pTheatre:Wingfield's Inferno
Sat Aug 132:00pTheatre:Wingfield's Inferno
Fri Aug 128:00pTheatre:Wingfield's Inferno
Sat Aug 068:00pMusic:Hallelujah!
Sat Aug 062:00pTheatre:Hallelujah!
Fri Aug 058:00pMusic:Hallelujah!
Thu Aug 048:00pMusic:Hallelujah!
Wed Aug 038:00pMusic:Hallelujah!
Sun Jul 312:00pTheatre:Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)
Sat Jul 308:00pTheatre:Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)
Fri Jul 298:00pTheatre:Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)
Thu Jul 288:00pTheatre:Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)
Wed Jul 278:00pTheatre:Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)
Tue Jul 268:00pTheatre:Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)
Sun Jul 242:00pTheatre:Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)
Sat Jul 238:00pTheatre:Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)
Fri Jul 228:00pTheatre:Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)
Thu Jul 218:00pTheatre:Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)
Wed Jul 208:00pTheatre:Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)
Tue Jul 198:00pTheatre:Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)
Sun Jul 172:00pTheatre:Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)
Sat Jul 168:00pTheatre:Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)
Fri Jul 158:00pTheatre:Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)
Thu Jul 148:00pTheatre:Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)
Wed Jul 138:00pTheatre:Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)
Tue Jul 128:00pTheatre:Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)
Sun Jul 102:00pTheatre:Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)
Sat Jul 098:00pTheatre:Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)
Fri Jul 088:00pTheatre:Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)
Thu Jul 078:00pTheatre:Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)
Wed Jul 068:00pTheatre:Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) - Preview
Sat Jun 257:00pFilm:One Man Two Guvnors
Fri Jun 248:00pMusic:Ariana Nasr sings PIAF & BREL
Sat Jun 187:00pTheatre:Broken Leg Theatre - Fifth
Sat Jun 181:30pCommunity:Irish Dance Show
Fri Jun 177:00pTheatre:Chosen Highway
Sun Jun 121:00pTheatre:Avon Dance Academy Recital
Sun Jun 124:00pTheatre:Avon Dance Academy Recital
Sat May 287:30pMusic:Blossom Blues
Fri May 207:00pTheatre:The Importance of Being Earnest
Thu May 057:00pLecture:Christy Ann Conlin - The Memento
Fri Apr 297:00pMusic:Al Whittle Salutes Fundy Film
Fri Apr 227:00pTheatre:Hangmen by Martin McDonagh
Sat Apr 167:00pTheatre:Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
Fri Apr 157:00pTheatre:Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
Thu Apr 147:00pTheatre:Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
Wed Apr 137:00pTheatre:Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
Thu Apr 077:30pMusic:A Really Big Night of Adventure
Sat Apr 028:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Utensils
Sat Mar 198:00pMusic:Andy Flinn CD Release
Fri Mar 187:00pTheatre:Shakespeare's A Winter's Tale
Mon Mar 147:00pFilm:Life Off Grid
Sat Mar 058:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Formidable
Mon Feb 2911:00aLecture:Online Marketing That Will Change Your Business
Sun Feb 289:30pOther:Academy Awards Broadcast
Fri Feb 267:00pTheatre:Shakespeare's As You Like It
Mon Feb 227:00pFilm:Marinoni The Fire in the Frame
Sat Feb 207:00pTheatre:Broken Leg Theatre - Freeze!
Sat Feb 137:30pTheatre:Putnam County Spelling Bee
Sat Feb 132:30pTheatre:Putnam County Spelling Bee
Fri Feb 127:30pTheatre:Putnam County Spelling Bee
Thu Feb 117:30pTheatre:Putnam County Spelling Bee
Wed Feb 107:30pTheatre:Putnam County Spelling Bee
Sat Feb 068:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Luminous
Fri Jan 297:00pTheatre:Jane Eyre
Tue Jan 197:00pFilm:Banff Mountain Film Festival (SOLD OUT)
Sat Jan 028:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Hexadecimal
Sun Dec 201:00pFilm:The Shortest Day: Kids Program
Sun Dec 202:30pFilm:The Shortest Day: Family Program
Sun Dec 204:00pFilm:The Shortest Day: Dramas & Comedies Program
Sun Dec 206:00pFilm:The Shortest Day: Musical Program
Sat Dec 193:00pMusic:The Gentlemen's Chorus Christmas Concert & Carol Sing
Sat Dec 197:30pMusic:Happy Birthday Edith Piaf!
Thu Dec 177:30pTheatre:Dickens' A Christmas Carol
Sat Dec 058:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Coniferous
Fri Dec 048:00pFundraiser:WarChild 9 Benefit
Sat Nov 288:00pMusic:'Let The Good News Ring' Christmas Concert
Sat Nov 282:00pMusic:'Let The Good News Ring' Christmas Concert
Fri Nov 277:00pMusic:The Beatles And Beyond
Sat Nov 217:30pTheatre:The Golf, Cheese and Chess Society
Fri Nov 207:30pTheatre:The Golf, Cheese and Chess Society
Thu Nov 197:30pTheatre:The Golf, Cheese and Chess Society
Sat Nov 147:30pLecture:Confessions of a Rogue Monkey
Sat Nov 149:00pLecture:Confessions of a Rogue Monkey
Fri Nov 137:00pTheatre:Hamlet
Thu Nov 127:30pTheatre:Evening of Magic and Hypnosis
Sun Nov 081:00pFilm:For Grace
Sun Nov 083:00pFilm:Life in the Kitchen (Shorts Film Program)
Sun Nov 085:00pFilm:Relative Happiness
Sat Nov 0711:00aFilm:Happy 140
Sat Nov 072:00pFilm:Foodies with Two Short Films
Sat Nov 075:00pFilm:The Great Chicken Wing Hunt
Sat Nov 078:00pFilm:The Duel of Wine
Fri Nov 0610:00aFilm:In Defense of Food
Fri Nov 0612:30pFilm:Surf & Turf (Shorts Film Program)
Fri Nov 065:00pFilm:The Empire of Scents
Fri Nov 068:00pFilm:Sergio Herman: F***ing Perfect
Fri Nov 062:00pCulinary:Taste of Nova Scotia Prestige Awards
Thu Nov 053:00pFilm:The Birth of Sake
Thu Nov 0512:30pFilm:Cheese Please! Shorts Film Program
Thu Nov 0510:00aFilm:Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story
Thu Nov 055:00pFilm:The Singhampton Project
Thu Nov 058:00pFilm:A Year In Champagne
Wed Nov 0410:00aFilm:That Sugar Film
Sat Oct 318:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Paranormal
Thu Oct 299:00pTheatre:The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Thu Oct 2911:00pTheatre:The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Sat Oct 247:00pMusic:Ed Sheeran: Jumpers for Goalposts
Sat Oct 241:00pFilm:Life's Work - Six Conversations with Makers
Fri Oct 238:00pMusic:Harvest Pride Concert
Sat Oct 177:00pTheatre:Broken Leg Theatre - Harvest
Fri Oct 168:00pOther:Mamma Mia Movie and Sing a Long
Sat Oct 038:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Root Cellar
Fri Oct 028:00pMusic:A Northern Tapestry
Sat Sep 2610:00aMusic:Deep Roots
Fri Sep 257:00pTheatre:The Beaux' Stratagem
Tue Sep 227:00pCommunity:MPs Review IGNITE Presentations
Thu Sep 177:00pMusic:Ben Caplan & The Casual Smokers
Wed Sep 167:00pMusic:Ben Caplan & The Casual Smokers
Sat Sep 121:30pTheatre:Back To You, Wolfville
Sat Sep 123:00pTheatre:Back To You, Wolfville
Sat Sep 128:00pTheatre:Back To You, Wolfville
Sat Sep 058:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Reinstated
Sun Aug 237:00pFilm:Mystic Pizza Screening and Pizza!
Fri Aug 211:00pMusic:13-The Musical
Fri Aug 217:00pMusic:13-The Musical
Thu Aug 201:00pMusic:13-The Musical
Thu Aug 207:00pMusic:13-The Musical
Sun Aug 092:00pTheatre:Wingfield On Ice
Sat Aug 088:00pTheatre:Wingfield On Ice
Sat Aug 082:00pTheatre:Wingfield On Ice
Fri Aug 078:00pTheatre:Wingfield On Ice
Sun Aug 022:00pTheatre:I'll Be Back Before Midnight!
Sat Aug 018:00pTheatre:I'll Be Back Before Midnight!
Fri Jul 318:00pTheatre:I'll Be Back Before Midnight!
Thu Jul 308:00pTheatre:I'll Be Back Before Midnight!
Wed Jul 298:00pTheatre:I'll Be Back Before Midnight!
Tue Jul 288:00pTheatre:I'll Be Back Before Midnight!
Sun Jul 262:00pTheatre:I'll Be Back Before Midnight!
Sat Jul 258:00pTheatre:I'll Be Back Before Midnight!
Fri Jul 248:00pTheatre:I'll Be Back Before Midnight!
Thu Jul 238:00pTheatre:I'll Be Back Before Midnight!
Wed Jul 228:00pTheatre:I'll Be Back Before Midnight!
Tue Jul 218:00pTheatre:I'll Be Back Before Midnight!
Sun Jul 192:00pTheatre:I'll Be Back Before Midnight!
Sat Jul 188:00pTheatre:I'll Be Back Before Midnight!
Fri Jul 178:00pTheatre:I'll Be Back Before Midnight!
Thu Jul 168:00pTheatre:I'll Be Back Before Midnight!
Wed Jul 158:00pTheatre:I'll Be Back Before Midnight!
Tue Jul 148:00pTheatre:I'll Be Back Before Midnight!
Sun Jul 122:00pTheatre:I'll Be Back Before Midnight!
Sat Jul 118:00pTheatre:I'll Be Back Before Midnight!
Fri Jul 108:00pTheatre:I'll Be Back Before Midnight!
Thu Jul 098:00pTheatre:I'll Be Back Before Midnight!
Wed Jul 088:00pTheatre:I'll Be Back Before Midnight! (Preview)
Sat Jun 278:00pMusic:Johanne McInnis
Fri Jun 267:00pTheatre:A Midsummer Night's Dream
Fri Jun 197:00pTheatre:A View from the Bridge
Sat Jun 138:00pTheatre:Broken Leg Theatre
Thu Jun 117:00pFilm:Mamma Mia!
Sat Jun 064:00pDance:Celebration of the East Coast Dance Recital
Sat Jun 061:00pDance:Celebration of the East Coast Dance Recital
Sat May 308:00pMusic:Gypsophilia & Ian Sherwood
Sat May 238:00pMusic:The Karen Robinson Band
Sat May 168:00pMusic:Hupmans and The Mule
Fri May 157:00pTheatre:Man and Superman
Mon May 117:30pMusic:Fatty Legs
Fri May 087:30pMusic:Lorne Elliott Music & Comedy Theatre
Thu May 077:00pFilm:Alive Inside: Alzheimer's Documentary and Panel
Sat May 028:00pMusic:Goodnight Kitchen
Fri May 017:00pFilm:Shakespeare:The Hidden Truth
Thu Apr 307:30pMusic:Don Amero REFINED tour
Sat Apr 258:00pMusic:Ariana Nasr chante PIAF (CD Release)
Fri Apr 248:00pMusic:Ariana Nasr chante PIAF (CD Release)
Sat Apr 187:00pMusic:Spring Concert
Fri Apr 177:00pTheatre:The Hard Problem
Sat Apr 118:00pMusic:Highway 125
Wed Apr 087:00pMusic:Dreams: A Night of Music and Action
Sat Apr 048:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Incognito
Thu Apr 026:30pDance:Dance Recital Spring Fling
Sat Mar 288:00pMusic:Hupman Brothers and Ian Sherwood Show
Fri Mar 277:30pMusic:Elsa Hodder & Friends
Fri Mar 137:00pTheatre:Behind the Beautiful Forevers
Sat Mar 078:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Fortuitous
Sat Feb 288:00pMusic:Rock & Roll Burlesque
Fri Feb 277:00pFilm:To Light A Candle - Maziar Bahari
Wed Feb 257:00pFilm:Mommy
Sun Feb 229:30pFilm:Oscars Night Party
Sun Feb 224:00pFilm:Mr. Turner
Sun Feb 227:00pFilm:Mr. Turner
Sat Feb 218:00pTheatre:Broken Leg Theatre - Snow
Wed Feb 187:00pFilm:Citizenfour
Sun Feb 154:00pFilm:Living Is Easy with Eyes Closed
Sat Feb 147:30pTheatre:9 to 5 The Musical
Sat Feb 142:30pTheatre:9 to 5 The Musical
Fri Feb 137:30pTheatre:9 to 5 The Musical
Thu Feb 127:30pTheatre:9 to 5 The Musical
Wed Feb 117:30pTheatre:9 to 5 The Musical
Sun Feb 084:00pFilm:Whiplash
Sun Feb 087:00pFilm:Whiplash
Sat Feb 078:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Distinguished
Fri Feb 067:00pMusic:STS Jeffrey Zeigler, Cello
Wed Feb 047:00pFilm:Manakamana
Sun Feb 014:00pFilm:Dear White People
Sun Feb 017:00pFilm:Dear White People
Wed Jan 287:00pFilm:The Girls in the Band
Sun Jan 254:00pFilm:Rosewater
Sun Jan 257:00pFilm:Rosewater
Fri Jan 237:00pTheatre:Treasure Island
Wed Jan 217:00pFilm:Dangerous Acts Starring the Unstable Elements of Belarus
Tue Jan 207:00pFilm:Banff Mountain Film Festival-SOLD OUT
Sun Jan 184:00pFilm:Force Majeure
Sun Jan 187:00pFilm:Force Majeure
Sat Jan 177:00pFilm:The Singing Revolution
Wed Jan 147:00pFilm:Fed Up
Sun Jan 114:00pFilm:Night Moves
Sun Jan 117:00pFilm:Night Moves
Wed Jan 077:00pFilm:Monsoon
Sun Jan 044:00pFilm:Pride
Sun Jan 047:00pFilm:Pride
Sun Dec 212:30pFilm:The Shortest Day: Kids Program
Sun Dec 214:00pFilm:The Shortest Day: Family Program
Sun Dec 217:00pFilm:The Shortest Day: Adult Comedy Program
Sat Dec 203:00pMusic:Christmas Concert & Carol Sing
Sun Dec 144:00pFilm:Love is Strange
Sun Dec 147:00pFilm:Love is Strange
Wed Dec 107:00pFilm:Omar
Sun Dec 074:00pFilm:Kaze Tachinu (The Wind Rises)
Sun Dec 077:00pFilm:Kaze Tachinu (The Wind Rises)
Sat Dec 068:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Festivus
Fri Dec 058:00pMusic:WarChild Benefit
Wed Dec 037:00pFilm:Enzo Avitabile Music Life
Sun Nov 304:00pFilm: Hundraåringen som klev ut genom fönstret och försvann (The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared)
Sun Nov 307:00pFilm:Hundraåringen som klev ut genom fönstret och försvann (The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared)
Wed Nov 267:00pFilm:Borgman
Sun Nov 234:00pFilm:Calvary
Sun Nov 237:00pFilm:Calvary
Sat Nov 224:00pMusic:Heather Kelday CD Release
Sat Nov 228:00pMusic:Heather Kelday CD Release
Fri Nov 217:00pTheatre:Of Mice and Men
Wed Nov 197:00pFilm:Jodorowsky’s Dune
Wed Nov 197:00pLecture:Celebrating Local Economy
Sun Nov 1612:00pFilm:Devour! the Food Film Fest
Sat Nov 1510:00aFilm:Devour! the Food Film Fest
Fri Nov 1410:00aFilm:Devour! the Food Film Fest
Thu Nov 1310:00aFilm:Devour! the Food Film Fest
Sun Nov 094:00pFilm:Ida
Sun Nov 097:00pFilm:Ida
Sat Nov 087:00pFilm:War Horse Encore
Fri Nov 077:00pFilm:Rebecca
Thu Nov 067:00pFilm:Life of Brian
Wed Nov 058:30pFilm:Québékoisie
Wed Nov 057:00pFilm:Shameless Propaganda
Sun Nov 024:00pFilm:Vi är bäst! (We are the Best!)
Sun Nov 027:00pFilm:Vi är bäst! (We are the Best!)
Sat Nov 018:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Pulchritudinous
Wed Oct 297:00pFilm:Only Lovers Left Alive
Sun Oct 264:00pFilm:Boyhood
Sun Oct 267:00pFilm:Boyhood
Sat Oct 258:00pMusic: A Night of Soulful Blues & Country Music
Fri Oct 247:00pTheatre:Skylight
Wed Oct 229:00pFilm:Rocky Horror Picture Show
Wed Oct 2211:00pFilm:Rocky Horror Picture Show
Wed Oct 227:00pFilm:Tim's Vermeer
Sun Oct 194:00pFilm:Maïna
Sun Oct 197:00pFilm:Maïna
Fri Oct 178:00pTheatre:Less Miserable
Thu Oct 168:00pMusic:Ron Hynes
Wed Oct 157:00pFilm:The Immigrant
Mon Oct 137:00pFilm:Magic in the Moonlight
Sun Oct 127:00pFilm:Magic in the Moonlight
Sat Oct 118:00pTheatre:Broken Leg Theatre - Falling
Wed Oct 087:00pFilm:Québékoisie
Sun Oct 054:00pFilm:Obvious Child
Sun Oct 057:00pFilm:Obvious Child
Sat Oct 048:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Splendiferous
Fri Oct 037:00pTheatre:A Streetcar Named Desire
Thu Oct 027:00pOther:Fundraiser–Valley Businesswomen
Sun Sep 284:00pFilm:The Trip to Italy
Sun Sep 287:00pFilm:The Trip to Italy
Sat Sep 2710:00aWorkshop:Deep Roots Harmony Singing
Sat Sep 2711:15aMusic:Deep Roots I’ve Been Everywhere
Sat Sep 2712:30pMusic:Deep Roots - Fiddle Fox
Sat Sep 272:00pMusic:Deep Roots Songwriters’ Circle
Sat Sep 273:30pMusic:Deep Roots Sisters are Doin’ It
Wed Sep 247:00pFilm:A People Uncounted
Sun Sep 214:00pFilm:Begin Again
Sun Sep 217:00pFilm:Begin Again
Thu Sep 187:00pLecture:Pecha Kucha
Wed Sep 177:00pFilm:Chef
Sun Sep 144:00pFilm:Tracks
Sun Sep 147:00pFilm:Tracks
Wed Sep 107:00pFilm:Life Itself
Mon Sep 087:00pFilm:Belle
Sun Sep 074:00pFilm:Belle
Sun Sep 077:00pFilm:Belle
Sat Sep 068:00pMusic:(K)Night Kitchen Returns
Fri Sep 057:00pTheatre:Medea
Fri Aug 297:00pTheatre:A Small Family Business
Thu Aug 286:30pFilm:Chef
Wed Aug 277:30pTheatre:WOW - Video Screening
Fri Aug 227:00pTheatre:Annie
Fri Aug 221:00pTheatre:Annie
Thu Aug 211:00pTheatre:Annie
Thu Aug 217:00pTheatre:Annie
Sun Aug 172:00pTheatre:Mass Appeal
Sat Aug 168:00pTheatre:Mass Appeal
Fri Aug 158:00pTheatre:Mass Appeal
Thu Aug 148:00pTheatre:Mass Appeal
Wed Aug 138:00pTheatre:Mass Appeal
Tue Aug 128:00pTheatre:Mass Appeal
Sun Aug 102:00pTheatre:Mass Appeal
Sat Aug 098:00pTheatre:Mass Appeal
Fri Aug 088:00pTheatre:Mass Appeal
Thu Aug 078:00pTheatre:Mass Appeal
Wed Aug 068:00pTheatre:Mass Appeal
Tue Aug 058:00pTheatre:Mass Appeal
Sun Aug 032:00pTheatre:Mass Appeal
Sat Aug 022:00pTheatre:Mass Appeal
Sat Aug 028:00pTheatre:Mass Appeal
Fri Aug 018:00pTheatre:Mass Appeal
Thu Jul 318:00pTheatre:Mass Appeal - Preview
Sun Jul 272:00pTheatre:Wingfield Unbound
Sat Jul 268:00pTheatre:Wingfield Unbound
Sat Jul 262:00pTheatre:Wingfield Unbound
Fri Jul 258:00pTheatre:Wingfield Unbound
Sun Jul 202:00pTheatre:Marion Bridge
Sat Jul 198:00pTheatre:Marion Bridge
Fri Jul 188:00pTheatre:Marion Bridge
Thu Jul 178:00pTheatre:Marion Bridge
Wed Jul 168:00pTheatre:Marion Bridge
Tue Jul 158:00pTheatre:Marion Bridge
Sun Jul 132:00pTheatre:Marion Bridge
Sat Jul 128:00pTheatre:Marion Bridge
Fri Jul 118:00pTheatre:Marion Bridge
Thu Jul 108:00pTheatre:Marion Bridge
Wed Jul 098:00pTheatre:Marion Bridge
Tue Jul 088:00pTheatre:Marion Bridge
Sun Jul 062:00pTheatre:Marion Bridge
Sat Jul 058:00pTheatre:Marion Bridge
Sat Jul 052:00pTheatre:Marion Bridge
Fri Jul 048:00pTheatre:Marion Bridge
Thu Jul 038:00pTheatre:Marion Bridge - Preview
Sun Jun 228:00pFilm:Words & Pictures
Fri Jun 207:00pFilm:Devour! Dinner and a Movie, LE CHEF
Thu Jun 197:30pLecture:Arts Nova Scotia Talking Art
Sun Jun 158:00pFilm:Siddharth
Sat Jun 148:00pDance:Liddle at the Whittle Belly Dance
Thu Jun 127:00pTheatre:Pecha Kucha
Mon Jun 098:00pFilm:The Grand Budapest Hotel
Sun Jun 088:00pFilm:The Grand Budapest Hotel
Fri Jun 068:00pFilm:Manet: Portraying Life
Sun Jun 012:00pDance:Dance Expression
Sun Jun 018:00pFilm:Short Term 12
Fri May 307:00pFilm:The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime
Sun May 258:00pFilm:Le démantèlement (The Auction)
Sat May 248:00pMusic:Ask Your Sister
Fri May 238:00pMusic:Ask Your Sister
Wed May 218:00pFilm:The Expedition to the End of the World
Sun May 182:00pTheatre:Poetry and Motion
Sun May 188:00pFilm:La grande bellezza (The Great Beauty)
Sat May 172:00pTheatre:Poetry and Motion
Fri May 167:00pFilm:The Disappeared
Sun May 118:00pFilm:Her
Sat May 108:00pMusic:Up Dog CD Release
Fri May 097:00pTheatre:King Lear - National Theatre Live
Wed May 078:00pFilm:Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer
Sun May 048:00pFilm:Alceste à bicyclette (Bicycling with Moliere)
Sat May 038:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Ellipsis
Fri May 028:00pFilm:The Story of the Montague
Tue Apr 298:00pTheatre:937
Sun Apr 274:00pFilm:Soshite chichi ni naru (Like Father, Like Son)
Sun Apr 277:00pFilm:Soshite chichi ni naru (Like Father, Like Son)
Sat Apr 267:00pFilm:Play Again
Fri Apr 257:00pMusic:Scott Woods Old Time Jubilee
Wed Apr 237:00pFilm:Al Midan (The Square)
Tue Apr 227:00pFilm:50/50
Mon Apr 217:00pFilm:The Book Thief
Sun Apr 207:00pFilm:The Book Thief
Fri Apr 187:00pFilm:Don Giovanni - The Royal Opera
Wed Apr 167:00pFilm:All is Lost
Sun Apr 134:00pFilm:The Lunchbox
Sun Apr 137:00pFilm:The Lunchbox
Sat Apr 128:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Penultimate
Fri Apr 117:00pFilm:The Sleeping Beauty - The Royal Ballet
Wed Apr 097:00pFilm:Frédéric Back: Grandeur Nature
Tue Apr 088:00pMusic:Jeff Hennessy and Ian Janes
Sun Apr 064:00pFilm:Gloria
Sun Apr 067:00pFilm:Gloria
Sun Apr 0610:00aDance:ADCC Dance Recital
Sun Apr 061:00pDance:ADCC Dance Recital
Fri Apr 047:00pTheatre:Romeo and Juliet
Thu Apr 038:00pMusic:Corona Solis Clarinet Quartet
Wed Apr 027:00pFilm:12 Years a Slave
Sun Mar 304:00pFilm:Le Week-End
Sun Mar 307:00pFilm:Le Week-End
Sat Mar 298:00pMusic:A Tribute to Kurt Cobain & Nirvana
Fri Mar 287:00pFilm:Carmen - The Royal Opera
Wed Mar 267:00pFilm:Muscle Shoals
Sun Mar 234:00pFilm:Le passé (The Past)
Sun Mar 237:00pFilm:Le passé (The Past)
Sat Mar 227:00pFilm:Moulin Rouge - Royal Winnipeg Ballet
Wed Mar 197:30pTheatre:Jonesin' For Joss
Tue Mar 187:30pTheatre:Jonesin' For Joss
Sun Mar 167:00pFilm:The Invisible Woman
Sun Mar 164:00pFilm:The Invisible Woman
Sat Mar 158:00pMusic:Kimberly Matheson CD Release
Fri Mar 147:00pFilm:Leonardo Live - National Gallery
Wed Mar 127:00pFilm:Finding Vivian Maier
Sun Mar 094:00pFilm:Fruitvale Station
Sun Mar 097:00pFilm:Fruitvale Station
Fri Mar 077:00pTheatre:War Horse - National Theatre
Wed Mar 057:00pFilm:Dallas Buyers Club
Sun Mar 029:30pFilm:Oscar Night Party
Sun Mar 024:00pFilm:Nebraska
Sun Mar 027:00pFilm:Nebraska
Sat Mar 018:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Green
Fri Feb 287:00pFilm:Turandot - The Royal Opera
Wed Feb 267:00pFilm:Das Venedig Prinzip (The Venice Syndrome)
Sun Feb 234:00pFilm:The Attack
Sun Feb 237:00pFilm:The Attack
Sat Feb 227:30pTheatre:10 Things I Hate (About You!)
Sat Feb 222:30pTheatre:10 Things I Hate (About You!)
Fri Feb 217:30pTheatre:10 Things I Hate (About You!)
Thu Feb 207:30pTheatre:10 Things I Hate (About You!)
Sun Feb 164:00pFilm:Inside Llewyn Davis
Sun Feb 167:00pFilm:Inside Llewyn Davis
Sat Feb 157:00pFilm:Giselle - The Royal Ballet
Fri Feb 148:00pTheatre:Broken Leg Theatre - Love. It.
Thu Feb 137:00pTheatre:Pecha Kucha Wolfville
Wed Feb 127:00pFilm:Inequality for All
Sun Feb 094:00pFilm:La cage dorée (The Gilded Cage)
Sun Feb 097:00pFilm:La cage dorée (The Gilded Cage)
Sat Feb 087:30pTheatre:Lauren's Vale
Sat Feb 082:30pTheatre:Lauren's Vale
Fri Feb 077:30pTheatre:Lauren's Vale
Thu Feb 067:30pTheatre:Lauren's Vale
Wed Feb 057:30pTheatre:Lauren's Vale
Sun Feb 024:00pFilm:Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom
Sun Feb 027:00pFilm:Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom
Sat Feb 018:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Sassy!
Fri Jan 317:00pTheatre:Coriolanus
Thu Jan 308:00pMusic:An evening with Steve Poltz
Wed Jan 297:00pFilm:Our Man in Tehran
Sun Jan 264:00pFilm:Gabrielle
Sun Jan 267:00pFilm:Gabrielle
Sat Jan 258:00pMusic:FunTime Entertainment Presents!!
Fri Jan 247:00pFilm:Jewels - Bolshoi Ballet
Wed Jan 227:00pFilm:La vie d'Adele (Blue Is the Warmest Color)
Tue Jan 217:30pFilm:Banff Mountain Film Festival
Sun Jan 194:00pFilm:Philomena
Sun Jan 197:00pFilm:Philomena
Sat Jan 182:00pFilm:The Legend of Sarila
Sat Jan 188:00pMusic:Hupman Brothers CD Release
Wed Jan 157:00pFilm:Arctic Defenders
Tue Jan 147:00pDance:Ghosts of Violence
Sun Jan 124:00pFilm:Roche papier ciseaux (Rock Paper Scissors)
Sun Jan 127:00pFilm:Roche papier ciseaux (Rock Paper Scissors)
Wed Jan 087:00pFilm:The Experimental Eskimos
Sun Jan 054:00pFilm:Cas & Dylan
Sun Jan 057:00pFilm:Cas & Dylan
Sat Jan 048:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Renovation
Fri Jan 037:00pFilm:An Evening With Crystal Pite - Nederlands Dans Theater
Sun Dec 227:00pFilm:The Nutcracker Encore - The Royal Ballet
Sat Dec 213:00pMusic:Gentlemen's Chorus & Carol Sing
Fri Dec 207:30pTheatre:A Christmas Carol
Thu Dec 197:30pTheatre:A Christmas Carol
Sun Dec 154:00pFilm:Wadjda
Sun Dec 157:00pFilm:Wadjda
Fri Dec 137:00pFilm:The Nutcracker - The Royal Ballet
Thu Dec 127:00pOther:Landmark East Fine Arts Showcase
Wed Dec 117:00pFilm:In the Family
Sun Dec 084:00pFilm:Museum Hours
Sun Dec 087:00pFilm:Museum Hours
Sat Dec 078:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Transcendent
Fri Dec 068:00pMusic:Warchild 7
Thu Dec 057:00pTheatre:RSC's Richard II
Wed Dec 047:00pFilm:Happy People: A Year in the Taiga
Sun Dec 014:00pFilm:The Art of the Steal
Sun Dec 017:00pFilm:The Art of the Steal
Sun Dec 011:00pDance:Celebrate The Season
Sat Nov 307:00pMusic:Jess Healy Album Release
Fri Nov 297:00pTheatre:Frankenstein
Thu Nov 287:00pMusic:Teresa Doyle & Stan Carew
Sun Nov 244:00pFilm:Tao Jie (A Simple Life)
Sun Nov 247:00pFilm:Tao Jie (A Simple Life)
Sat Nov 235:00pMusic:Tribute To The Last Waltz
Sat Nov 238:00pMusic:Tribute To The Last Waltz
Fri Nov 227:00pFilm:Spartacus - Bolshoi Ballet
Wed Nov 207:00pFilm:20 Feet from Stardom
Sun Nov 172:00pFilm:Devour! The Food Film Fest
Sat Nov 162:00pFilm:Devour! The Food Film Fest
Fri Nov 159:00pFilm:Devour! Hey Bartender
Fri Nov 152:00pFilm:Devour! The Food Film Fest
Thu Nov 142:00pFilm:Devour! The Food Film Fest
Wed Nov 137:30aLecture:Wolfville's Vital Signs Report
Wed Nov 138:30pFilm:Devour! The Fruit Hunters
Sun Nov 104:00pFilm:Io sono Li (Shun Li and the Poet)
Sun Nov 107:00pFilm:Io sono Li (Shun Li and the Poet)
Fri Nov 087:00pTheatre:Sondheim's Merrily We Roll Along
Wed Nov 067:00pFilm:Watermark
Sun Nov 034:00pFilm:Mud
Sun Nov 037:00pFilm:Mud
Sat Nov 028:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Exponential²
Fri Nov 017:00pTheatre:Macbeth
Wed Oct 309:15pFilm:The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Wed Oct 3011:15pFilm:The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Wed Oct 307:00pFilm:Blancanieves
Tue Oct 297:00pFilm:Bad Coyote Valley Premiere
Sun Oct 274:00pFilm:Blue Jasmine
Sun Oct 277:00pFilm:Blue Jasmine
Fri Oct 258:00pFilm:Vermeer and Music
Wed Oct 238:00pFilm:The Adventures of Prince Achmed
Tue Oct 227:00pFilm:SWITCH Documentary
Sun Oct 204:00pFilm:Hannah Arendt
Sun Oct 207:00pFilm:Hannah Arendt
Sat Oct 198:00pMusic:Mark Bezanson CD Release
Fri Oct 187:00pFilm:Don Quixote - Royal Opera House
Thu Oct 177:00pFilm:Ingredients - A Film About Food
Wed Oct 165:00pFilm:Co-op Film Night
Mon Oct 147:00pFilm:Frances Ha
Sun Oct 137:00pFilm:Frances Ha
Sat Oct 128:00pTheatre:Broken Leg Theatre - Spooky
Fri Oct 117:30pMusic:Don Amero
Wed Oct 097:00pFilm:Dalpaengee eui byeol (Planet of Snail)
Sun Oct 064:00pFilm:Still Mine
Sun Oct 067:00pFilm:Still Mine
Sat Oct 058:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Compassionate
Fri Oct 047:00pTheatre:Othello
Sun Sep 294:00pFilm:Renoir
Sun Sep 297:00pFilm:Renoir
Sat Sep 281:00pMusic:Deep Roots Festival
Thu Sep 268:00pFilm:Road to Baleya
Wed Sep 257:00pFilm:Nostalgia de la luz (Nostalgia for the Light)
Sun Sep 224:00pFilm:Much Ado About Nothing
Sun Sep 227:00pFilm:Much Ado About Nothing
Sat Sep 217:30pMusic:Dominion Atlantic Railway - Pictures, Stories & Songs
Sun Sep 154:00pFilm:Jagten (The Hunt)
Sun Sep 157:00pFilm:Jagten (The Hunt)
Thu Sep 127:00pMusic:Jenn Grant w/Jim Bryson
Wed Sep 117:00pFilm:Ain't in It for My Health
Wed Sep 116:40pMusic:Up Dog Levon Helm Tribute
Sun Sep 084:00pFilm:Before Midnight
Sun Sep 087:00pFilm:Before Midnight
Sat Sep 078:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Resplendent
Sun Aug 182:00pTheatre:Under Milk Wood
Sat Aug 1711:00aTheatre:Stuff and Nonsense
Sat Aug 172:00pTheatre:Under Milk Wood
Sat Aug 178:00pTheatre:Under Milk Wood
Fri Aug 1611:00aTheatre:Stuff and Nonsense
Fri Aug 168:00pTheatre:Under Milk Wood
Thu Aug 1511:00aTheatre:Stuff and Nonsense
Thu Aug 158:00pTheatre:Under Milk Wood
Wed Aug 1411:00aTheatre:Stuff and Nonsense
Wed Aug 148:00pTheatre:Under Milk Wood
Tue Aug 1311:00aTheatre:Stuff and Nonsense
Tue Aug 138:00pTheatre:Under Milk Wood
Mon Aug 1211:00aTheatre:Stuff and Nonsense
Sun Aug 112:00pTheatre:Under Milk Wood
Sun Aug 118:00pTheatre:Under Milk Wood
Sat Aug 108:00pTheatre:Under Milk Wood
Fri Aug 091:00pTheatre:The Little Mermaid
Fri Aug 097:00pTheatre:The Little Mermaid
Thu Aug 081:00pTheatre:The Little Mermaid
Thu Aug 087:00pTheatre:The Little Mermaid
Mon Aug 058:00pFilm:COLVILLE a documentary
Wed Jul 315:00pFilm:Devour! The Food Film Fest Media Launch
Sun Jul 282:00pTheatre:Wingfield's Folly
Sat Jul 278:00pTheatre:Wingfield's Folly
Sat Jul 272:00pTheatre:Wingfield's Folly
Fri Jul 268:00pTheatre:Wingfield's Folly
Tue Jul 238:00pTheatre:Women Who Shout At The Stars
Sun Jul 218:00pTheatre:Love Letters
Sun Jul 212:00pTheatre:Love Letters
Sat Jul 208:00pTheatre:Love Letters
Fri Jul 198:00pMusic:Ian Sherwood
Sun Jul 148:00pFilm:Love Is All You Need
Sun Jul 078:00pFilm:Rebelle (War Witch)
Sun Jun 308:00pFilm:Blood Pressure
Sat Jun 298:00pMusic:Amber Rowe & The Funtime Brigade
Thu Jun 278:00pFilm:Exhibition: Munch 150
Sun Jun 238:00pFilm:Ginger & Rosa
Sat Jun 222:00pFilm:Dirt Divas Video Screening
Sat Jun 228:00pTheatre:Broken Leg Theatre
Fri Jun 217:00pTheatre:The Audience (NT Live)
Sun Jun 168:00pFilm:Kon-Tiki
Sat Jun 157:00pMusic:Four Seasons Orchestra
Fri Jun 147:00pTheatre:The Audience (NT Live)
Thu Jun 138:00pTheatre:Funny, Daddy w/ Comedian Lloyd Ravn
Sun Jun 098:00pFilm:The Fairy
Sun Jun 028:00pFilm:Promised Land
Sun May 268:00pFilm:Amour
Sat May 257:00pDance:Dance Expression 2013
Fri May 248:00pFilm:Big Easy Express
Wed May 228:00pFilm:The Gatekeepers
Sun May 198:00pFilm:No
Sat May 187:00pTheatre:This House (National Theatre)
Fri May 178:00pMusic:Hendrix 70: Live at Woodstock
Sun May 128:00pFilm:Blackbird
Sat May 118:00pMusic:Music of James Bond
Wed May 088:00pFilm:Chasing Ice
Sun May 058:00pFilm:Life of Pi
Sat May 048:00pMusic:Night Kitchen
Fri May 037:30pMusic:Don Amero
Wed May 017:00pFilm:Drowning In Colour: The Art of Wayne Boucher
Wed May 014:00pMusic:Wolfvegas Music Video Recording
Sun Apr 284:00pFilm:The Sapphires
Sun Apr 287:00pFilm:The Sapphires
Sat Apr 277:00pDance:Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Fri Apr 267:30pMusic:Whittle Big Man Gala
Wed Apr 247:00pFilm:Crulic – The Path To Beyond
Sun Apr 214:00pFilm:A Late Quartet
Sun Apr 217:00pFilm:A Late Quartet
Sat Apr 208:00pMusic:Andy and Ariana CD Release
Fri Apr 198:00pMusic:Queen: Live In Budapest
Sun Apr 144:00pFilm:The Angels’ Share
Sun Apr 147:00pFilm:The Angels’ Share
Sat Apr 138:00pMusic:Drum Night X
Thu Apr 117:00pFilm:Double Feature Movie Night
Wed Apr 107:00pFilm:Jiro Dreams of Sushi
Sun Apr 074:00pFilm:Rust and Bone
Sun Apr 077:00pFilm:Rust and Bone
Sat Apr 068:00pMusic:Night Kitchen
Fri Apr 057:00pDance:Bolshoi Ballet's Swan Lake
Fri Apr 057:00pDance:POSTPONED: Alice in Wonderland
Mon Apr 017:00pFilm:Quartet
Sun Mar 317:00pFilm:Quartet
Sat Mar 308:00pTheatre:Big Dead Show
Wed Mar 277:00pFilm:The Woman with the 5 Elephants
Sun Mar 244:00pFilm:Oslo, August 31
Sun Mar 247:00pFilm:Oslo, August 31
Fri Mar 227:00pTheatre:People (National Theatre)
Sun Mar 174:00pFilm:Robot & Frank
Sun Mar 177:00pFilm:Robot & Frank
Fri Mar 158:00pFilm:Coldplay Live 2012
Wed Mar 137:00pFilm:Samsara
Sun Mar 104:00pFilm:The Master
Sun Mar 107:00pFilm:The Master
Sat Mar 097:30pTheatre:Two Hours in a Madhouse
Sun Mar 034:00pFilm:A Royal Affair
Sun Mar 037:00pFilm:A Royal Affair
Sat Mar 028:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Original
Fri Mar 018:00pFilm:Move to Move
Wed Feb 277:00pFilm:This is Not a Film
Sun Feb 249:30pFilm:Oscar Night Party
Sun Feb 244:00pFilm:Silver Linings Playbook
Sun Feb 247:00pFilm:Silver Linings Playbook
Sat Feb 237:15pFilm:Annapolis Valley Short Film Fest
Thu Feb 217:30pTheatre:Ian Stewart - Hypnotist
Sun Feb 174:00pFilm:Hyde Park on Hudson
Sun Feb 177:00pFilm:Hyde Park on Hudson
Sat Feb 168:00pTheatre:Broken Leg Theatre
Fri Feb 158:00pFilm:Lady Antebellum: Own The Night
Wed Feb 137:00pFilm:Searching for Sugar Man
Sun Feb 107:00pFilm:Chinese Take-Away
Sun Feb 104:00pFilm:Chinese Take-Away
Sat Feb 097:30pTheatre:RENT
Sat Feb 092:30pTheatre:RENT
Fri Feb 087:30pTheatre:RENT
Thu Feb 077:30pTheatre:RENT
Wed Feb 067:30pTheatre:RENT
Sun Feb 034:00pFilm:Anna Karenina
Sun Feb 037:00pFilm:Anna Karenina
Sat Feb 028:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Intrepid
Wed Jan 307:00pFilm:Stories We Tell
Sun Jan 274:00pFilm:Seven Psychopaths
Sun Jan 277:00pFilm:Seven Psychopaths
Sat Jan 268:00pMusic:Ari Hest
Tue Jan 227:00pFilm:Banff Mountain Film Festival
Sun Jan 204:00pFilm:The Well Digger's Daughter
Sun Jan 207:00pFilm:The Well Digger's Daughter
Sat Jan 198:00pMusic:The FunTime Brigade
Fri Jan 188:00pFilm:Led Zeppelin: Celebration Day
Wed Jan 167:00pFilm:Under African Skies
Sun Jan 134:00pFilm:The Sessions
Sun Jan 137:00pFilm:The Sessions
Sat Jan 127:00pMusic:Bruce Clarke CD Release
Sun Jan 064:00pFilm:Midnight's Children
Sun Jan 067:00pFilm:Midnight's Children
Sat Jan 058:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Rocks!
Fri Dec 287:00pFilm:Jesus Christ Superstar
Wed Dec 197:30pTheatre:A Christmas Carol
Sun Dec 164:00pFilm:Habemus Papam (We Have a Pope)
Sun Dec 167:00pFilm:Habemus Papam (We Have a Pope)
Sat Dec 158:00pMusic:Scott Prudence CD Release
Sun Dec 094:00pFilm:Les neiges du Kilimandjaro (The Snows of Kilimanjaro)
Sun Dec 097:00pFilm:Les neiges du Kilimandjaro (The Snows of Kilimanjaro)
Sat Dec 088:00pMusic:The Modern Grass and Jennah Barry
Fri Dec 078:00pMusic:War Child 6: Love and Mercy
Wed Dec 057:00pFilm:First Position
Sun Dec 024:00pFilm:Your Sister's Sister
Sun Dec 027:00pFilm:Your Sister's Sister
Sat Dec 018:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Magical
Sun Nov 254:00pFilm:Safety Not Guaranteed
Sun Nov 257:00pFilm:Safety Not Guaranteed
Sat Nov 248:00pMusic:Hupman Brothers CD Release
Wed Nov 217:00pFilm:5 Broken Cameras
Sun Nov 184:00pFilm:Cloudburst
Sun Nov 187:00pFilm:Cloudburst
Sun Nov 114:00pFilm:W ciemnosci (In Darkness)
Sun Nov 117:00pFilm:W ciemnosci (In Darkness)
Wed Nov 077:00pFilm:Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry
Sun Nov 044:00pFilm:The Intouchables
Sun Nov 047:00pFilm:The Intouchables
Sat Nov 038:00pMusic:Night Kitchen YELLOW
Wed Oct 318:30pTheatre:Rocky Horror Picture Show
Sun Oct 284:00pOther:Pariah
Sun Oct 287:00pFilm:Pariah
Wed Oct 247:00pFilm:The World Before Her
Sun Oct 214:00pFilm:Få meg på, for faen (Turn Me On, Goddammit!)
Sun Oct 217:00pFilm:Få meg på, for faen (Turn Me On, Goddammit!)
Sat Oct 208:00pMusic:Erin Costelo CD Release
Wed Oct 174:00pFilm:Market Meal and Film Night
Tue Oct 167:00pMeeting:Acadia Cinema Coop AGM
Sun Oct 144:00pFilm:Beasts of the Southern Wild
Sun Oct 147:00pFilm:Beasts of the Southern Wild
Sat Oct 138:00pTheatre:Broken Leg Theatre
Wed Oct 107:00pFilm:How to Make a Book with Steidl
Mon Oct 087:00pFilm:Marécages (Wetlands)
Sun Oct 077:00pFilm:Marécages (Wetlands)
Sat Oct 068:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Primordial
Sun Sep 304:00pFilm:Kak ya provel etim letom (How I Ended This Summer)
Sun Sep 307:00pFilm:Kak ya provel etim letom (How I Ended This Summer)
Sat Sep 291:00pMusic:Deep Roots Afternoon
Thu Sep 278:00pMusic:The Dominion Atlantic Railway
Wed Sep 267:00pFilm:Queen of the Sun
Mon Sep 247:30pMusic:Don Amero Heart on My Sleeve Tour
Sun Sep 234:00pFilm:Take This Waltz
Sun Sep 237:00pFilm:Take This Waltz
Thu Sep 207:00pFilm:Freedom for Birth
Sun Sep 164:00pFilm:Bir zamanlar Anadolu'da (Once Upon A Time in Anatolia)
Sun Sep 167:00pFilm:Bir zamanlar Anadolu'da (Once Upon A Time in Anatolia)
Wed Sep 127:00pFilm:Marley
Sun Sep 094:00pFilm:Moonrise Kingdom
Sun Sep 097:00pFilm:Moonrise Kingdom
Sat Sep 088:00pMusic:Sahara Jane's CD Release
Thu Aug 308:30pMusic:Steve Poltz World Tour
Tue Aug 287:00pMusic:Benefit Concert for Team Kenya
Sat Aug 258:00pOther:The Lorne Elliott Comedy Show
Fri Aug 247:00pTheatre:Alice's Wonderland
Fri Aug 242:00pTheatre:Alice's Wonderland
Thu Aug 237:00pTheatre:Alice's Wonderland
Sat Aug 182:00pTheatre:Educating Rita
Sat Aug 188:00pTheatre:Educating Rita
Fri Aug 178:00pTheatre:Educating Rita
Thu Aug 168:00pTheatre:Educating Rita
Wed Aug 158:00pTheatre:Educating Rita
Tue Aug 148:00pTheatre:Educating Rita
Sun Aug 122:00pTheatre:Educating Rita
Sat Aug 118:00pTheatre:Educating Rita
Fri Aug 108:00pTheatre:Educating Rita
Thu Aug 098:00pTheatre:Educating Rita
Wed Aug 088:00pTheatre:Educating Rita
Tue Aug 078:00pTheatre:Educating Rita
Sun Aug 052:00pTheatre:Educating Rita
Sat Aug 048:00pTheatre:Educating Rita
Fri Aug 038:00pTheatre:Educating Rita
Thu Aug 028:00pTheatre:Educating Rita
Wed Aug 018:00pTheatre:Educating Rita
Tue Jul 318:00pTheatre:Educating Rita
Sun Jul 292:00pTheatre:Educating Rita
Sat Jul 282:00pTheatre:Educating Rita
Sat Jul 288:00pTheatre:Educating Rita
Fri Jul 278:00pTheatre:Educating Rita
Thu Jul 268:00pTheatre:Educating Rita Preview
Sat Jul 212:00pTheatre:Wingfield's Progress
Sat Jul 218:00pTheatre:Wingfield's Progress
Fri Jul 208:00pTheatre:Wingfield's Progress
Thu Jul 198:00pTheatre:Wingfield's Progress
Wed Jul 188:00pTheatre:Wingfield's Progress
Tue Jul 178:00pTheatre:Wingfield's Progress
Sun Jul 152:00pTheatre:Wingfield's Progress
Sat Jul 148:00pTheatre:Wingfield's Progress
Fri Jul 138:00pTheatre:Wingfield's Progress
Thu Jul 128:00pTheatre:Wingfield's Progress
Wed Jul 118:00pTheatre:Wingfield's Progress
Tue Jul 108:00pTheatre:Wingfield's Progress
Sun Jul 082:00pTheatre:Wingfield's Progress
Sat Jul 072:00pTheatre:Wingfield's Progress
Sat Jul 078:00pTheatre:Wingfield's Progress
Fri Jul 068:00pTheatre:Wingfield's Progress
Thu Jul 058:00pTheatre:Wingfield's Progress - Preview
Wed Jun 278:00pFilm:Boy
Sun Jun 248:00pFilm:Hearat Shulayim (Footnote)
Sat Jun 238:00pTheatre:Broken Leg Theatre
Sun Jun 178:00pFilm:Take Shelter
Thu Jun 147:00pMeeting:Cultural Mapping Public Meeting
Wed Jun 137:00pFilm:Salmon Wars
Sun Jun 108:00pFilm:The Deep Blue Sea
Sun Jun 038:00pFilm:Gianni e le donne (The Salt of Life)
Thu May 318:00pMusic:Swingology
Wed May 308:00pTheatre:Fishing A Comedy
Tue May 298:00pTheatre:Fishing A Comedy
Sun May 278:00pFilm:Terri
Sat May 268:00pTheatre:Fishing A Comedy
Fri May 257:30pMusic:A Whittle Off-Broadway
Wed May 238:00pFilm:Corman’s World
Mon May 217:00pFilm:40 Days at Base Camp
Sun May 208:00pFilm:Le gamin au vélo (The Kid with a Bike)
Sat May 197:00pMusic:Acoustic Night
Thu May 177:00pFilm:Edie and Thea: A Very Long Engagement
Sun May 138:00pFilm:Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
Sat May 127:15pFilm:Annapolis Valley Short Film Festival
Wed May 098:00pFilm:Payback
Sun May 068:00pFilm:Hugo
Sat May 058:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Forever
Sun Apr 294:00pFilm:Monsieur Lazhar
Sun Apr 297:00pFilm:Monsieur Lazhar
Wed Apr 257:00pFilm:West Wind: The Vision of Tom Thomson
Sun Apr 224:00pFilm:Albert Nobbs
Sun Apr 227:00pFilm:Albert Nobbs
Sat Apr 218:00pMusic:Rose Cousins CD Release
Sun Apr 154:00pFilm:Jodaeiye Nader az Simin (A Separation)
Sun Apr 157:00pFilm:Jodaeiye Nader az Simin (A Separation)
Sat Apr 148:00pMusic:Andy and Ariana's CD Release
Fri Apr 138:00pMusic:Drum Night
Wed Apr 117:00pFilm:Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey
Mon Apr 097:00pFilm:Tomboy
Sun Apr 087:00pFilm:Tomboy
Sat Apr 078:00pMusic:Night Kitchen (The Birds and the Bees)
Sun Apr 014:00pFilm:Sarah's Key
Sun Apr 017:00pFilm:Sarah's Key
Fri Mar 308:00pMusic:Erin Costelo & Stephen Fearing
Thu Mar 297:00pFilm:To Make A Farm - Documentary
Wed Mar 287:00pFilm:Pink Ribbons, Inc.
Sun Mar 254:00pFilm:A Dangerous Method
Sun Mar 257:00pFilm:A Dangerous Method
Tue Mar 207:00pFilm:Miss Representation Documentary
Sun Mar 184:00pFilm:Di Renjie
Sun Mar 187:00pFilm:Di Renjie
Fri Mar 169:30aTheatre:Musical Theatre Program Finale
Wed Mar 147:00pFilm:People of a Feather
Sun Mar 114:00pFilm:Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
Sun Mar 117:00pFilm:Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
Fri Mar 097:30pLiterary:100 Mile Verses
Mon Mar 057:30pFilm:The Music Never Stopped
Sun Mar 044:00pFilm:The Iron Lady
Sun Mar 047:00pFilm:The Iron Lady
Sat Mar 038:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Impressive
Wed Feb 297:00pFilm:A Promise to the Dead
Sun Feb 264:00pFilm:The Artist
Sun Feb 267:00pFilm:The Artist
Sun Feb 194:00pFilm:Shi (Poetry)
Sun Feb 197:00pFilm:Shi (Poetry)
Sat Feb 188:00pMusic:The Chimney Swifts
Wed Feb 157:00pFilm:Urbanized
Mon Feb 137:00pFilm:Bullshit
Sun Feb 124:00pFilm:Café de flore
Sun Feb 127:00pFilm:Café de flore
Sat Feb 117:30pTheatre:JUMP! An 80's Musical
Sat Feb 112:30pTheatre:JUMP! An 80's Musical
Fri Feb 107:30pTheatre:JUMP! An 80's Musical
Thu Feb 097:30pTheatre:JUMP! An 80's Musical
Wed Feb 087:30pTheatre:JUMP! An 80's Musical
Sun Feb 054:00pFilm:The Way
Sun Feb 057:00pFilm:The Way
Sat Feb 048:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Incomparable
Fri Feb 037:00pFilm:The Art of Flight
Wed Feb 017:00pFilm:Surviving Progress
Sun Jan 294:00pFilm:Le havre
Sun Jan 297:00pFilm:Le havre
Tue Jan 247:00pFilm:Banff Mountain Film Festival
Sun Jan 224:00pFilm:My Week with Marilyn
Sun Jan 227:00pFilm:My Week with Marilyn
Wed Jan 187:00pFilm:My Perestroika
Sun Jan 154:00pFilm:Starbuck
Sun Jan 157:00pFilm:Starbuck
Sun Jan 084:00pFilm:Margin Call
Sun Jan 087:00pFilm:Margin Call
Sat Jan 078:00pMusic:Grand Ole Night Kitchen
Wed Dec 217:30pTheatre:A Christmas Carol
Mon Dec 197:30pMusic:An Evening of Jazz
Sun Dec 184:00pFilm:Potiche
Sun Dec 187:00pFilm:Potiche
Sat Dec 178:00pMusic:Caleb Miles CD Release
Wed Dec 147:00pFilm:Project Nim
Sun Dec 114:00pFilm:También la lluvia (Even the Rain)
Sun Dec 117:00pFilm:También la lluvia (Even the Rain)
Sat Dec 101:00pMusic:World Vision Fundraiser Concert
Fri Dec 098:00pMusic:Mingle Bells
Mon Dec 058:00pMusic:Whose Song Is It Anyway?
Sun Dec 044:00pFilm:The Guard
Sun Dec 047:00pFilm:The Guard
Sat Dec 031:30pFilm:Gone With the Wind
Sat Dec 038:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Amazing
Fri Dec 028:00pMusic:Love Shines WarChild Benefit
Wed Nov 307:00pFilm:Buck
Tue Nov 297:30pLiterary:Ami McKay
Sun Nov 274:00pFilm:Small Town Murder Songs
Sun Nov 277:00pFilm:Small Town Murder Songs
Sat Nov 267:00pFilm:A Dangerous Method
Sat Nov 267:00pFilm:Sarah's Key
Sun Nov 204:00pFilm:Le quattro volte
Sun Nov 207:00pFilm:Le quattro volte
Wed Nov 167:00pFilm:Music from the Big House
Thu Nov 109:00aFilm:Slow Motion Food Film Fest
Sun Nov 064:00pFilm:Oorlogswinter (Winter in Wartime)
Sun Nov 067:00pFilm:Oorlogswinter (Winter in Wartime)
Sat Nov 058:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Enchanting
Fri Nov 047:30pMusic:Jens Jeppesen and Russell Sawler
Thu Nov 037:00pMeeting:Acadia Cinema Co-op
Wed Nov 027:00pFilm:Eco-Pirate: The Story of Paul Watson
Sun Oct 304:00pFilm:One Day
Sun Oct 307:00pFilm:One Day
Sat Oct 298:00pOther:The Dominion Atlantic Railway
Fri Oct 288:00pMusic:The Fiddler and The Tenor
Sun Oct 234:00pFilm:Meek's Cutoff
Sun Oct 237:00pFilm:Meek's Cutoff
Sat Oct 228:00pTheatre:WTF - Beyond The Gravelled Road
Fri Oct 218:00pTheatre:WTF - The Vajayjay Monologues
Thu Oct 208:00pTheatre:Stand Up Comedy
Wed Oct 197:00pFilm:Cave of Forgotten Dreams
Sun Oct 164:00pFilm:Life, Above All
Sun Oct 167:00pFilm:Life, Above All
Sat Oct 158:00pTheatre:Broken Leg - has been POSTPONED
Mon Oct 107:00pFilm:Oranges and Sunshine
Sun Oct 097:00pFilm:Oranges and Sunshine
Sun Oct 091:00pOther:Ecumenical Prayer Service
Wed Oct 057:00pFilm:Forks Over Knives
Sun Oct 024:00pFilm:The Trip
Sun Oct 027:00pFilm:The Trip
Sat Oct 018:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Vivacious
Wed Sep 288:00pMusic:Canadian Folk Legend VALDY
Sun Sep 254:00pFilm:The Whistleblower
Sun Sep 257:00pFilm:The Whistleblower
Wed Sep 217:00pFilm:The Strangest Dream
Sun Sep 184:00pFilm:Midnight in Paris
Sun Sep 187:00pFilm:Midnight in Paris
Sat Sep 171:00pFilm:The Wizard of Oz
Mon Sep 127:00pLecture:Ai Ripples
Sun Sep 114:00pFilm:The Tree of Life
Sun Sep 117:00pFilm:The Tree of Life
Mon Sep 058:00pFilm:Beginners
Sun Sep 048:00pFilm:Beginners
Sat Sep 038:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Centennial
Fri Aug 267:30pTheatre:Seussical The Musical
Fri Aug 262:30pTheatre:Seussical The Musical
Thu Aug 257:30pTheatre:Seussical The Musical
Tue Aug 237:00pFilm:Forks Over Knives
Sat Aug 208:00pTheatre:Vigil
Sat Aug 202:00pTheatre:Vigil
Fri Aug 198:00pTheatre:Vigil
Thu Aug 188:00pTheatre:Vigil
Wed Aug 178:00pTheatre:Vigil
Tue Aug 168:00pTheatre:Vigil
Sun Aug 142:00pTheatre:Vigil
Sat Aug 138:00pTheatre:Vigil
Fri Aug 128:00pTheatre:Vigil
Thu Aug 118:00pTheatre:Vigil
Wed Aug 108:00pTheatre:Vigil
Tue Aug 098:00pTheatre:Vigil
Sun Aug 072:00pTheatre:Vigil
Sat Aug 068:00pTheatre:Vigil
Sat Aug 062:00pTheatre:Vigil
Fri Aug 058:00pTheatre:Vigil
Thu Aug 048:00pTheatre:Vigil - Preview Performance
Sat Jul 302:00pTheatre:Driving Miss Daisy
Sat Jul 308:00pTheatre:Driving Miss Daisy
Fri Jul 298:00pTheatre:Driving Miss Daisy
Thu Jul 288:00pTheatre:Driving Miss Daisy
Wed Jul 278:00pTheatre:Driving Miss Daisy
Tue Jul 268:00pTheatre:Driving Miss Daisy
Sun Jul 242:00pTheatre:Driving Miss Daisy
Sun Jul 248:00pTheatre:Richard Donat Reads Leacock
Sat Jul 238:00pTheatre:Driving Miss Daisy
Sat Jul 232:00pTheatre:Richard Donat Reads Leacock
Fri Jul 228:00pTheatre:Driving Miss Daisy
Thu Jul 218:00pTheatre:Driving Miss Daisy
Wed Jul 208:00pTheatre:Driving Miss Daisy
Tue Jul 198:00pTheatre:Driving Miss Daisy
Sun Jul 172:00pTheatre:Driving Miss Daisy
Sat Jul 168:00pTheatre:Driving Miss Daisy
Fri Jul 158:00pTheatre:Driving Miss Daisy
Thu Jul 148:00pTheatre:Driving Miss Daisy
Wed Jul 138:00pTheatre:Driving Miss Daisy
Tue Jul 128:00pTheatre:Driving Miss Daisy
Sun Jul 102:00pTheatre:Driving Miss Daisy
Sat Jul 092:00pTheatre:Driving Miss Daisy
Sat Jul 098:00pTheatre:Driving Miss Daisy
Fri Jul 088:00pTheatre:Driving Miss Daisy
Thu Jul 078:00pTheatre:Driving Miss Daisy Preview
Sun Jul 038:00pFilm:Cedar Rapids
Sun Jun 268:00pFilm:The First Grader
Sun Jun 263:00pMusic:Life Happens CD Release
Sat Jun 258:00pTheatre:'Night Mother
Fri Jun 248:00pTheatre:'Night Mother
Sun Jun 198:00pFilm:Alamar
Sat Jun 188:00pTheatre:Broken Leg Theatre
Fri Jun 177:30pMusic:The Celtic Umbrella Ensemble
Sun Jun 128:00pFilm:Modra
Sat Jun 118:00pMusic:Molly Thomason CD Release
Sun Jun 058:00pFilm:Hævnen (In a Better World)
Sat Jun 048:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Rhapsodic
Fri Jun 037:00pFilm:9000 Needles
Thu Jun 028:00pMusic:Matt Mays
Sun May 298:00pFilm:Copie conforme (Certified Copy)
Wed May 258:00pFilm:Winds of Heaven: Emily Carr
Sun May 228:00pFilm:Joueuse (Queen to Play)
Sat May 212:00pDance:Soaring Elegance
Sat May 217:00pDance:Soaring Elegance
Mon May 168:00pFilm:Jane Eyre
Sat May 1412:30pLecture:TEDxAnnapolisValley
Wed May 118:00pFilm:The Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls
Mon May 098:00pFilm:True Grit
Sun May 088:00pMusic:AMP Festival 2011
Sat May 078:00pMusic:AMP Festival 2011
Fri May 068:00pMusic:AMP Festival 2011
Wed May 048:00pFilm:Phil Ochs: There But for Fortune
Sun May 017:30pTheatre:The Yeomen of the Guard
Sat Apr 307:00pMusic:Caledonian Orchestra
Fri Apr 297:30pMusic:Old Man Luedecke
Wed Apr 277:00pFilm:Gasland
Sun Apr 244:00pFilm:Vision: Aus dem Leben der Hildegard von Bingen
Sun Apr 247:00pFilm:Vision: Aus dem Leben der Hildegard von Bingen
Sat Apr 238:00pMusic:Songs of Johnny Cash
Sun Apr 174:00pFilm:Des hommes et des dieux
Sun Apr 177:00pFilm:Des hommes et des dieux
Sat Apr 162:00pFilm:The General
Wed Apr 137:00pFilm:Restrepo
Sun Apr 104:00pFilm:Made in Dagenham
Sun Apr 107:00pFilm:Made in Dagenham
Sun Apr 034:00pFilm:L’affaire ‘Farewell’
Sun Apr 037:00pFilm:L’affaire ‘Farewell’
Sat Apr 028:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Delightful
Fri Apr 018:00pMusic:Drum Night
Thu Mar 317:30pFilm: The Economics of Happiness
Wed Mar 307:00pFilm:Waiting for Superman
Sun Mar 274:00pFilm:L'illusionniste (The Illusionist)
Sun Mar 277:00pFilm:L'illusionniste (The Illusionist)
Sat Mar 268:00pMusic:Hupman Brothers CD Release
Mon Mar 218:00pTheatre:Broken Leg Theatre Casting Call
Sun Mar 204:00pFilm:La tête en friche
Sun Mar 207:00pFilm:La tête en friche
Sat Mar 199:00aMusic:Vocal Masterclass Beginner
Sat Mar 191:00pMusic:Vocal Masterclass Intermediate
Fri Mar 1810:00aMusic:Rock Camp
Fri Mar 188:00pMusic:Deep Roots Music Camps
Thu Mar 1710:00aMusic:Rock Camp
Wed Mar 167:00pFilm:Les glaneurs et la glaneuse
Wed Mar 1610:00aMusic:Rock Camp
Tue Mar 1510:00aMusic:Deep Roots Rock Camp
Sun Mar 134:00pFilm:Carlos
Sun Mar 137:00pFilm:Carlos
Sat Mar 128:00pMusic:Songs of Tom Waits
Sun Mar 064:00pFilm:Another Year
Sun Mar 067:00pFilm:Another Year
Sat Mar 058:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Excellent
Wed Mar 027:00pFilm:Inside Job
Sun Feb 274:00pFilm:Tales from the Golden Age
Sun Feb 277:00pFilm:Tales from the Golden Age
Sun Feb 204:00pFilm:Barney's Version
Sun Feb 207:00pFilm:Barney's Version
Sat Feb 198:00pMusic:Kimberly Matheson CD Release
Fri Feb 188:00pMusic:Le Lievre, Stone and Trites
Wed Feb 167:00pFilm:Last Train Home
Mon Feb 147:00pFilm:Fight Club
Sun Feb 134:00pFilm:Incendies
Sun Feb 137:00pFilm:Incendies
Sat Feb 122:30pTheatre:The Wedding Singer
Sat Feb 127:30pTheatre:The Wedding Singer
Fri Feb 117:30pTheatre:The Wedding Singer
Thu Feb 107:30pTheatre:The Wedding Singer
Wed Feb 097:30pTheatre:The Wedding Singer
Sun Feb 064:00pFilm:Soul Kitchen
Sun Feb 067:00pFilm:Soul Kitchen
Sat Feb 058:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Monumental
Wed Feb 027:00pFilm:Force of Nature
Sun Jan 304:00pFilm:The King's Speech
Sun Jan 307:00pFilm:The King's Speech
Tue Jan 257:00pFilm:Banff Mountain Film Festival
Sun Jan 234:00pFilm:Nowhere Boy
Sun Jan 237:00pFilm:Nowhere Boy
Sat Jan 223:00pFilm:STS Soundtracker
Wed Jan 197:00pFilm:The Agronomist
Sun Jan 164:00pFilm:Heartbeats/Les amours imaginaires
Sun Jan 167:00pFilm:Heartbeats/Les amours imaginaires
Sat Jan 158:00pMusic:Heather Kelday and Mike Evin
Fri Jan 148:00pMusic:HAWP and Fleur Mainville
Sun Jan 094:00pFilm:Tamara Drewe
Sun Jan 097:00pFilm:Tamara Drewe
Sat Jan 088:00pMusic:Songs of Bob Dylan
Sat Jan 018:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Sumptuous
Sun Dec 194:00pFilm:Jack Goes Boating
Sun Dec 197:00pFilm:Jack Goes Boating
Sat Dec 188:00pMusic:Al King CD Release
Fri Dec 178:00pMusic:Lievre, Stone, and Trites
Thu Dec 167:00pLiterary:Johanna Skibsrud Reading
Wed Dec 157:00pFilm:Babies
Sun Dec 124:00pFilm:The White Ribbon
Sun Dec 127:00pFilm:The White Ribbon
Sat Dec 118:00pMusic:War Child Fundraiser Concert
Mon Dec 067:30pTheatre:Dickens' A Christmas Carol
Sun Dec 054:00pFilm:Micmacs
Sun Dec 057:00pFilm:Micmacs
Sat Dec 048:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Opulent
Fri Dec 037:30pMusic:World Vision Fundraiser
Wed Dec 017:00pFilm:Waste Land
Tue Nov 308:00pMusic:Don Ross & Jimmy Wahlsteen
Sun Nov 284:00pFilm:Winter's Bone
Sun Nov 287:00pFilm:Winter's Bone
Sat Nov 278:00pMusic:Hupman Brothers Band CD Release
Fri Nov 268:00pMusic:Andy Maize with Don Brownrigg
Sun Nov 214:00pFilm:J'ai tué ma mère
Sun Nov 217:00pFilm:J’ai tué ma mère
Sat Nov 208:00pMusic:Mike Trask and TELFER
Wed Nov 177:00pFilm:Exit Through the Gift Shop
Sun Nov 144:00pFilm:The Secret in Their Eyes
Sun Nov 147:00pFilm:The Secret in Their Eyes
Fri Nov 128:00pMusic:A Tribute To Neil Young
Sun Nov 074:00pFilm:Get Low
Sun Nov 077:00pFilm:Get Low
Sat Nov 068:00pMusic:Night Kitchen UNCANNY
Wed Nov 037:00pFilm:La Danse: The Paris Opera Ballet
Sun Oct 317:00pFilm:Broken Embraces
Sun Oct 312:00pMusic:Johanne McInnis
Sat Oct 308:00pMusic:Johanne McInnis
Fri Oct 298:00pMusic:Ian Sherwood CD Release
Thu Oct 288:00pMusic:Lennie Gallant
Wed Oct 277:30pMeeting:Acadia Cinema Coop AGM
Sun Oct 244:00pFilm:Departures
Sun Oct 247:00pFilm:Departures
Fri Oct 229:00pFilm:The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Thu Oct 218:00pMusic:The Gertrudes w/Mountains And Trees
Wed Oct 207:00pFilm:Helvetica
Sun Oct 174:00pFilm:Coco & Igor
Sun Oct 177:00pFilm:Coco & Igor
Sat Oct 168:00pMusic:Andy and Ariana's CD Release
Wed Oct 136:30pLecture:Lisa Drader-Murphy
Sun Oct 107:00pFilm:A Prophet
Wed Oct 067:00pFilm:Neil Young: Trunk Show
Tue Oct 058:00pFilm:Reel Paddling Film Festival
Sun Oct 034:00pFilm:The Trotsky
Sun Oct 037:00pFilm:The Trotsky
Sat Oct 028:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Splendid
Wed Sep 297:00pFilm:The Revolution will not be Televised
Sun Sep 264:00pFilm:Mao's Last Dancer
Sun Sep 267:00pFilm:Mao's Last Dancer
Sat Sep 251:00pMusic:Deep Roots Music Festival
Mon Sep 207:00pFilm:I Am Love
Sun Sep 194:00pFilm:I Am Love
Sat Sep 188:00pMusic:Ladies in Blues
Thu Sep 167:00pFilm:Poor No More
Wed Sep 157:00pFilm:Oceans
Tue Sep 148:00pTheatre:Jake's Gift
Sun Sep 124:00pFilm:The Kids are All Right
Sun Sep 127:00pFilm:The Kids are All Right
Sat Sep 118:00pMusic:The Songs of Joni Mitchell
Fri Sep 107:30pMusic:Emerging Artists: Unearthed
Sat Sep 048:00pMusic:Night Kitchen
Sun Aug 294:00pFilm:Colville
Sun Aug 297:00pFilm:Colville
Sat Aug 287:30pMusic:Emerging Artists: Unearthed
Thu Aug 267:30pTheatre:Fame! The Musical
Thu Aug 262:30pTheatre:Fame! The Musical
Wed Aug 257:30pTheatre:Fame! The Musical
Sun Aug 228:00pMusic:Farmers' Market Songs
Sun Aug 222:00pTheatre:The Woman in Black
Sat Aug 218:00pTheatre:The Woman in Black
Sat Aug 212:00pTheatre:The Woman in Black
Fri Aug 208:00pTheatre:The Woman in Black
Thu Aug 198:00pTheatre:The Woman in Black
Wed Aug 188:00pTheatre:The Woman in Black
Tue Aug 178:00pTheatre:The Woman in Black
Sun Aug 152:00pTheatre:The Woman in Black
Sat Aug 148:00pTheatre:The Woman in Black
Sat Aug 142:00pTheatre:The Woman in Black
Fri Aug 138:00pTheatre:The Woman in Black
Thu Aug 128:00pTheatre:The Woman in Black
Wed Aug 118:00pTheatre:The Woman in Black
Tue Aug 108:00pTheatre:The Woman in Black
Sun Aug 082:00pTheatre:The Woman in Black
Sat Aug 072:00pTheatre:The Woman in Black
Sat Aug 078:00pTheatre:The Woman in Black
Fri Aug 068:00pTheatre:The Woman in Black
Thu Aug 058:00pTheatre:The Woman in Black
Sun Aug 012:00pTheatre:Letter from Wingfield Farm
Sat Jul 312:00pTheatre:Letter from Wingfield Farm
Sat Jul 318:00pTheatre:Letter from Wingfield Farm
Fri Jul 308:00pTheatre:Letter from Wingfield Farm
Thu Jul 298:00pTheatre:Letter from Wingfield Farm
Wed Jul 288:00pTheatre:Letter from Wingfield Farm
Tue Jul 278:00pTheatre:Letter from Wingfield Farm
Sun Jul 252:00pTheatre:Letter from Wingfield Farm
Sat Jul 248:00pTheatre:Letter from Wingfield Farm
Sat Jul 242:00pTheatre:Letter from Wingfield Farm
Fri Jul 238:00pTheatre:Letter from Wingfield Farm
Thu Jul 228:00pTheatre:Letter from Wingfield Farm
Wed Jul 218:00pTheatre:Letter from Wingfield Farm
Tue Jul 208:00pTheatre:Letter from Wingfield Farm
Sun Jul 182:00pTheatre:Letter From Wingfield Farm
Sat Jul 172:00pTheatre:Letter from Wingfield Farm
Sat Jul 178:00pTheatre:Letter From Wingfield Farm
Fri Jul 168:00pTheatre:Letter from Wingfield Farm
Thu Jul 158:00pTheatre:Letter From Wingfield Farm
Sun Jul 118:00pFilm:Up in the Air
Sat Jul 101:00pMusic:Dido and Aeneas
Sat Jul 108:00pMusic:Dido and Aeneas
Fri Jul 098:00pMusic:Dido and Aeneas
Sun Jul 048:00pFilm:Away We Go
Sat Jul 038:00pMusic:Dungaree & Hupman CD Release
Sun Jun 278:00pFilm:Cold Souls
Fri Jun 258:00pMeeting:Shout Out for Global Justice!
Thu Jun 248:00pFilm:The Cove
Sun Jun 208:00pFilm:Julie & Julia
Sat Jun 198:00pMusic:John Tetrault CD Release
Sun Jun 138:00pFilm:(500) Days of Summer
Wed Jun 098:00pMusic:Ian Janes CD Release
Sun Jun 062:00pMusic:Studio Recital and Community Chorus
Sun Jun 068:00pFilm:Pirate Radio
Sat Jun 058:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Dynamite
Sun May 304:00pFilm:Summer Hours
Sun May 307:00pFilm:Summer Hours
Wed May 267:00pFilm:In the Footsteps of Marco Polo
Sun May 234:00pFilm:Crazy Heart
Sun May 237:00pFilm:Crazy Heart
Sat May 228:00pMusic:Jack McDonald CD Release
Sun May 164:00pFilm:The Messenger
Sun May 167:00pFilm:The Messenger
Sat May 158:00pMusic:Stephen Fearing & Erin Costelo
Wed May 128:00pMusic:Steve Poltz CD Release
Sun May 098:00pMusic:AMP Festival Mothers Day Gala
Sat May 088:00pMusic:AMP Festival Concert
Fri May 078:00pMusic:AMP Festival Opening Show
Thu May 067:00pFilm:Dirt! The Movie
Sun May 024:00pFilm:Invictus
Sun May 027:00pFilm:Invictus
Sat May 017:30pTheatre:HMCS Pinafore
Fri Apr 308:00pTheatre:Shakespeare On Trial
Wed Apr 287:00pFilm:The Yes Men Fix the World
Sun Apr 254:00pFilm:A Serious Man
Sun Apr 257:00pFilm:A Serious Man
Fri Apr 238:00pMusic:World in Wolfville Drum Night
Sun Apr 182:00pMusic:Puccini's Women
Sun Apr 187:00pFilm:Police, Adjective
Sat Apr 177:00pFilm:Laughology!
Wed Apr 147:00pFilm:The Beaches of Agnes
Sun Apr 114:00pFilm:The Last Station
Sun Apr 117:00pFilm:The Last Station
Sat Apr 107:30pTheatre:Little Shop of Horrors
Sat Apr 102:30pTheatre:Little Shop of Horrors
Fri Apr 097:30pTheatre:Little Shop of Horrors
Thu Apr 087:30pTheatre:Little Shop of Horrors
Wed Apr 077:30pTheatre:Little Shop of Horrors
Sun Apr 044:00pFilm:The Hurt Locker
Sun Apr 047:00pFilm:The Hurt Locker
Sat Apr 038:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Enticing
Fri Apr 0210:00aMusic:Thank You Jesus
Wed Mar 317:00pFilm:Reel Injun + Qallunaat: Why White People Are So Funny
Sun Mar 284:00pFilm:The Young Victoria
Sun Mar 287:00pFilm:The Young Victoria
Fri Mar 268:00pMusic:Hupman Brothers Songwriter's Circle
Sun Mar 217:00pFilm:Mary and Max
Sun Mar 214:00pFilm:Mary and Max
Wed Mar 177:00pFilm:Unmistaken Child
Sun Mar 144:00pFilm:Precious
Sun Mar 147:00pFilm:Precious
Fri Mar 127:30pTheatre:Dances of the Dead
Fri Mar 1210:00pTheatre:Dances of the Dead
Sun Mar 074:00pFilm:A Single Man
Sun Mar 077:00pFilm:A Single Man
Sat Mar 068:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Phenomenal
Wed Mar 037:00pFilm:Herb & Dorothy
Wed Mar 0310:00aFilm:Four Feet Up
Sun Feb 284:00pFilm:Moon
Sun Feb 287:00pFilm:Moon
Sun Feb 214:00pFilm:Creation
Sun Feb 217:00pFilm:Creation
Wed Feb 177:00pFilm:Youssou N'Dour: I Bring What I Love
Sun Feb 144:00pFilm:The Boys Are Back
Sun Feb 147:00pFilm:The Boys Are Back
Sat Feb 138:00pMusic:Ruth Minnikin Fundraising Concert
Sun Feb 074:00pFilm:The Private Lives of Pippa Lee
Sun Feb 077:00pFilm:The Private Lives of Pippa Lee
Sat Feb 068:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Stupendous
Wed Feb 037:00pFilm:Good Hair
Tue Feb 027:00pMeeting:Wolfville and Area Newcomers Club
Sun Jan 314:00pFilm:Coco Before Chanel
Sun Jan 317:00pFilm:Coco Before Chanel
Thu Jan 288:00pMusic:Jenn Grant with Jason Plumb
Sun Jan 244:00pFilm:Amreeka
Sun Jan 247:00pFilm:Amreeka
Wed Jan 207:00pFilm:Genius Within: The Inner Life of Glenn Gould
Sun Jan 174:00pFilm:Cooking With Stella
Sun Jan 177:00pFilm:Cooking With Stella
Sat Jan 168:00pMusic:Hupman Brothers Songwriter's Circle
Wed Jan 135:30pOther:Restorative & Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Class
Tue Jan 127:00pMeeting:The Dandelion Community Event
Sun Jan 104:00pFilm:An Education
Sun Jan 107:00pFilm:An Education
Wed Jan 067:00pFilm:Capitalsm: A Love Story
Sat Jan 028:00pMusic:Night Kitchen (Cancelled)
Sun Dec 274:00pFilm:Sita Sings the Blues
Sun Dec 277:00pFilm:Sita Sings the Blues
Sun Dec 204:00pFilm:Bright Star
Sun Dec 207:00pFilm:Bright Star
Sat Dec 197:30pTheatre:A Brand New Year
Sat Dec 192:30pTheatre:A Brand New Year
Fri Dec 187:30pTheatre:A Brand New Year
Thu Dec 177:30pTheatre:A Brand New Year
Wed Dec 167:30pTheatre:A Brand New Year
Sun Dec 134:00pFilm:Lemon Tree
Sun Dec 138:00pMusic:Bowls of Cheer
Sat Dec 127:00pTheatre:A Christmas Carol
Fri Dec 117:00pTheatre:A Christmas Carol
Thu Dec 108:00pMusic:Skydiggers Acoustic Duo
Wed Dec 097:00pFilm:Every Little Step
Sun Dec 064:00pFilm:The Damned United
Sun Dec 067:00pFilm:The Damned United
Sat Dec 058:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Jubilant
Sat Dec 051:00pMusic:World Vision Fundraiser Music Recital
Fri Dec 048:00pMusic:War Child Benefit
Thu Dec 038:00pMusic:Carew, Breeze, and Wilson
Wed Dec 027:00pFilm:Waterlife
Sun Nov 294:00pFilm:Seraphine
Sun Nov 297:00pFilm:Seraphine
Sat Nov 288:00pMusic:Thugs at Bay (t@b) CD Release
Tue Nov 247:00pFilm:Four Feet Up
Sun Nov 224:00pFilm:Goodbye Solo
Sun Nov 227:00pFilm:Goodbye Solo
Sun Nov 222:00pMusic:The Knapsack Program Benefit
Sat Nov 218:00pMusic:Allan Fraser
Wed Nov 187:00pFilm:Of Time and the City
Sun Nov 154:00pFilm:Il Divo
Sun Nov 157:00pFilm:Il Divo
Sat Nov 148:00pMusic:David Francey
Fri Nov 138:00pMusic:Kevin Davison CD Release Concert
Tue Nov 107:30pFilm:Let Each Light Shine
Sun Nov 0810:00aFilm:Slow Motion Food Film Festival
Sun Nov 0810:00aCulinary:The Future of our Food Panel Discussion
Sun Nov 0811:00aFilm:Animals
Sun Nov 081:00pFilm:The End of the Line
Sun Nov 084:00pFilm:Babette's Feast
Sun Nov 087:00pFilm:Food, Inc.
Sun Nov 089:00pFilm:The Tree of Wooden Clogs
Sat Nov 078:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Gastronomical
Sat Nov 071:00pFilm:Slow Motion Food Film Festival
Sat Nov 071:00pFilm:Ratatouille
Sat Nov 074:00pFilm:One Man, One Cow, One Planet
Fri Nov 061:00pFilm:Slow Motion Food Film Festival
Fri Nov 061:00pFilm:What's on Your Plate?
Fri Nov 064:00pFilm:The Edible Schoolyard
Fri Nov 068:00pFilm:Bottle Shock
Wed Nov 047:00pFilm:The Garden
Sun Nov 014:00pFilm:Tulpan
Sun Nov 017:00pFilm:Tulpan
Sun Nov 018:00pMusic:Bowls of Cheer
Fri Oct 308:00pMusic:Rose Cousins CD Release
Thu Oct 297:00pFilm:Pontypool
Thu Oct 298:45pFilm:Let the Right One In
Tue Oct 277:30pMusic:Steve Poltz
Sun Oct 254:00pFilm:Cairo Time
Sun Oct 257:00pFilm:Cairo Time
Wed Oct 217:00pFilm:Proceed and Be Bold
Mon Oct 197:30pTheatre:Becoming the Subject of Your Own Story - Rather Than the Object of Another's Gaze
Sun Oct 184:00pFilm:Everlasting Moments
Sun Oct 187:00pFilm:Everlasting Moments
Sat Oct 171:30pFilm:Babe
Thu Oct 157:00pFilm:Che 2
Wed Oct 147:00pLiterary:Author Barb Stegemann
Tue Oct 137:00pFilm:Che 1
Sun Oct 114:00pFilm:The Brothers Bloom
Sun Oct 117:00pFilm:The Brothers Bloom
Thu Oct 088:00pMusic:Dr. Zoo
Wed Oct 077:00pFilm:Passage
Sun Oct 044:00pFilm:Tokyo Sonata
Sun Oct 047:00pFilm:Tokyo Sonata
Sat Oct 038:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Immortal
Sun Sep 274:00pFilm:Cheri
Sun Sep 277:00pFilm:Cheri
Wed Sep 237:00pFilm:Pete Seeger: The Power of Song
Mon Sep 217:30pOther:Nuclear Follies
Sun Sep 207:00pFilm:Empties
Sun Sep 2012:00pMusic:Deep Roots Emerging Artists Showcase
Sun Sep 204:00pFilm:Empties
Sat Sep 191:30pFilm:Earth
Fri Sep 188:00pMusic:Michael Pickett
Sun Sep 134:00pFilm:Adoration
Sun Sep 137:00pFilm:Adoration
Sat Sep 128:00pMusic:Amelia Curran CD Release
Sat Sep 058:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Superlative
Mon Aug 318:00pFilm:Easy Virtue
Mon Aug 318:00pFilm:Easy Virtue
Sun Aug 308:00pFilm:Easy Virtue
Sat Aug 298:00pMusic:Mike Aube CD Release
Sun Aug 238:00pTheatre:Love Letters
Sat Aug 222:00pTheatre:Love Letters
Sat Aug 228:00pTheatre:Love Letters
Fri Aug 218:00pTheatre:Love Letters
Thu Aug 208:00pTheatre:Love Letters
Wed Aug 198:00pTheatre:Love Letters
Mon Aug 1712:00pMeeting:Funding Announcement
Sun Aug 162:00pTheatre:The Gin Game
Sun Aug 168:00pTheatre:The Gin Game
Sat Aug 152:00pTheatre:The Gin Game
Sat Aug 158:00pTheatre:The Gin Game
Fri Aug 148:00pTheatre:The Gin Game
Thu Aug 138:00pTheatre:The Gin Game
Wed Aug 128:00pTheatre:The Gin Game
Tue Aug 118:00pTheatre:The Gin Game
Sun Aug 092:00pTheatre:The Gin Game
Sun Aug 098:00pTheatre:The Gin Game
Sat Aug 082:00pTheatre:The Gin Game
Sat Aug 088:00pTheatre:The Gin Game
Fri Aug 078:00pTheatre:The Gin Game
Thu Aug 068:00pTheatre:The Gin Game
Wed Aug 058:00pTheatre:The Gin Game
Tue Aug 048:00pTheatre:The Gin Game
Sun Aug 022:00pTheatre:The Gin Game
Sun Aug 028:00pTheatre:The Gin Game
Sat Aug 012:00pTheatre:The Gin Game
Sat Aug 018:00pTheatre:The Gin Game
Fri Jul 318:00pTheatre:The Gin Game
Thu Jul 308:00pTheatre:The Gin Game
Wed Jul 298:00pTheatre:The Gin Game
Sun Jul 268:00pFilm:Sugar
Sat Jul 257:30pMusic:SheilaFest
Fri Jul 247:00pOther:RBC Mud Creek Talent Show
Sun Jul 198:00pFilm:Is Anybody There?
Sun Jul 128:00pFilm:Bienvenue Chez Les Ch'tis/Welcome to the Sticks
Wed Jul 087:00pFilm:Fish Mix: Tidal Power, the Bay of Fundy, & You
Sun Jul 058:00pFilm:The Soloist
Sun Jun 288:00pFilm:Sunshine Cleaning
Sun Jun 218:00pFilm:Doubt
Sun Jun 148:00pFilm:Iron Road
Sat Jun 138:00pMusic:Molly Thomason CD Release Concert
Sun Jun 078:00pFilm:Two Lovers
Wed Jun 037:30pFilm:The Freedom Tour: People First Documentary
Sun May 314:00pFilm:Ghost Town
Sun May 317:00pFilm:Ghost Town
Sat May 308:00pMusic:Hupman Brothers CD Release
Wed May 277:00pFilm:Throw Down Your Heart
Sun May 244:00pFilm:The Secret of the Grain
Sun May 247:00pFilm:The Secret of the Grain
Sat May 238:00pMusic:Beatles and Beyond
Fri May 228:00pMusic:Jenn Grant CD Release
Sun May 174:00pFilm:The Magic Flute
Sun May 177:00pFilm:The Magic Flute
Wed May 137:00pFilm:Baraka
Sun May 108:00pMusic:AMP Festival: Mothers Day Gala
Sun May 102:00pOther:AMP Workshops
Sat May 093:00pMusic:AMP Festival
Sat May 098:00pMusic:AMP Festival
Fri May 088:00pMusic:AMP Festival
Sun May 034:00pFilm:The Pool
Sun May 037:00pFilm:The Pool
Sat May 027:00pTheatre:Cinderella
Wed Apr 298:00pMusic:Kate Hammett Vaughan and Bill Coon
Sun Apr 264:00pFilm:The Class
Sun Apr 267:00pFilm:The Class
Sat Apr 257:00pMusic:Four Seasons Community Orchestra
Sat Apr 251:30pFilm:Wall-e
Thu Apr 238:00pMusic:Matt Minglewood: Songs and Stories
Mon Apr 207:00pFilm:Outsourced
Sun Apr 194:00pFilm:Outsourced
Sun Apr 197:00pFilm:Outsourced
Sat Apr 188:00pMusic:Drum Night with autorickshaw
Fri Apr 178:00pMusic:Heather Kelday - CD Release
Wed Apr 157:00pFilm:Saving Luna
Tue Apr 147:30pMusic:Music for Meals
Sun Apr 124:00pFilm:Milk
Sun Apr 127:00pFilm:Milk
Tue Apr 077:00pLiterary:Pregnancy and Birth: Book Talk
Mon Apr 067:00pFilm:The Reader
Sun Apr 054:00pFilm:The Reader
Sun Apr 057:00pFilm:The Reader
Sat Apr 048:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Ultimate
Thu Apr 028:00pMusic:Luke Doucet (Cancelled)
Wed Apr 017:00pFilm:Frost/Nixon
Sun Mar 294:00pFilm:The Necessities of Life
Sun Mar 297:00pFilm:The Necessities of Life
Sat Mar 288:00pMusic:Sean Peori - Release Party
Wed Mar 257:00pFilm:A Sense Of Wonder
Mon Mar 237:00pFilm:My Brother is an Only Child
Sun Mar 224:00pFilm:My Brother is an Only Child
Sun Mar 227:00pFilm:My Brother is an Only Child
Wed Mar 187:00pFilm:Waltz With Bashir
Sun Mar 154:00pFilm:Stone of Destiny
Sun Mar 157:00pFilm:Stone of Destiny
Sat Mar 148:00pMusic:Steve Poltz with Coco Love Alcorn
Tue Mar 107:00pOther:Your Voice, Your Vote: Electoral Reform in Canada
Mon Mar 097:00pFilm:I've Loved You So Long
Sun Mar 084:00pFilm:I've Loved You So Long
Sun Mar 087:00pFilm:I've Loved You So Long
Sat Mar 078:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Madness
Thu Mar 057:00pDance:Passion For Dance
Wed Mar 047:00pFilm:Flow
Sun Mar 017:00pFilm:Priceless
Sun Mar 014:00pFilm:Priceless
Thu Feb 267:30pTheatre:My Leaky Body
Mon Feb 237:00pFilm:The Duchess
Sun Feb 224:00pFilm:The Duchess
Sun Feb 227:00pFilm:The Duchess
Sat Feb 218:00pMusic:Brian Vardigans
Wed Feb 187:00pFilm:Gonzo: The life and work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson
Sun Feb 154:00pFilm:The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
Sun Feb 157:00pFilm:The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
Sat Feb 142:30pTheatre:Footloose
Sat Feb 147:30pTheatre:Footloose
Fri Feb 137:30pTheatre:Footloose
Thu Feb 1210:00pMusic:Craig Cardiff: Thanks for Your Ears
Thu Feb 127:30pTheatre:Footloose
Wed Feb 117:30pTheatre:Footloose
Mon Feb 097:00pFilm:The Secret Life of Bees
Sun Feb 084:00pFilm:The Secret Life of Bees
Sun Feb 087:00pFilm:The Secret Life of Bees
Sat Feb 078:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Magnificent
Wed Feb 047:00pFilm:I.O.U.S.A.
Sun Feb 014:00pFilm:Heaven on Earth
Sun Feb 017:00pFilm:Heaven on Earth
Sun Feb 012:00pFilm:Man with a Movie Camera
Sun Feb 012:00pFilm:New Music in New Places
Mon Jan 267:00pFilm:Happy Go Lucky
Sun Jan 254:00pFilm:Happy Go Lucky
Sun Jan 257:00pFilm:Happy Go Lucky
Wed Jan 217:00pFilm:The Singing Revolution
Sun Jan 184:00pFilm:Tell No One
Sun Jan 187:00pFilm:Tell No One
Tue Jan 138:00pMusic:Don Ross and Brooke Miller
Mon Jan 127:00pFilm:Rachel Getting Married
Sun Jan 114:00pFilm:Rachel Getting Married
Sun Jan 117:00pFilm:Rachel Getting Married
Wed Jan 077:00pFilm:Religulous
Sat Jan 038:00pMusic:Night Kitchen Refreshing
Wed Dec 177:00pFilm:Young@Heart
Sun Dec 147:00pFilm:The Year My Parents Went on Vacation
Sun Dec 144:00pMusic:Amahl And The Night Visitor
Sat Dec 137:00pTheatre:A Christmas Carol
Fri Dec 128:00pMusic:Titanic Proportions
Thu Dec 118:00pMusic:War Child Benefit
Mon Dec 087:00pFilm:Passchendaele
Sun Dec 074:00pFilm:Passchendaele
Sun Dec 077:00pFilm:Passchendaele
Sat Dec 061:30pFilm:Family Film
Sat Dec 068:00pMusic:O Night Kitchen Divine
Wed Dec 037:00pFilm:The Forgotten Woman
Sun Nov 304:00pFilm:Jellyfish
Sun Nov 307:00pFilm:Jellyfish
Fri Nov 287:00pMusic:Fiddlestickers With Samantha Robichaud
Mon Nov 247:00pFilm:Brick Lane
Sun Nov 234:00pFilm:Brick Lane
Sun Nov 237:00pFilm:Brick Lane
Wed Nov 197:00p